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Published: Sunday, Sept. 15 2013 6:45 p.m. MDT

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Sheeesh give it a rest. Utah really let one get away Saturday night. It was win-able; and in the PAC 12, that seems to be far and few between for Utah. When you score 45 points, and still don't win; your defense has a serious problem. To come on here and talk smack about BYU, or any school for that matter, would simply be silly at this point. Utah needs to step up and start winning games....period! What good is being in the PAC 12 when you can't beat anyone? It's dissapointing; to say the least. I'm trying to keep my chin up, but it's tougher and touger all the time.


Hyrum, UT

@ Chris B:

Come back online 1 week from today and I'll not only explain why Utah is fortunate they can't play BYU more than once a year, but why Utah actually decided to take a few years off from playing BYU at all. In fact, Actually, I won't need to explain it. After the game next Saturday, all of that will become self-evident.

You'll also have to get some new material. I might even be able to help with that. How about "Well, at least we beat you 3 of 4 years... so maybe that still makes us better". But with all that "mark it down" stuff you've already given to everyone, they would probably still just laugh at you.

Face it, Chris... you've painted yourself into a corner. After badly missing predictions the past 2 weeks, if the Utes don't get extremely lucky this Saturday (unlike you, I'm realistic enough to admit that anything is actually possible), then you will be glad you made that promise not to post for awhile. But until then, you still have a few more days to give more hopeful predictions and mark-it-down stuff.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Let me guess, Utah was lucky last year against byu?

And the year before?

And the year before?

Isn't it interesting that Utah has been "lucky" much more than byu lately.

Want to know something interesting? Every year since our Pac 12 invite we've beaten byu in recruiting, HEAD TO HEAD and average stars.

Just think about your future if you can't even get the best Mormon kids, which you haven't the last 3 years.

I wonder if that has anything to do with the 3-0 streak those same years?


Gone fishin
PAC Country, WA

Having watched PAC football for 15 years now I can truly say that EVERYONE in the conference is improving except Utah. Even WSU is showing signs of getting better and will most likely finish ahead of the u in the conference standings and get to a bowl game. In looking at the remaining schedule I can only see one possible win for the utes and that is even up in the air. It is a very real possibility that the utes will finish 3-9 this year. But hay they are in a power conference, even though they barely belong.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Inferior team(s) like BYU? You have lost to the Utes 3 years in a row. How does that feel? Talk is cheap. Beat the Utes, otherwise it's just drivel and lip service.

Class act
Washington, UT

The Utes have gotten a little worse on D each year since Sitake took over ad DC. The D plays scared instead of aggressive. The secondary plays off their WR 10-15 yds giving up way too much ground. Utah gave up multiple big plays on 3rd and 4th down against OSU.

Turn-overs were neg 3 and this has been a problem in the Sitake era. Maybe it's time for Kyle Whittingham to take over the D.

South Jordan, UT

that's because kyle doesn't know how to prepare for those pac 12 line backers. What the heck is he going to do about Van Noy and Fua, and Unga?????

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