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Published: Monday, Sept. 16 2013 7:05 p.m. MDT

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Riverton, UT

@Daniel Leifker
And the meat in your cat food got there in a very humane way.


@Daniel Leifker
Maybe you can train your cat to be a vegetarian.

Salt Lake City, UT

So, this is how PETA plans to win friends and influence people? Scared to see how they'd throw a banquet.

common twit
Salt Lake City, UT

These PETA people make me laugh. Their putting a billboard up in Vernal is like putting a common sense billboard in Washington D.C. Nobody is going to care or change.

While you are at it, PETA, why don't you go hold a rally against leather at Sturgis?

Salt Lake City, UT

Daniel Leifker
San Francisco, CA
No one is advocating that animals not be treated ethically. Is dying by starvation, being killed by a cougar or being hit by a car more ethical than hunting? Does not eating meat make you more ethical than your cat?

Sandy, UT

While I'm guessing PETA didn't intend it as such, I find the billboard humorous in a macabre kind of way. Let’s hope they bring out many more like it!

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

I'm not a hunter, but I'm not against hunting. I am against poaching though. Now that that is out of the way - Hahahaha silly PETA! And I can't help but notice the one commenter who seems to support PETA so far is from SF. Priceless

Wasatch Front, UT

Daniel Leifker -- 11:27 p.m. 9-16-13, wrote:

"PETA does some odd things now and then, but I don't see anything wrong with advocating ethical treatment of animals. The only meat in my house is in my cat's food."

ROFLOL!! What an ironic statement! So, it's ok to use one type of animal to feed another kind of animal (your cat)? But no other meat is allowed in your house? How do you reconcile that incongruity within your mind??

Sandy, UT

So you want me to catch those trouts at the store. I don't think so, I love the outdoors and same for many other people who enjoyed hunting. Who is "PETA"?

Provo, ut

I wonder how many bullet holes the billboard will have in it by the end of the week?

Vince Ballard
South Ogden, UT

First they tell us hunting is cruel to the animals. Now they tell us it is dangerous for the hunter? Well . . .whatever.

Cedar City, UT

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the National Rifle Association are polarizing groups that vilify anyone that challenges their agendas. No doubt they both have some common-sense ideas. But, they are both extremist-oriented. The animals (and people) would be better off without either of these nutty groups. Temperance in all things!

dale richards
Green River, Utah

PETA should take a hard look at
brutal killings they do to
domestic animals before attacking

Allen, TX

I thought about PETA while I was landing that nice striped bass last evening....NOT.

I think it's funny that they spend their money in ways that will absolutely NOT make a difference. I think they should commission an enormous floating buoy for $7.5M, set it out in the middle of the Pacific with billboards on it in Japanese, deriding whaling.

How do you make a Japanese whaler laugh....?

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

If God didn't want us to eat animals, He wouldn't have made them so easy to cover with steak sauce.

Just an Observer
Salt Lake City, UT

I have no interest in hunting myself, but I will defend to the end another person's right to do it, as long as it is for food rather than simply for sport. Raising a cow/pig/chicken to slaughter for food is different from going out to hunt in what way? And if we're concerned about cruelty to animals, it seems the ones being hunted in the wild live a lot better life than do a great many of those that end up in the store through volume meat production.

Eagle Mountain, UT

"People should enjoy nature by hiking and get their food at the grocery store." There lies the problem. PETA thinks it is more humane to have someone else do the killing of meat animal. To many people now days are out of touch with where our food comes from. They have never had to gather food or kill an animal for food. EVERYTHING we eat represents some type of sacrifice in life or work. I am of the opinion that all of us should experience providing their own food at some point in there life. We raise as much of our food and and meat as possible. NOTHING goes to waste. I feel if others did the same we would waste very little food.

Pleasanton, CA

I say shame on PETA for celebrating the death of a human being! the animals don't know and don't care what PETA is supposedly trying to do for them!

Brigham City, UT

Oh the DN commontaters.... (purposeful misspelling) Amazes me the things they allow and the things they block. Really??

OK I'll re-phrase. From the article: "We hope that our billboard will help prevent future accidents like this one..." Still laughing at the silliness of that statement.


PETA needs to start opening their eyes at the tragedy of over population in the herds of deer, flocks of geese, packs of wolves and the list goes on and on. AND yes people enjoy eating a good elk steak!!!! A balance in all things is very important and PETA is fanatically rediculous!!!

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