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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 17 2013 12:25 p.m. MDT

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Saratoga Springs, UT

Haters gonna hate.

Omaha, NE

So when does the official "rebuilding" mode cease? Seems that this has been going on for a few years now. I am hopeful that they can build on something this year, but the West is only getting better. It is still yet to be seen if the Jazz can hold onto the young "core" they mention from time to time.

Here's for hope!

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

There's one thing that this article makes plainly clear: There's a serious disconnect between Jazz fans and people who really know basketball.

Hyrum, UT

The Jazz weren't getting any better doing what they had been doing for the past several years. they haven't even been able to make the playoffs anymore. As such, a change in direction was called for.

In spite of what Brave Sir Robin says, I think most Jazz fans actually do know basketball. They understand and have accepted the path that current Jazz management has taken. They realize that by taking one step back now, we'll soon be in a position to take 2 or even 3 steps forward in just one or two more years. That's often how solid foundations are created.

Only people without patience will have a problem with this.

Bloomington, IN

haters can hate, but then there's also reality. I love the Jazz, but honestly, who are the playmakers on this team? Who is going to lead the Jazz to the conference finals? I'm sorely disappointed in the decisions that were made over the past few months. I do love that we got Burke; he was amazing to watch out here in Big10 country, but it's kinda like relying on Jimmer to lead you to the promise land. Good luck Jazz, I'll be happy with a .500 season.

Salt Lake City, UT

Deal with it folks. We ARE worse off this year than last.

Haters hate but blinders don't work either. The Jazz top brass know they had a bad summer.

South Jordan, UT

Finally, sanity strikes. The Jazz had a horrible off-season and I don't know what will be different next year. They'll wait until the star players are gone, decide they cannot take a major step with what is left, and sign or trade for a bunch of one-year players so they can look forward to all that cap space in 2015. Meanwhile, the players will grow tired of a losing culture in Utah. Hayward will join his college coach in Boston and Favors will end up with the Lakers or some other competitor.

A couple of months ago, I offered a challenge to any Jazz fan who loved the off-season. I'm willing to bet $1000 that the next time the Jazz appear in the NBA finals, if ever, Hayward and Favors will be playing for another team or have played for another team prior to their retirement. That offer was not accepted and I don't anticipate any Jazz apologists are willing to accept the offer unless they have money to burn.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is purely semantics. If the standard used is whether the Jazz are going to be better or worse this season than they were last season, then it's plainly obvious that we had one of the worst offseasons in the league and Aldrich is right. But if the standard is whether a team poised themselves for a chance to truly contend down the line, then the front office did a tremendous job. We moved up twice in the draft this year for virtually nothing in return, added multiple future first-rounders, put ourselves in position to allow five lottery picks the chance to finally play and truly develop, kept salary cap free to add players next year and/or re-sign any of our guys if they do blow up into stars, and are poised to have a high draft pick in the potentially most talented draft class in over a decade. So while we definitely got worse this offseason, there are more doors open and more long-term potential on this team than there ever was the past few years, and I think that rightfully excites Jazz fans

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

It was a calculated bad summer. Who were we going to spend money on?

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Utah has a Professional Basketball team?

When did they rename the Stars? Oh wait a minute the Stars actually brought home a Championship and no I am not talking about the WNBA team!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@Tators - well said. Mgmt took risks because little growth potential was there. And I'd be amazed if Aldridge would say that the Bobcats got a steal with Jefferson, everyone who wrote about that deal said it cost way too much for the player. I wonder how they'd have placed in the rankings had the Jazz paid that much for him. And the Jazz have been stung by large contracts in the past, but not this summer!

Sturgis, MS

I am a Jefferson and Millsap fan; however, if Favors is anywhere near as good as advertised then the Jazz will be better this year assuming no injuries and Corbin don't screw things up. The Jazz were faced with a decision, commit the future to Jefferson and Millsap or do what they did. If the Jazz don't play well, Corbin will get an early ticket out of town and Sloan will have the name of "interim".

I like this team except for the all everything rookie point guard.

The world seems to think that Burke will start at pg along with Kanter, Favors Heyward and Burkes. This puts everybody back to where they have been playing. What if Evans, Jefferson or Williams is inserted and everybody plays where they are listed?

The one position that the Jazz have taken out insurance on is point guard. They are essentially unknowns but there are three of them.

I would like to take on the 2013-2014 season with this team.

Ivins, UT

The comments that Jazz fans don't know basketball, or they're wearing blinders is ridiculous. You're not seeing Jazz fans making claims we're going to win a title this year. The team made the necessary moves to begin building a foundation. It's going to take some time before we contend for a title, but we sure weren't poised to make a run at any titles with last years team either. This gives us a chance in the future, no guarantees but we needed some bold moves. That all said, I thing there is a chance we will be better this year than what the so called experts are predicting.

South Jordan, UT

Americanvet: But still, nobody will take my bet ...

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

Too many know it all sour grape eaters here. But that is alright because in a couple of years you can enjoy your crow...

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA

they let their 2 best players walk. signed another teams trash payed them as much as jefferson and millsap for what? a couple of draft pick that will take years before they pan out or even make the team. there weren't any players better than what they had avalible if there was they wouldn't come to utah. so what will change by next year, they moved the cap space they already had to next year. if you think this team will be great in the future ???? hayward is what he is be the same next year favors is not going to be a super star because they got rid of millsap and jefferson. he will be exactly what he was last year only more playing time if he can hold up playing more min kanter is a banger fun to watch but won't make it tru the year the rest aint no need to even talk about. everybody says they weren't going to win a championshp with what they had most teams aren't going to win a championship. does that mean they get rid of their best players and think they will be better????

Ivins, UT

This is the first time I've seen anything about your wager and I think I read all the comments about Jazz stories on DN. I would decline the offer because I feel Jazz management is giving all the young guys a chance to prove who they are and see if they have what the Jazz are looking for. There might be a few reiterations over the next few years depending on how the youngsters pan out. I would have bet you that the Jefferson/Millsap Jazz would have never made it to the finals, and in fact just kept us a very mediocre team. I don't really care how we get to the finals and who is on the team when it happens, as long as we are making progress towards that outcome.

Orem, UT

Loved the off season, it's a risk to let talent go, but like the Spurs and Thunder have demonstrated, as a small market team the best way to build for a championship is through the draft; and with the new salary cap being much more harsh to high level spending teams, it only becomes easier to pickup talent in the free agent market. In my opinion, the Jazz have made solid moves and I'm excited for the future.

I understand that this next year we'll have a bad record, but the Jazz are in a great place.

South Jordan, UT

Americanvet: Fair enough. Hopefully if you go back through the Jazz articles during the free agent period, you will see my frustration. For the record, I was fine with letting go of all our free agents. I think the Jazz could have crafted a competitive team out of a combination of trades and a few select free agents. No superstars, just contributors.

You can see from the trades that were made that some very good players were available and the Jazz had plenty of assets to offer and lots of cap space to play with. For example, I would have offered Pekovich a toxic front-loaded contract very early, similar to what Portland did to the Jazz with Millsap and Matthews. I would have offered the Clippers any sign and trade they wanted (Millsap or Jefferson) for Bledsoe even though it probably would have meant taking back a bad contract or two. Another option would have been to see if Phoenix would do a S&T for Gortat. I like Hinrich and Redick on the guard line. Chicago might have parted with Deng for the right S&T.

Tons of options, no courage in the front office.

Temecula, CA

The Jazz had a good draft. The Jazz have a good, young core of players and will be more fun to watch and better on defense...THIS YEAR. That's a step in the right direction.

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