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Published: Monday, Sept. 16 2013 9:40 a.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

There was some pretty incredible stuff posted about her right after the win. It's sad to think we're that stupid and reactionary.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

Sigh, my perception is that the same kind of people who tweeted the racist comments are the same kind of people crying that their religious freedom is under attack.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I was amazed to learn the winner only gets $50k toward college...might as well train and win American Ninja Warrior, you'd get more money!

Sandy, UT

So is the conclusion along the lines that if a blue-eyed blond had won, then racism would have prevailed over diversity?

Lindon, UT

Being that she is Native American, she is MORE American than those of us who descended from European immigrants. Her forefathers were here when Columbus arrived. She is very pretty, and intelligent as well. Great choice for Miss America - one of the best ever.

Lindon, UT

@Bob A. Bohey:

Your perception is not correct. Profiling is not American, and never was. I know (and know of) thousands, if not millions, of people who feel their religious freedom is under attack, but are not racist. They abhor those who are truly racist, as do I.

Marlborough, MA

@panamadesnews: 1. Miss America is not a Native America. 2. How can you possibly know my perception is incorrect?


@ JayTee: That would depend on why the blue-eyed blonde had won.

All reports indicate the blue-eyed blonde that people are most upset about not winning is Miss Kansas - who apparently did not do very well during the talent portion because projectiles are not allowed so she sang instead of demonstrating bow shooting. If, in spite of learning opera from YouTube in an extremely short time period and not performing it very well, she had won, than it may be that diversity was suffering. Although, considering her tattoos, who knows....

The racism is not about who won or lost, but the reaction towards the winner. And I'm willing to bet if Miss Kansas won with her tattoos, there would be people upset about that as well.

@ panamadesnews: Indian as in from India - not Indian as in Native American.

Santa Cruz, CA

panamadesnews, do you glory in advertising your ignorance? She is Indian as in ethnic heritage being from the subcontinent of India, not Indian as in Native American/First Nations.... smh

Park City, Ut

Native American LOL, how grand. No panamadesnews she's of Indian decent... as in from INDIA not Indiana No one calls Native Americans "Indians" anymore... that I'm aware of.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Being of indian decent and growing up in Utah, I can't tell you how may times that I told people I was "Indian" the next question out of their mouth was "Oh how nice, what tribe?"

I know that offense was not intended but it does speak of ignorance and lack of education.

Boise, ID

Folks should very careful not to paint with a wide brush. I bet there were not but a handful of crazy commenters so even addressing them briefly is - in a way - going too far. But I notice that the leftist like to focus in on whack-job commenters and therefore, by implication, suggest that there are legions of lunatics out there who think that way. As a conservative Tea Party sympathizer who has s strong views on many subjects near and dear to Democrats and socialists, racism is not one of them. In fact as I tour many conservative website, I never see racism expressed - ever. Even when it concerns immigration reform which I support whole heartedly. (We need Mexicans and others to pay our social security so lets get them and train them to make a good living so they can pay high taxes too.)

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Actually, considering that "Indian Country Today" is still a Native American publication, and lots of other things, my general impression is that lots of people still use "Indian" when they mean "Native American". With the growing number of Indians from India and their descendantrs in the US, this may be finally about to change, but there are still lots of people who use the old terminology.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

When places are called "Indian Reservations" is it fair to yell "ignorance" at people who assume that is the meaning of Indian. People are too quick to yell ignorance at others.


I didn't agree with their decision, or the questions. I thought the questions were chosen to help some, and hurt others.


I don't understand. Is she "Miss Diversity" or "Miss Politically Correct America"?

I thought Miss America should be for Americans? Why doesn't Nina Davuluri compete in Miss Universe?


@ NewYorkRose: Nina Davuluri is American - she is every bit as American as you are.

Cedar Hills, UT

We need to abolish this ridiculous event once and for all.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Ms. Davuluri was born in Syracuse, New York. She was raised primarily in Oklahoma and Michigan. She attended the University of Michigan. She now lives in St. Joseph, Michigan. By some standards that makes her more American than Mitt Romney, since she has not spent 2+ years abroad all at once.

The article does not make all of this quite as clear as maybe it should. However I believe the article mentions she was born in New York.

I am sickened by the anti-immigration rhetoric of some of the responses. Actually, if you want to talk about someone who was questionable as Miss America lets talk about Sharlene Wells. She was born in Paraguay, and primarily raised in South America. She had lived very little of her life in the US before becoming Miss America.

Dillon, CO

Wow .. lots of dumb,stupid & yes ignorant comments - who really in the long-run cares about this.

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