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Published: Monday, Sept. 16 2013 6:05 p.m. MDT

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sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

I once attended a City Meeting where the topic was the Jordan School Districts inability to fund it's operations for the next school year. The proposal to resolve the problem was to levy an additional $60.00 in property tax the following year. A lady in her mid to late 30's stood up and with tears in her eyes and begged the people not to support this Tax. The extra $60.00 a year would simply push her and her family of 14 Over the edge. That's right 12 Kids.

The tax bill failed at the next election and the Jordan School District terminated hundreds of teachers and support staff to deal with the shortfall. At the special Counsel Meeting that followed you will never guess who was the first in line to stand and chew the Counsel out for allowing the Jordan School District to do this to the Children.

The moral of the story here is you cant have your cake and eat it too. You can't complain about huge deficits and Government hand outs and then expect the Government to basically give you a hand out!

If you can't afford them don't have them!

Provo, UT

It's the *rationale* for this proposed tax credit that is (for me) more disturbing than the budgetary concerns.

If the government gives tax credits to parents on the basis that those parents are raising (and funding) tomorrow's workforce, will the government start to demand accountability of those parents on how well they're doing? (Are you raising your children well enough to "earn" that tax credit? Are you spending that tax credit on materials that will benefit your children/our future workers?)

Or what about parents raising disabled children who will obviously never contribute to the workforce... perhaps those parents should pay a tax *penalty*? After all, shouldn't the government try to discourage parents from raising burdens on the economy? No, I didn't really think so either. ;)

The whole idea of government tax breaks & credits to try to incentivize what some politicians see as societally favorable behavior seems dangerous to me. Besides, I thought Mike Lee was supposed to be conservative? Shouldn't we be seeking to simplify our ridiculous tax code rather than complicating it?

Mission Viejo, CA

I thought our issue was lack of jobs for the people we already had, not a lack of people. Plenty of children are being created without an incentive. The returns Mr Lee speaks of can only be realized if those children have decent jobs to employ them.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Some of the postings on here are just useless. I read each and every one of them. Yes, I agree, No, I don't, Mike Lee is a hypocrite, blah blah blah.

Ever think to consider your own thoughts and what they might mean. Flip flop, this and the other.

I am not saying I am in agreeance with this plan or against, I am open to hearing more about it. So many people on here talking about what it will do to the national debt, these same people who are in agreeance with every other government program that gives aid and adds to the debt. Who is the hypocrite now? You want to keep all of your programs that you support. But because this one was drummed up by a Republican it is no good. Each and everyone of you cried during the political races about how the republicans didn't want to help anyone. Where here is a repub wanting to help people. And not one of you can deny it. Quit living on one side of the line and if you are going to stay there, then quit talking about equality, because it is hypocritical.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

While I think it's a bad proposal... At least he's trying to buy votes from Americans with families (unlike the Democrats who are buying votes by pandering to the illegal alien supporters and every other special interest group out there).

But I agree that he's doing the same thing Democrats do all the time... and he should be embarrassed (as should Democrats who buy votes by proposing bills for special interest groups).

It's nothing new. Democrats who are getting all bent out of shape over it need to get a grip and look at the kind of pandering Democrats in Washington do all the time.

Springville, UT

Hey, 2 bits, this is a Lee proposal, so focus on him. This has nothing to do with Democrats.

Stansbury Park, Ut

To the writer that called income tax unconstitutional, I draw your attention to Amendment XVI; which states in its entirety, "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration." This amendment was passed by Congress July 2, 1909. Ratified February 3, 1913. But I guess this fact doesn't correspond with the en vogue Articles of Confederation view of the Constitution. You might want to check Article V. of the Constitution about legality of amendments. It might not be popular, but it is the law.

Murray, UT

I love the way the democrats are squirming at this proposal. They are totally jumping the party line claiming to be worried about the debt. What a laugh. They must be really scared.

But here is the reason they are scared. This is a totally conservative proposal which will help the middle class. That is the last thing democrats want. Democrats want everyone to think they are the champion of the middle class with all their hand out programs. Now they have an even better program, that costs tons less, to compete with.

They should be scared.


This is a great tax reduction plan for the benefit of those raising children. It is a major reduction in income tax and, since 47% do not now earn enough to pay income tax anyway, I actually feel, like Ron Paul, that income tax should be abolished altogether.

Presently married women who stay home (as many do) to better raise their children are making a great material sacrifice. I would like to bet that their children are much less likely to be a drain on the juvenile justice system, and later the jails and prisons, and the cost of policing society. With overcrowded jails and prisons and increasing juvenile problems, so many drug arrests etc the higher exemptions may have many unplanned benefits as more mothers are enabled to stay home .

Abolishing the Internal Revenue system altogether, if we decided to free everyone from income tax, would save bureaucratic costs, and remove a fearful and onerous tax enforcement system.

Replace Income Tax with import taxes as our ancestors did so successfully (before 1913) and abolish those departments that Mr Paul suggested, close down foreign military bases and stop "obamcare" - and save TRILLIONS. We'll be better off by far.

Layton, UT

please let this happen before my kids are old. I need the extra money! Kids are expensive!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

This stands out as another reason why Republicans say NO to everything, and never give any suggestions.

Defund and shutdown the entire American Government to de-fund Obamacare,
and now THIS!

Keep it coming Mike.
The Democrats need you more than anyone else in the Senate right now....


I don't necessarily agree with the idea, but I DO agree with the fact that if Mr. Obama had proposed it - it would be the best thing since sliced bread for the libs.

Their brainwashing shows. Obama good. Republicans bad.

Thats' all we need to know!

South Jordan, Utah

Senator Lee is all hat (lots of ideas) and no cattle (no successful legislation).

Saint George, UT

I absolutely love this. The liberals are outraged when someone they don't agree with, in this case a tax credit for families, wants a tax break. When it comes to free health care, abortion services, welfare dependency programs, supporting drug addictions, mental-analysis, medicaid, medicare, social security, and an ad infinitum list of government entitlement programs, the liberals want more of it at a reduced rate supported by the the hard working, oh,dare I say, fathers of this country. So, let's just all get along and do what the Constitution has said all along, be accountable to yourself, respect those God-given rights, and return our land to prosperity. Now, that's a novel idea!

Cedar Hills, UT


Letting people keep more is great but my point is there are others who DON'T get to keep more of their hard earned money and yet they continue to have to support their children who happen to have left the home and are living in a dorm at college and still need lots of help from mom and dad. So what about those people??? If you are going to cut taxes then CUT ALL taxes ...not just some select few. It is completely bogus to assume others aren't equally justified in receiving the same tax credit. It is interesting to see those big families who supposedly need the tax cut ...yet they turn around with their BIG tax return and spend it on Disneyland. That is a fact especially here in Utah. I was one of those about 10 years ago and I felt guilty to get that tax break while my neighbor who was still supporting his kids in college got NO TAX BREAK. The person who proposed the FLAT TAX is correct. The FLAT TAX is the only fair way to administer taxation.

Othello, WA

Love it when the 47% and their "advocates" suddenly become deficit hawks! The hypocrites always entertain! banderson has had the greatest comments today, and NOBODY on the left has provided any logical response to him.
This is actually a great proposal by Senator Lee and would go a long way towards making taxes fair. You take a couple (husband and wife) making 100K a year, and compare a couple with 3 kids (family of 5) making the same money,... who pays more taxes? Of course the couple will pay more. Everyone's situation is different, but that couple will pay on average, 20K in federal taxes. Lets say the family of 5 pays a third of what the couple pays, 7K. That leaves the couple with 80K to divide among themselves for their spending and living, or 40K apiece. The family has 93K to divide among themselves for spending and living, or just under 19K apiece. Now who's logic thinks that is fair and equitable. I say Sen. Lee's proposal is to stingy. It needs to be more like $8000 tax credit!!

Beverly Hills, CA

GOP Spending plan: Do as we say, not as we do. This is the same philosophy that GW Bush did with 2 stimulus packages, tax cuts, 2 unpaid trillion dollar wars. Seems like the GOP has an appetite for increasing deficits as well.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't agree with patriot on much but I admire the consistency on deficit reduction.

Sandy, UT

@bandersen. Why should people get tax credits for having kids in the first place? In your above post you said people need to be accountable but tax credits are opposite of that.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Shaun" the reasoning behind tax breaks for having children is that the government needs to encourage people to have more children. The theory is that to maintain Social Security an Medicare you need new workers to replace the old ones. Since the government is taking the responsibility of providing for your retirement away from the individual, they needed to keep the incentive alive for having children. Since the only way government can incentivize child birth was through tax credits, they implemented the Child Tax Credit.

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