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Published: Monday, Sept. 16 2013 7:05 p.m. MDT

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Cache county, USA

Foul language on a billboard in Utah?
I guess PETA has a foul mouth.

Newspaper Reader
Highland, UT

PETA is such a joke.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think th caption to "leave them alone" is funny. Are they going to prevent the wolf packs, cougars, bears and other animals to leave the Elk alone too. I also think peta is a joke.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

I love to see free speech in action. This is what America is all about. Love it!

Park City, UT

Kings court- Me too! unfortunately, on this site I can't practice free speech. I want to say something that I know without a doubt would be censored and not posted. So enjoy "free" speech on here all you want.

Beverly Hills, CA

Every time PETA does something, I eat a big juicy steak or two.

Tucson, AZ

The "dangers" of hunting? Yes, please do be careful when you are rolling your trophy elk over. That's SO dangerous. Is PETA trying to win people over to their cause by doing such ridiculous messages? If so, they are so misguided. And wait a minute--how are we supposed to resolve "going to the grocery store" like they say with not buying and consuming hormone-laden meat and GMO grains? I thought that meat in the grocery stores come from animal abusing farms. Showing the usual hypocrisy and mixed messaging, I see.


This is why Peta has lost mid America. Sometimes they do good, then they mess up with things like these.

Is it better for man to manage the herds and put the meat to use, or let nature do it. Nature is more cruel.

Daniel Leifker
San Francisco, CA

PETA does some odd things now and then, but I don't see anything wrong with advocating ethical treatment of animals. The only meat in my house is in my cat's food.

Woods Cross, UT

PETA values animal life over human life. Any group or person that capitalizes on human tragedy or suffering is reprehensible.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I'm a member of PETA. People Eating Tasty Animals. Oh, what? we're talking about the other PETA my bad. I thought he was kind of lame in Hunger Games.

Logan, UT

I do not respect PETA nor anyone who supports PETA.


I was debating on hunting this year, now I am definitely going! I need nature's purest protein! Thanks PETA for reminding me how awesome hunting is.

Riverton, UT

I love PETA. Doesn't it stand for People Eat Tasty Animals?

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

Didn't Sarah Palin advocate shooting your prey from helicopters? There are ways to stay safe while hunting.

Las Vegas, NV

I'm all for treating animals humanely and I'm not a fan of hunting, but making that billboard is inappropriate.

I do like some of the things that PETA does (such as when they donate doghouses to backyard dogs that don't have one), but other times they are just too extreme.

Celebrating a person getting hurt does nothing to help the animals, it only hurts the cause of animal rights.

Layton, UT

Just another group of people putting their agenda above their humanity.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"People should enjoy nature by hiking and get their food at the grocery store." Since the meat from the grocery store is there by humane processes.

PETA- go enjoy nature in your way and let the sportsmen enjoy it in theirs.

Salt Lake City, UT

I love PETA, they taste like chicken!

Arm of Orion
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Good ole PETA and another newgrabbing marketing stunt. Reminds me of a few years ago when they protested the Pokemon games because they teach animal cruelty, they don't btw. Have fun out there hunters!

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