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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 18 2013 11:35 a.m. MDT

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Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Good grief people. Grow up. This was in no way, shape or form a baptism or a pretended baptism. It was players goofing off in a freezing pool of water used to help cool their muscles rapidly and speed recovery after tough work outs. It was also posted a long time ago and has nothing to do with the game this week. Get over yourselves and move on!

I do, however, question the player's judgement for pulling this stunt. Having seen the effect such cold water can have when a person's head is emersed in it I know this could have ended badly.

Omaha, NE

One other comment about Coach. It is hard to believe what you are saying because you also claimed that our strength on the team was/is the offensive line and that we had the most talented d-line to-date. These have proven to be suspect so your comment or opinion carries very little credibility, if any for this Ute.


Iowa City, IA

No disrespect? Why does the guy have a towel over his head? Wouldn't be trying to hide his face would he? Sorry Whit, can't accept your "statement". BYU can't even have a jersey-gate without the media freaking out. This just gets swept under the carpet.

Wish the ute fans would call out this one before someone puts a billboard up of Max Hall with a caption that says, "Man, he was right."

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Pathetic attempt by Utah County fans to stir the pot to get attention away from Hadley."


BYU fans goaded Utah players into producing and posting a video mocking a sacred religious ceremony so that when a key BYU starter was declared ineligible to play in the BYU-Utah game over a month later, because of an Honor Code violation, BYU fans could break out the video to divert negative attention away from Hadley???

It's amazing how very clever BYU fans are!

Man up a take responsibility for once and stop blaming everything that goes awry on the hill on some vast imaginary conspiracy.

sandy, UT

its funny how the game has been tagged " the holy war". it emplies that there are people representing two different religions going to battle. Truth is, most of (not all) the leadership on the football team at the University of Utah is LDS. Most of the team is LDS, and besides BYU, Utah has more returned missionaries on their team than any other DIV 1 school. So in reality if anyone is offended it should be the ENTIRE church membership or anyone who considers that cermony sacred. BYU fans need to quit acting PICKED ON. it wasnt directed at the SCHOOL. Remember BYU you are not the only LDS members out there so quit acting like you are. I dont need you to "defend" me, and it looks like you should focus on members of your own team and how they represent you.

Gilbert, AZ


Utah fans playing the blame game again.

Utes caught with hands in the cookie jar again, yet it's somehow BYU's fault for leaving the cookie jar in plain sight.

Utes make embarassing video. Utes post embarassing video. Someone, don't even know who, discovers embarassing video. Cougars blamed for embarassing video embarassing the Utes.

Hyrum, UT

@ Brave Sir Robin and Vegas Ute:

This wasn't anything to do with BYU waiting or wanting to stir up controversy. It was someone from the U who posted in on U-tube, not from the Y. And the only reason it's now an issue, is because it's just now coming out in the news.

If there are any pathetic attempts involved, it's undoubtedly not from people in Utah county... just from those trying to make excuses for those involved... that felt the need to even cover up his face to the world for his participation.

Sandy, UT

Can't really say I'm surprised at the BYU fan comments, any chance they get.

There is no audio, none of you can say for sure that this is a mockery of baptism. The towel on the head could be simply because he didn't want his face on youtube. That is the ice bath because I took a tour of the facility before the OSU game.

It could, or it couldn't be. If it really was a mockery I think they would have gotten punished. You don't think that all the returned missionaries and etc on Utah would just let this slide? I dont think so.

Get off your high horses BYU fans, its not like you treat all your non-LDS neighbors good. You do way worse things to neighbors than a 'could be' mockery of baptism on youtube.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Hey Motorbike -- It's called respecting someones religion and beliefs. Your tone/outlook would be completely different if the role was flipped and someone disrespected/mocked you or your beliefs"

Guess what? I'm LDS. And guess what? I have far greater things I could CHOOSE (yes, it's our choice) to be offended by. I certainly wouldn't be offended by a short youtube clip by college kids to which I have little to zero context behind.

Murray, UT

When Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the LDS Church Council of Twelve Apostles passed away Utah football players honored his passing by displaying a sticker with his initials on the back of their helmets. Elder Wirthlin had played football for the U during the '30's. Many BYU fans criticized the move as being insincere. I suspect that what is going on here is some fans with the help of the media trying to stir up controversy. The clip was made several weeks ago not this week. The young men involved made a bad decision. Don't we all from time to time. But it was not directed at BYU or the LDS Church. It is much a do about nothing.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I can't believe Coach Witt had to even make a statement about this. The video has been out there for over a month and BYU fans just started complaining this week? C'mon!!! Give it up Cougar fans. Your thin skin is showing.

South Jordan, Utah

Kudos to the U of U LDS fans that recognize this for what it is and are willing to stand up to Coach Whittingham, the players and university in an effort to put an end to mockery of ANY religion. Shame on other LDS Utah fans who place their hatred and contempt for anything BYU above standing up for what is right - even sacred rites of their own religion.

And stop the excuse that the players were only horsing around. That just opens the door to acceptance of any aberrant behavior by "kids" that are old enought to know better.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT


Murray, UT

When Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the LDS Church Council of Twelve Apostles passed away Utah football players honored his passing by displaying a sticker with his initials on the back of their helmets.

I saw the video on the news this morning, hand gestures (I'm guessing L for "Loser").

Tell me Dutchman, would that have made Elder Wirthlin proud?

I personally not offended. I did think Kyle would do more that make excuses, though. It takes strong character to suspend a player before their most important game of the season.

I'm sick of the "Holy War". Why can't it just be a football game?

Spanish Fork, UT

Y fans..."Ute Haters" are only using this as an excuse to make the Utes look bad or another reason to hate them. I'm active LDS, but I rarely get offended. Whether or not they were "mocking" baptism is another question. If they were, oh well, I don't judge others. I'll leave that to the Lord. Get over it! Life goes on. President Gordon B Hinckley once said "it is a choice to be offended". We see what choice most of the haters have made. Just more fuel for rivalry week.

Iowa City, IA

Jake Murphy I have a lot of respect for your Dad but not your comment. This wasn't a dare. A person doesn't need someone with a towel over his head helping the other person go under. This was a mock baptism, sacreligious at best. For a person like I assumed you were, your comments are very dissapointing.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm LDS and I feel the need to tell some of more rabid BYU fans to settle down.

This is not a big deal unless YOU make it a big deal.

It's not like our kids are perfect. The kids in the video are about mission age. Remember when pictures of 3 Mormon missionaries surfaced on photobucket who photographed themselves in poses that demeaned the Catholic Church (they were accused of beheading the statue in Colorado and taking pictures holding the head, and preaching to it).
Remember the boys caught throwing bombs at people with the Riverton beauty queen... they were LDS boys, on missions now. Kids sometimes do stupid things. Not just Utes.

Let's give this Contentious story a rest and quit pretending we don't know that kids sometimes do stupid things (even LDS kids, even BYU athletes).

Remember who the source of Contention is... and don't do his dirty work for him.

South Jordan, Utah

So what would the outcry from Utah fans had been if this had happened at BYU??? I think we all know the answer to that question. Instead of 50+ comments at this point there would have been at least double that. The hypocrisy is deafening.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am a huge BYU fan but I take Jake Murphy at his word. This was an ice cold tub and they were attempting to see if they see if they could stand being submerged in it.

My children did the same thing at a reunion in Idaho a few years ago. (I thought they were crazy!) If you want to get technical this is not how an actual baptism is performed anyway.

Finally, it was also done almost a month ago. Just connect the dots -- Please!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Shouldn't have happened, but not that big of a deal. Move along, nothing to see here.

Spanish Fork, UT

Brigham Young has some advice: "He who is offended when offense is not intended, is a fool; he who is offended when offense is intended, is a greater fool."

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