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Published: Monday, Sept. 16 2013 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Hooper, UT

Robert Redford is the biggest embarrassment to the state of Utah. He certainly is no Utahan, and does not represent the average Utahan's views on anything. I wish he would just pack up and move back to California where he could be among like-minded people.

I used to like Redford when he was just an actor and didn't try to push his liberal ideals on everyone else. "JUST SHUT-UP AND ACT!"

Bob K
porland, OR

What if it were your son/daughter who was not hired because of being Gay?

What if it were your child who was the only unmarried one in the family, although happily with a great partner (perhaps one you like more than some of your other kids' legal mates)?

What if the people here (presumably lds Christians) who make up and twist stories -- such as claiming a high divorce rate for Gays -- asked God to help them tell the truth?
What if some of them retreated a bit from imagining they understand the lives of people who are different, and have the right to criticize them?
What if we all understand that some States have passed anti-discrimination laws which may cause cake bakers problems, but are absolutely not telling churches what to do or whom to serve?

Last weekend the lds stake in Honolulu sent out a letter to be read (sorry DN says no links) which urges political action by mormons to restrict the rights of others, under the guise of protecting people who believe discrimination is OK.

Speculation has begun that the lds only held back to give Romney a chance, and will return to promoting discrimination.

Bob K
porland, OR

Provo, UT
People!!!!! Gays have all the rights that straight people have except for marriage and face the facts that isn't ever going to happen in Utah

Really? Does Utah protect women or Blacks from job discrimination, housing discrimination, etc? I will fall on the floor dead if you tell me that Gays have those rights in Utah.

City, Ut

Bob K
porland, OR

What if it were your son/daughter who was not hired because of being Gay?

HOW, I repeat HOW would anyone know they were gay?

That is the WHOLE POINT that is at issue in relation to those of same gender attraction.

If you are gay, you CAN NOT be judged, slighted, marginalized, bullied, intimidated, or discriminated against if you do not broadcast the fact. NO ONE will know, so no one can afflict you with any kind of unwanted opinions or actions.

I've heard more than one gay finally reach the conclusion life was better for them back in the days of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Back then, they were treated by everyone as a fellow human, treated like everyone else--with no drama, no undue attention, no negative attention, no consequences, no judgments, no negativity.

Sometimes, there is a downside for being in everyone's faces and flaunting being gay.....

Don't want downsides? Don't flaunt.

Salt Lake City, UT

Redford supports a lot of great causes including the bombing of the pentagon by weather underground! When you receive an endorsement from a man like that......what's the point in asking for another endorsement? Go LGBT, allowing people like Redford to run the show just set your movement back a step!

City, Ut

Bob K-- "I will fall on the floor dead if you tell me that Gays have those rights in Utah."

Start falling....at least in Salt Lake City

DesNews Nov. 11 2009 "Salt Lake City has become the first Utah city to offer housing and employment protections for gays and lesbians — an action supported by the Mormon church."

And I know for a fact that discrimination does not happen when those of same sex attraction keep keep that little fact to themselves in multiple other cities in Utah. Four lesbians and two gays I know do just fine. That is because they live and let live, and don't broadcast their sexual orientation.

Just like the movie theater I went to yesterday, where a big sign clearly said NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED. Now I could carry my food/drink in my hands and challenge them and cause a scene and make a big public issue of it...Or I could (and did) carry my bag of M&Ms right in --out of site-- just like I always do, and just smile at their pointless sign...............See the connection??

Provo, UT

happy2bhere: The church will never allow same sex temple marriages. And polygamist have there own temples. Redford doesn't live in Utah so how can he should he be allowed to say anything about what goes on here.

Provo, UT

Bob K: I know of plenty of women and blacks in utah that have not been discrimination, against for jobs or housing. If a gay couple want housing that is easily solved by just buying a house. I know gay couples that have done that in Utah and other states.

Bob K
porland, OR

The negative comments about Mr Redford, who has brought money, fame, and social acceptability to the formerly very isolated Utah, are not exactly Christian.

Mount Pleasant, UT

To: Elcapitan...you hit it right on the nose. He could care less about this subject..he says what draws attention and money. He is a typical, average entertainer.

dale richards
Green River, Utah

There isn't any prejudices on his
environmental issues either is there.

delta, UT

Hey. do we really love each other? I have many friends that are a part of the LGBT community, and as far as I can tell they just want to be happy, and not even at our expense. Why are we spending so much taxpayer funds pushing an agenda where they are forced to go back underground, which I must say affects their happiness. Come on everyone, can't we let human beings live the life they want? Are you being bothered personally by all of this? Is the decision to allow people their personnel freedoms having an overbearing effect on your life? We all deserve to pursue happiness in our own way if it does not harm any other being. Give it a rest, stop easting money, let people be happy. Thanks. cnotkenney

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