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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 17 2013 2:40 p.m. MDT

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It is because BYU is not ashamed of their honor code. They have made VERY clear what it is, and every single student/athlete that comes into BYU knows EXACTLY what the honor code is. They're showing their support for the honor code by showing how they enforce the honor code. It shows the students that they can receive similar punishment because if it was just a "team rule" then it wouldn't apply to the students. The honor code applies everywhere though, and it must be enforced the same whether it is on an athlete, or a student. If a student violated the honor code, they would say it was an honor code violation, not a "student's history class's rule violation" or whatever.


You know. I'm a Utah fan and have never really cared much for Bronco. But I have to be honest. I give Bronco props and he earns some respect from me for enforcing what he and his university believe. Whether any of us agree with the honor code or not, some people do. That's their right. Sometimes integrity and class rightfully take precedence. Good job Bronco. I hope my Utes win. I hope it is a good game.


idablu: "'Violation of team rules' is all we need to know."

I agree 100%. It was unfortunate when Blechen's alleged reason for suspension was leaked, just as this one would be unfortunate, if indeed a school honor code violation is all that occurred. When players land themselves in trouble with the law, it is understandable that the information becomes public. For personal issues, there should be no reason for publicizing, no matter how entitled fans, boosters, etc. think they are to that knowledge.

Salt Lake City, UT

This issue is between the young man, the school and Bronco.

Move on folks, nothing to see here.

River Falls, WI

This is a huge blow for BYU and for Hadley. With all the attention KVN and the defense have and will get this year, Hadley had a legitimate shot at the NFL draft. No longer. I hope he can work things out and come back strong for the end of the season. Go Cougs!

Murray, UT

Disappointing for sure and bad timing but hopefully Hadley gets through this and back on the field for the Boise State game. The good thing is that BYU is deep at LBer and they have guys who are capable of filling in until Hadley gets back

Syracuse, UT


"Hadley had a legitimate shot at the NFL draft. No longer."

I disagree. Hadley has NFL talent and I bet all NFL teams understand that BYU has an extremely strict Honor Code that other schools just don't have. Hopefully the details will be kept secret so the press won't hurt him any further. Leaks to the press with details surrounding the Brian Blechen suspension will certainly hurt his NFL chances.

Tough break for Spencer and the Cougars.

sandy, ut

Ute here. I feel bad for the kid. The honor code genuinely sucks when things become public. I'm not sure what kind of behavior justifies a 5-game suspension.

Should still be a great game though.

Idaho Falls, ID

". If a (non-athlete) student violated the honor code, they would say it was an honor code violation, not a "student's history class's rule violation" or whatever."

No. The reality is they would make no public statement at all for a non athlete student. But if you're an athlete it's gotta be like The Scarlet Letter. Part of the team rules is to obey the Honor Code. You breech the Honor Code, you breech team rules. Nothing more needs to be said. There is no need for the Honor Code office to come out and add to the embarrassment. Yes we all understand the Honor code and know it is part of what makes BYU unique. But can't they issue disciplinary action out of the Honor Code office without publicly smacking him over the head with it. By doing this publicly, BYU has chosen to make this about BYU, at the expense of Spencer Hadley.

Alpine, UT

I've known Spencer for a few years now and he is a great kid and an emotional leader on the team. Very sad for him and this is definitely a blow to the team. I really hope he comes back after the 5 game suspension and finishes off a great senior year.

He'll be replaced in the starting lineup by Tyler Beck and I've known Tyler his entire life. Again a great kid who almost didn't come to BYU because Nebraska recruited him hard and if it weren't for his LDS connection, he probably would have gone there. Unfortunately, Tyler tore his ACL just after returning from his mission and has never had the opportunity since then to show what he can do. He's almost identical in size to Spencer and is probably a little more athletic. As a freshman, he was being compared to Bryan Kehl so now he'll finally get to show us what he's got and I'm sure he'll make the most of this opportunity.

Best of luck to both of these great young men!

Lincoln City, OR

As disappointing as this is me and others who are BYU fans, I am sure that it is far more hurtful for Hadley... I really feel for him and I hope that he deals with it well... I am sure that it seems tough now but in future years he will look back on this experience and be grateful that he played for a program that puts the individual ahead of football.

We have had alot of great people who have had to deal with discipline (athletes and non-athletes) and the real medal of the individual is how they dealt with it and whether or not they were able to put it behind them and come back... Guys like Harvey Unga, KVN, Brandon Davies, etc. will always be my heros and my kids heroes and their kids heroes...

We will need Spencer Hadley come October and November for games that will be far tougher and more important than the one he will miss Saturday...

We're with you Spencer and we look forward to your return... I fully expext that other players that you have helped develop will substitute for you well.

Go Cougs...

Provo, UT

@ Chris B that's what you all said when OSU was beaten by Eastern, that it was just easier and what happened? That's what I thought. For Bronco to do that means that its not all about football. There is more important things in life to do than just football.

Ivins, UT

Gossip is a sin. take it easy on the man folks and let him who without sin cast the first stone, indeed if there be a sin, let the gossip cease.

Lincoln City, OR


The reason that BYU Honor Code Gurus got involved was because they changed the suspension from "indefinite" to "5 games"... Seems to me that that merrits their involvment...


For whatever reason, Hadley doesn't seem to be thinking about his team and his commitment to them and BYU fans. I am really upset by this. It's so untimely, so questionable, and a sad loss of a great player who could make a difference in our biggest game. But hopefully other good players will step up and fill in and keep our defense strong. It feels like when Brandon Davies did his thing when we were about to rise to new heights as a basketball team in the NCAA playoffs. What are the possibilities for his replacement and how good are those other guys? What does Bronco say about them? Let's talk about them now!

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

I remember as a young Priesthood holder that a Bishop would on occasion announce from the pulpit the name of a ward member who had been subject to Church discipline. The outcome -- disfellowship, excommunication -- was also announced. The Church long ago abandoned that draconian, punitive approach in favor of a policy of confidentiality that is more loving and considerate.

BYU needs to follow the example of its sponsoring institution. Bronco's original announcement of a violation of team rules was sufficient. The honor code office should deal with potential violators directly and them remain silent on the matter. The only reason any comment needed to be made at all was to explain this young man's absence for the field. Leave that to the coach or AD.


"Spokane Ute

Spokane, WA


All kidding aside, I totally agree. It's a bummer. He's really let the team and the program down. I'm really curious as to what happened? It must have been something fairly severe....at least I would think so. Unfortunate."

I honestly doubt it was all that severe. The moral issues and substance often result in a season so to me it seems he got into a physical altercation or swore at someone. Nonetheless, he's a good player and it's too bad to see him out for a game like this.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

It could have been a lot of things, some of which I tried to post and have no earthly idea why the comment was denied? None of the items were illegal. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what comments are denied or allowed. IMHO

We will never know the incident(s) that led to this, thanks for the response Guy! Unfortunate for all parties any way you slice it.

Lincoln City, OR

A star athlete is suspended "indefinitely" from the team and the expectation is to not have inquiringg minds??? Or, for the University (who is responsible for investigating and evaluating all honor code violations) to be muzzled on their findings and subsequent determination of the Player's status as a student is both naive and ridiculous...

Any honor code violation that results in discipline is a matter of public record... In this case the University determined that an "indefinite suspension" was not appropriate and that a 5 game suspension was more in-line with the infraction... To quash that type of information on a star athlete prior to a rivalry game is an unrealistic expectation at best...

The matter was handled correctly and I, for one, am relieved that we will have Spensor back for our difficult games in October and November and our Bowl game in December...

South Jordan, UT

Thank you, Deseret News, for taking all mean-spirited, ugly remarks from CB off this and every other post in this newspaper. We should exhibit civility as sports fans even though we are rivals. I appreciated the comments of those Ute fans who did so.

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