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Published: Monday, Sept. 16 2013 11:55 a.m. MDT

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North Salt Lake, UT

Chris B

"Fellow Power Conference bottom-feeder University of Utah Utes"

There. Fixed it for you.

North Salt Lake, UT


"Sometimes I wonder if you really are a BYU fan just trying to make U fans look foolish."

I sometimes think the same thing; Chris B's statements are just too outlandish to be sincere. Then again, Ute fans are known for their delusions.

As for Heaps, I do not think he is overrated nor do I think Bronco mismanaged him. He was lacking in maturity at BYU and alienated some of the team, and it was probably in everyone's best interests that he move on and get a fresh start. Overall, he didn't play that poorly when he was here.

The fact Kansas stinks is not necessarily the fault of Heaps; after all, this team did go 1-11 last year and is probably several years away from being competitive again. He was surrounded by a lot more talent when he was at BYU.

Draper, UT

"Although the Jayhawks lost, Heaps looked better than his stats showed as a passer..."

Didn't 77 yards of his 157 yards of passing come from one 8 yard pass play where the receiver broke a tackle? -26 yards rushing, 2 INT including a pick 6?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Fair Enough. This is how it works. BYU beat Texas by 19 points. You believe that Kansas, BYU and Texas are all bad. You also believe that Heaps is a better quarterback than Hill.

Therefore, according to your logic, if Kansas has the better quarterback then Kansas must be better than BYU and will therefore beat Texas farther than BYU did.

Just as I expected, your "logic" was poor, to be kind about it.

You do realize there are more players than just the QB's right?

Please tell me you dont think a game is entirely one QB against the other QB right?

newhall, CA

Sorry, but BYU did all it could do with Heaps. Heaps turned out to be nothing short of an egomaniac. Who sets up his own press conference to announce his arrival? The problem with Heaps was he couldn't deliver. I wish him well at Kansas, but he will never be drafted into the NFL. He's an average QB who thinks he's Joe Montana calibre. He's not.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Too bad for Jake Heaps. Sometimes things just don't pan out at the next level.

Unfortunately for Juice Quezada, he also doesn't even have 100 yards rushing through two games at Fresno State. It looks like BYU isn't really missing either of these players as far as on the field play. He wasn't even averaging two yards per carry his sophomore season at BYU. Hopefully things are going okay for him off the field.

Draper, UT


I have to agree with you that there are more players than the QB and that the game is not entirely one QB against another. The problem is, most of the comments I have seen from you about BYU players focus solely on their QB. Of course if I were you I wouldn't really want to think about many other players at BYU

But lest you think we BYU fans only focus on the QB: BYU has the best receiver in the state, the best running back in the state, the best linebacker (and linebacking corps) in the state, and likely the best D-line in the state.

The only way Utah even has a prayer in this game is if Wilson plays absolutely out of his mind, and BYU's defense somehow completely tanks (something that hasn't happened since 2011).

I anxiously await your prediction of the score so that I can mark it down. I also anxiously await you keeping your commitment to stop commenting on BYU articles after BYU wins (although I must admit that a small part of me will miss the entertainment).


You do realize there are more players than just the QB's right?

Please tell me you dont think a game is entirely one QB against the other QB right?


But, shouldn't Kansas and their "BCS" players be a better fit for a 5 star recruit like Heaps?

Bloomington, IN

@Tators, the major difference between Kansas and other cellar dwellers in the major conferences is that the school usually has something else to offer the conference. Kansas may not have a good football team, but their basketball team more than pulls their weight (kinda like Indiana, Duke, etc). Even in cases where the athletics are all around poor, the academic side rises to the occasion (i.e., Vanderbilt, Stanford in earlier years, Baylor, etc). I'm still trying to figure out what the U offers the PAC12 other than an extra win and a ghostlike atmosphere for basketball games. Even more curious is how ChrisB and folks somehow think they legitimately belong with the big boys.

Bloomington, IN

@Spokane Ute-if my math holds true, a two-loss Texas team is still ranked 10 spots ahead of Utah-what does that say about your team?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

It says we are 2-3 weeks into the season; and shouldn't have lost to OSU. We will find out a lot more about Utah in the next 2-3 games. I'm hoping for the best, but not expecting a whole lot. I hope that helps. While we are asking questions, what does losing to #62 Virginia say about your team? BYU and Utah are average at best, and that stinks!

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