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Published: Monday, Sept. 16 2013 6:05 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

"This should be considered independent of deficit reduction plans"...Are you serious Senator?

Eagle Mountain, UT

I have to kind of laugh here "I can't pay for your contraception because I am not going to pay for you to have sex"

But "oh you're having kids" I will pay for you to have sex.

Saint George, UT

Roland Kayser, LDS liberal and all the other liberals, socialists, and government entitlement fans. I absolutely agree with Mike Lee's child tax credit plan. However, this is what I'm willing to do, since many of you want to talk about how uncompromising conservatives are: I will not support the child tax credit, or any other government program or tax plan, if you will eliminate welfare, the department of education, energy, and any other government 'program' that gives any citizen an advantage, including your home mortgage deduction, etc. Is it a deal, or were you just talking, instead of doing something? Do you really want to compromise, or were you just wanting this to be a one way street? Action speaks louder than words.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Wasn't this the same Senator Mike Lee who lost his Alpine mansion on a Government sponsored Short Sale?

and bandersen
I bet he took the tax deduction on that house as well!

The Skeptical Chymist

From now on, whenever I hear Mike Lee talking about reducing the debt or deficit, I will know his words for what they are: rank hypocrisy.


How about a flat tax with no one getting any credits? The ONLY REASONS our lawmakers have instituted tax credits are because they want to encourage something by giving a financial incentive OR they want the opportunity, like this story demonstrates, to convince their constituents that they are looking out for them. These credits are usually paid for by the other taxpayers. Hey, it helps them get re-elected.

Parkesburg, PA

The only thing worse than a "tax and spend" liberal is a "don't tax and spend" conservative.

Salt Lake City, UT

"However, this is what I'm willing to do, since many of you want to talk about how uncompromising conservatives are: I will not support the child tax credit, or any other government program or tax plan, if you will eliminate welfare, the department of education, energy, and any other government"

Absolutely not. It's not a very good compromise when one side gives up basically everything and the other side (that already claims they don't want to create more gov't programs...) gives up basically nothing.

Social Mod Fiscal Con
West Jordan, UT

Sorry Lee, wrong bill, wrong time.

Lets focus on getting our fiscal house in order. Reduce spending, perhaps even increase taxes, if that's what it takes.

Provo, UT

Where are all those Mike Lee supporters/apologists today? Those same people who criticized President Obama for buying the election? Where are those who supported The Mitt's attack on the 47 percent? Folks like Redshirt, 2 bits, Mike Richards, DN Subscriber, etc are all missing in action on this story. Why's that?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This makes no sense. How do you propose a tax refund when we have a huge tax shortfall?

I think parents knew the cost of having children when they had them. It's a real burden. But something YOU need to accept when you have them (not society).

I know society benefits from you having children (in the long view). There's not doubt of that. But you shouldn't expect the government to fund your decision (even if everybody in society benefits from you making this decision).

Now IF we had a tax surplus... I would be all for it. The first people who deserve a break is young parents trying to start a family and still make ends meet with the mother staying at home to nurture the children in that family.

Cedar Hills, UT

Another tax credit for large families? I don't think so. What about those families whose kids are all grown and moved out or those who don't have kids? They get nothing. They do get to pay for all the large families kids at the local public schools however with their taxes. I honestly think that tax exemptions should be limited to a maximum of 5 per family - two adults and three kids. Families are encouraged to keep having 6 or 7 or ... 13 kids because they get others to pay for them with their taxes and then they get a nice refund check at the end of the year from the Fed and State to goto Disneyland with. In the mean time we are collecting LESS taxes or shifting the tax burden to others. Enough is enough!!

Cedar Hills, UT

I thought Mike Lee was all about CUTTING government and entitlements? Now suddenly he wants to add another entitlement? What gives Mike??? Either you are for small government and less entitlements OR you aren't. Can't have it both ways. Sounds like it is time for a letter to Mike's office.

Ivins, UT

He must have a lot of kids. The tax credit can only be used by those who make enough money to pay taxes. What is his proposal to help those working two jobs at minimum wage and still don't make enough to pay taxes? Cut their food stamps. Tea party mentality at it's finest.

American Fork, UT

Just more political pandering. Why in the world are we paying these guys? They will say and do anything to stay in power. I say no more tax deductions, if you can't afford children then don't have them, or sacrifice until you can afford them. Utah has it's fair share of 47%'ers because of the already existing child tax credit, yet we still love to get up on our little soap boxes and complain about all of those OTHER nasty 47% freeloaders.

I say incorporate a flat tax where everyone pays equally and get rid of all deductions and credits.

USS Enterprise, UT

To the liberals that think this is a redistribution of wealth plan. You are wrong. The tax credit will be available to all. Those that will benefit from this are those that actually pay taxes, not just a select group. EIC redistributes wealth, and that is not being touched.

This is not funding people having kids, this is an "investment" in the future. As the US birthrate drops, somebody has to be there to make things and pay the taxes that fund retirement SS accounts.

I would think that the liberals here would be grateful for Senator Lee doing something to keep their wealth redistribution program known as Social Security running for a bit longer.

To "patriot" how much do those that have raised a family need? Their retirement will be funded by the kids that this bill is hoping to encourage.

Atlanta, GA

When will politicians stop giving handouts to their constituents?

Mission Viejo, CA

If we had a single-payer healthcare system, that would go a long way to helping families.

Murray, UT

I thought liberals were all about helping the middle class family. Obviously, from the comments here, they are not.


"I thought Mike Lee was all about CUTTING government and entitlements?"

This is a cut in government. Letting people keep more of what they make is less government. If he collected the taxes and then had a government agency distribute the money back to certain families, that would be bigger government.

I think this is the right thing to do on so many levels, especially if it is done INSTEAD of the current redistribution programs. When the government collects the money for redistribution, the bureaucracy take a huge bite out before anyone is helped by the program. They are so top heavy in expenses, they could never qualify as a 501c non-profit.

And BTW, I don't have a large family and I would never see a dime from the program. My kids are grown.

And all you liberals pretending you are going to stop your support of Lee, you can't stop something you never started.

Cedar Hills, UT


Flat tax is the answer for certain I agree. These political games being played by congress have to stop. I thought Mike was all about reducing the size and amount of entitlements? Don't get it.

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