Comments about ‘D.C. massacre: Gun usage, violent video games cloud shooter's past’

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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 17 2013 7:10 p.m. MDT

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Chandler, AZ

Too bad the Missionaries had not knocked on his door a few days before this happened
He could have been saved and perhaps not commited this horrible crime against his fellow man and himself?

Pleasant Grove, UT

Taters: I don't play violent video games and don't like them. Do you have a source for the assertion that "most mass killers have histories with violent games"? I would also take issue with your claim that "Owning a gun doesn't effect [sic] how a person thinks..." You've heard the expression, "Give a guy a hammer and everything becomes a nail"? Someone with a gun is far more likely to feel the need to use it in a confrontation than someone who doesn't have one.

A quick note for "Heisenburg": The game is called "Chutes and Ladders", not "Shoots and Ladders," and it has nothing to do with shooting or guns.

Eden, UT

Re: Rural Sports Fan:
Your logic is flawed. Stating the worn out "Guns don't kill, people kill." How about grenades don't kill, people kill. Would you feel comfortable with people buying grenades. Use your head. People with guns kill a lot of people and these horrible events are becoming common place in our society because we are failing to address the gun issue. Yes, a lot of gun deaths are suicides. Is that good logic? distraught people easily kill themselves with a gun. It is difficult to O.D. and it is difficult to stab yourself to death. Reducing violent death - self inflicted or not should be our goal. Please think through the lack of logic in the NRA's position.

Huntsville, u

Has he been checked for drugs? I seems they never tell us that.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Rural sport fan
"a misleading statistic due to the fact that more than half of those deaths are suicide, so those people could have used any number of other methods..."

Gun suicides have a higher... success rate (I realize that's a morbid way of putting it). Other methods tend to be slower and involve more time for the individual attempting it to change their mind.

"But lets compare that to the 40,000 deaths caused by automobiles annually, shall we? "

Sure. Does that mean we can have a universal gun registration and required training to make sure the person using them knows how to use them responsibly? While I'm for gun control, I don't support bans on all guns. I just think we need smarter regulation to make sure that guns are only (as much as possible) in the hands of responsible people.

"Obviously, people who play violent video games don't like to make correlations concerning them, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. "

Correlation vs causation. Do people who play violent video games develop an interest in guns or do people with an interest in guns develop an interest in violent video games?

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