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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 17 2013 2:40 p.m. MDT

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Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA said:

"I remember as a young Priesthood holder that a Bishop would on occasion announce from the pulpit the name of a ward member who had been subject to Church discipline. The outcome -- disfellowship, excommunication -- was also announced. The Church long ago abandoned that draconian, punitive approach in favor of a policy of confidentiality that is more loving and considerate.

BYU needs to follow the example of its sponsoring institution. Bronco's original announcement of a violation of team rules was sufficient. The honor code office should deal with potential violators directly and them remain silent on the matter. The only reason any comment needed to be made at all was to explain this young man's absence for the field. Leave that to the coach or AD."

Unfortunately some church members are like news reporters. Both snoop and dig dirt on people in the situations you mentioned.

South Jordan, UT

It's too bad. Hopefully he gets his act together whatever that means.

On the bright side, he wont' have to endure another beat down at the hands of the bottom dwelling, Pac 12 team from SLC.

Have to laugh a little.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I gained a little more respect for many Ute fans out there today. Some get pretty ugly but I am grateful to see the understanding of a few. As for Mr. Hadley, I wish him well. I hope he does make it back. As many have said it is disappointing to lose such a great player before a rivalry because you always want to beat them at their best.

I am a huge UCLA fan and I never wish any ill will against usc, well maybe a little. But I do always hope to beat them at their best. Haven't had a whole lot of success over the years, but I always hope.

I appreciate Bronco for staying true to his coaching method and ultimately caring about these kids and helping them succeed. I am confident Bronco sheds as many tears over this as Mr. Hadley does. Good luck to both teams this weekend, I am a BRUIN fan pulling for BYU this weekend.


West Point , UT

Thank goodness it wasn't a corner!

Seriously though, Hadley...get yourself right and get yourself back on the field. It's not even so much Hadley's talent that will be missed as much as his leadership and the way he rallied the troops. Do the work Spencer, no excuses...get back on the field.

Portland, OR

Guess that's what you get when you choose go to a school that penalizes a consenting adult for having $ex, while the relevant schools have girls & escorts a plenty on hand for the new recruits when they come to campus so they know what they can expect.

The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

The article says it was in fact an honor code violation. So I'm trying to figure out what you could do that would force you to sit out 5 games, but still be allowed to continue the semester?

If it was cheating on a test, I think you get kicked out for a semester, right? If it was a morality issue, it would be two semesters.

I think we can rule those out. Hmm... vandalism? Pulling a stupid prank like everyone at BYU does? Don't know.

It's not our business to know, but 5 games hurts and we will feel the impact of losing Hadley. He is an excellent player with amazing quickness.

I hope this doesn't affect the outcome of this weekend.


Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Hadley had a legitimate shot at the NFL draft. No longer."

I feel badly for Spencer but your statement is way off. He's already proven most of what he could possibly prove as far as on the field collegiate play. The next step for him will be showing well at the NFL combine.

No NFL team will even blink over Spencer's BYU honor code violation, it's not like the guy's a criminal.

The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

Also... we need the stache back. Come on Hadley, we need you!

After thinking about it, we can also rule out an off-the-field scuffle. When that happened last, two BYU players were kicked off the team.

Gosh darn it! Why'd ya have to go shaving creaming the Utes statues again during rivalvy week Spencer!

Just kidding, but I don't think whatever he did was severe.

Palo Alto, CA

The Solution

As you said, since when is it anybody's business to know, or even speculate about, what Spencer did? BYU has given as much information as is needed to explain why Hadley won't be playing on Saturday. The only other statement needed is to announce when he is eligible to return.

Salt Lake City, UT

re: Spokane Ute (pg 1)

What about Sharpie tatoos?

GK Willington
Salt Lake City, UT

re: UtahBruin

"I am a huge UCLA fan and I never wish any ill will against usc,"

Personally, I'm mixed about the trojans but would not mind seeing Lane Kiffin go far far away.

Hank Pym

to motorbike

"...it's not like the guy's a criminal."

But did he even apply to the University of Florida?

Saratoga Springs, UT

@GK Willington

LOL! I actually don't think that wishing Lane Kiffin would go far afar away is actually classified as ill will. I think it would actually better and benefit the university to see that guy leave. I hear ya there.


Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I agree with most sentiments expressed here. If he did not commit any illegal act then I defer to the Y's punishment. Hadley agreed to the Y's conditions. I do feel sorry for Hadley. His playing status would probably not have been affected at any other public university. That said, if the posting on cougarboard is true then I will be most interested on the actions taken against the university and the supporter. If the U was suspended for two years for Coach Majerus providing cookies to the basketball team while watching team films and for taking Van Horn to Bill and Nadas to inform him of his fathers death (at Mrs. Van Horn's request) then what fate awaits the Y?

Payson, UT

Surprised its only a five game suspension. If the rumors are true, most students are kicked out of school for this.
But it isn't a double standard cuz he really seems repentant.

Provo, UT

Ken, BYU players agree to and sign off on the honor code. Whether they like it is a personal matter. Anybody can see that some players mess up - and it has always been that way. Are you saying the honor code not a good thing? Maybe you were saying that none of the players like it? Or, to be more cynical, maybe you were implying that none of them like it and it is not worthwhile? Strange comment, Ken.

Provo, UT

As for comments that BYU should not be publicizing this because they don't make public announcements when ordinary students are disciplined, think of this: if Joe Blow, majoring in biology, is reported for, say, public intoxication, and is therefore suspended from school for a couple of semesters, do the news media really care. Is that going to get reported? Is Carri Jenkins asked for statements about Joe Blow?

Contrast that to when a very important football star gets suspended. Everybody wants to know what happened. If you fault the University for answering questions, then I would fault it for lying and saying nothing happened. Any celebrity knows that the price of fame and fortune is public scrutiny.

I cannot think anybody regrets this more than Spencer, and I am very happy he will get a chance to play against Boise State and at least finish out his BYU career on the field.

Spanish fork, UT

Dear Ted H.
Blechen wasn't suspended until he'd had multiple failed drug tests. yes but I'm fairly certain Blechen did not sign a honor code and

Bronco would hand out a suspension immediately upon a first failed drug test.

because Bronco has to have there honor code held up.

also remember that every byu student sings the honor code !!! and knows because thy represent Brigham young university thy are held to higher standard.

Orem, UT


Gotta laugh at the whiny BYU haters who complain about BYU students being "forced" to abide by the Honor Code, then accuse BYU of "selectively enforcing" the Honor Code by not giving BYU athletes what the whiners consider a stiff enough penalty for committing an infraction that the whiners have only heard rumors about.

Whittingham gives Blechen a relative slap on the wrist for multiple failed drug tests, which by the way, are grounds for getting kicked out of Utah, yet the whiners dismiss Blechen's infractions as much ado about nothing.

Hadley is suspended for five games during the heart of BYU's schedule.
Blechen is suspended for three supposedly meaningless pre-conference games.

Go figure.

Go Utes, CA

Why do they announce an honor code violation? Why can't they just say violation of team rules and leave it at that? Why does the public need to know it is an "honor code" issue?

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