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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 17 2013 6:30 p.m. MDT

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Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

That picture with the story is awesome. KVN is like superman. Not only does he fly around blockers, he literally FLIES around them too!!

Pleasant Grove, UT

In a messy world, it's nice to focus the attention on the peacemakers.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

And I think this is the year Kyle makes you eat your words. You sounded good eating those bitter things after the Texas game. Don't know what you sounded like after the OSU game because I just didn't care.

But maybe you're getting good at it. Those sharp bitter words go down as easy as you throw them up?

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

A fisherman trolls, fish take the bait.


I'm not sure that BYU could ask more of their football program right now. Last year it was all about Ansah, the super humble what's football? guy going to the NFL. Now it's going to be all about Van Noy. A guy who could have gone anywhere, stayed at BYU despite his challenges, came back because he wanted to prove that he could graduate and inspire others to do the same. Two super-awesome football players that represent both the University and the church well.

CO Ute

Van Noy is a beast and it will be quite an accomplishment for Utah to beat his team 4 years in a row. Nice article and expect him to have a good pro career.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I believe this is the 5th straight article about Van Noy; with one more to come. Carefull - avoid the golden calf syndrome.

Tucson, AZ

I'm loving these articles. Guess I'll have to buy the book.

Salt Lake City, UT

Stud! In every sense of the word!

Roy, UT

Thanks for these articles on KVN! Can't always control outside events, can control the inner response, & direction of our lives, this is a great message to everyone.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

@Who Am I Sir -

I'll take 5 more of these articles, or more. They're like a breath of fresh air.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

KVN - A role model for this generation.

Witty Username
Saratoga Springs, UT

KVN is the man!


Everyone got on Max Hall for his comments about Ute fans. Here is an unbiased article detailing the rude obnoxious behavior of some of the Utah fans. Many are rude and obnoxious. I've been to rivalry games at RES and literally was concerned for my safety. I challenge whether Ute fans can say the same when they attend a rivalry game in Provo.

Salt Lake valley, UT

I'm not a football fan, but I appreciate your articles about KVN as a person. Thanks to both of you!

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I believe KVN was every bit as calm as you claim. I question that it was for the reasons your article has implied. I doubt that KVN even heard any of the heckling going on around him. Many athletes start their preparation well in advance of game time to narrow their focus to the task at hand. Most sports athletes block out everything but the sport itself. It is this ability to focus that is needed to compete on a higher level. This is often the difference between being successful and unsuccessful.
I can assure you that BYU fans heckle others just as much and as viciously as any other schools fans. You sir, like many BYU fans want to believe that they are classier or better than other schools fans. This is a self proclaimed myth and you should know better. It is not because of BYU that KVN acted as any responsible adult should. It is because he is a highly focused mature adult athlete and chooses to set his focus and ignore the poor sportsmanship of others around him. BYU athletes are not the only ones able to do this.

Anaheim, CA

Thanks for returning to BYU for another year KVN. You're a shining example of what BYU is, or at least, should be, all about.

Good luck versus Utah this Saturday - if any BYU ever deserved to go out a winner over Utah, it's you!


As far as the boorish behavior of many Utah fans, it's just a reflection of who they are. Not all Utah fans are like that, although very few of those who aren't are willing to step up and voice their disagreement with their fellow fans who do behave that way.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Perhaps you should dress as a Utah fan and sit in an unknown area to see how it feels to be the visitor in a Utah vs. BYU game at BYU. I challenge you to act as a BYU fan would act only posing as a Utah fan and see how you are treated by your own! You might come away with a much different perspective. Take some advise if you want to throw rocks, you should not live in a glass house.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

Kyle seems a terrific young man., I believe he has an insurance policy for this year too and i am sure that helped him to stay.

Marysville, WA

We are judged by the company we keep. How do Ute fans hold their heads up while tolerating the constant bad behavior of other Ute fans? I didn't understand it 30 years ago, and I don't understand it now.

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