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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 18 2013 11:35 a.m. MDT

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@ChrisB - silence makes me think you have insights into the actual purpose of this event.

And if they just want to see who can go all the way under it looks deep enough to just sit down in it, no need for any sort of help from anyone else.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

At least the Utah players weren't in an all out brawl in fast food joint, like the byu players a year or so ago.

I suppose you could say the Utes were making a commitment to live a higher life.

But they are football players and there is a reason they're not known for their brains. Just some jocks horsing around.

This will hopefully be a good teaching moment about being sensitive about their actions. If they are stating prayers, rites etc then I would take it as mockery of religion. If they were really just dunking each other, then that's all it is.

If they really want to be baptized, I'm sure they can find a church to take care of that.

Either way it didn't help them beat Oregon state....

Salt Lake City, UT

"So how can there by "poor judgement" on the part of the players, but no malice or ridicule meant???"

Ever unintentionally hurt someone's feelings? That sort of thing is often poor judgment but without malice or ridicule meant. After all, one of the Ute players involved in this thing is LDS himself, so he probably saw it in a self-parody sense (similar to say some of the stuff done by BYU Divine Comedy though of course DC is funnier).


"there was absolutely no malice or disrespect intended towards any particular religion or rite"

He said with a wink...

Weber, UT

If you have ever been in an ice-bath whirlpool you know how freaking cold they are. I can easily see how taunts and dares to get in could escalate to this without having any thought of disrespect. Whit is not covering up for anyone he just sees it as some horse play that was a little insensitive in hindsight, but nothing intended except to show your a man by letting your team mate dunk you in 32 degree water.

Palo Alto, CA

Pathetic attempt by Utah fans to try to deflect and blame this on BYU fans.

Man up and accept responsibility for an embarrassing video that was taken and posted by Utah players.

The fact that the video was posted on August 23rd is irrelevant since most of the public was unaware of the video until today.

We have Whittingham's statement, but where is the explanation and the apology from the players involved?

Christian 24-7
Murray, UT

Not a fan of either school, or the rivalry, because it is over the top and offensive.

Yes this is a religious slam, offensive to every Christian who values their baptism. It is in poor taste, inappropriate, and the coach is wrong to pretend it is otherwise.

Go ahead, paint Y mountain red, but keep religious hate out of it.

Go blue, USU!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

BYU fans playing the victim card again. Oh how you all want and need a reason to be upset and offended by anything UTAH.

Note: very little that happens on the hill is or was done with even the smallest thought about BYU or its fans. Get over yourselves.

Park City, UT

"At least the Utah players weren't in an all out brawl in fast food joint, like the BYU players a year or so ago."

Trust a Utah fan to come up with such a pathetically weak attempt at deflection.

BYU players were suspended for the brawl.

Utah players won't even get a slap on the wrist for this.

Which is more egregious:

Getting in a fight or insulting an entire class of people?

Holladay, UT

I'm just shocked that the LDS players for the utes are ok with this. It is total mockery and disrespect. We all know what the non-LDS and mormon haters think, but for the LDS players it that play there is just dissapointing. It is too bad to see that the utes are going away from their roots and falling into the way of the world. Come on guys, where's the respect.

Holladay, UT

Hey Motorbike -- It's called respecting someones religion and beliefs. Your tone/outlook would be completely different if the role was flipped and someone disrespected/mocked you or your beliefs.

American Fork, UT

Seriously, this is 'controversial'? I guess in this neck of the woods. But have you seen what's on youtube? Bill Maher does a 'baptism' that's WAY more funny, and therefore controversial, than this one.

Layton, UT

Only mistake here is posting it in a place where insecure individuals can access it and choose to proclaim victimization.

Please remember your outrage the next time someone alters the spelling of a Native American tribe's name in an juvenile attempt to display disrespect to a fan base.

Love the game, but hate the week leading up to it so much that the break will be welcome.

Elmo, UT

"Ice tub"... Not offended but really? You're going with ice tub when there is foam in it??? OK:)

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I don't know what the intent of the boys in the video was, but I know what the intent of the people getting all outraged about it is... contention and vengeance. Both things we are warned are not good to be coming from LDS people.

Remember what church leaders have said... you can ALWAYS choose whether to be offended or not be offended. I choose not to be offended.

I'm sure some will choose to be offended... and take their wrath out in diverse ways. But remember... how you choose to respond reflects not only on yourself, but on the church.

Try to be classy in your responses. It does no good to as they say to, "stir the pot of Contention".


Surprised at what the mods will let Y fans say about Utah and its fans here. Yet when an LDS Ute fan says their is nothing to be offended by here, the mods deny it strange. I wonder if this will even get through.



"Pathetic attempt by Utah fans to try to deflect and blame this on BYU fans.

Man up and accept responsibility for an embarrassing video that was taken and posted by Utah players."
What embarrassing video? This is not embarrassing, its just kids playing around, now had they said "BYU Sucks" or "Silly Mormons" at the end of the video it would be embarrassing.


What is the big deal here?

Move along.

Salt Lake City, UT

Let me make two things clear, all byu fans EXUDE class. Just read these message boards. Also, Brian Blechen is a good representative of the entire Utah fanbase and organization. I guess Max was right, huh byu fans? Pathetic.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Man up and accept responsibility for an embarrassing video that was taken and posted by Utah players."

Ha ha. What?

Yeah, Utah fans should be ashamed of themselves for their involvement in this video.

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