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Published: Sunday, Sept. 15 2013 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Thank you for presenting some data about the Common Core and the people's view of it. In Utah, we are hearing way too much about the opposition, which is allowing it to seem much more legitimate than it is.

A group of ultra-conservatives believe that this is "federal intrusion" because of the way it was offered to states (in exchange for extra points on a federal grant application).

In reality, it is not a federal program at all, and if you read the standards they are quite superior to Utah's prior standards and we should embrace them if we care about educational standards more than we care about politics.

Saint Paul, MN

"The standards have been voluntarily adopted by all but four states ..."

If "voluntarily" is defined as one being able to do as they desire, though federal funding will be withheld if they choose not to accept these "standards" (i.e. - the state will be unable to afford to do any educating), then I completely agree that this was voluntary. However, by writing that statement this way, one might conclude that the author (and Deseret News?) was trying to tilt the discussion rather than objectively reporting the news. I hope that was not the case.

Having been involved with numerous surveys, I am well aware of the ability to slant the results based on the way the questions are asked. I hope this survey did not include questions of similar ilk to the sentence with which I began this comment, or one might then have to question its voracity.

Mcallen, TX

In a few years, common core will be history, and replaced by something else. Teachers will again be blamed for an undereducated public.

This cycle keeps repeating itself, because we just can't figure out how to stop it.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

The anti-common core crowd is a bunch of paranoid conspiracy theorists. That is why they aren't getting a plurality of opinion.

Woods Cross, UT

Open your eyes and do some serious research of your own on the common core. The Common Core is nothing more than another social experiment and our kids are the guinea pigs. It was not written by educators and there is no such thing as a one size fits all answer. If you really believe that this is going to help our kids get into and do better in college, do your own research you will be surprised what the truth is. Did you know that the best teachers in your schools can be transferred out and put into another school to make things "fair", your principal can't do a thing about it. Most principals don't even know that will happen. Anytime you take grant money you have sold your soul and you have no say. If you actually did some deep research you will find that the common core in some states had lead a huge drop out rate and non graduation rate. It all sounds so great, please people do your own research and see what it has really done. Don't follow blindly. Conspiracy theorist have a reason to be concerned, they know the truth.

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Seriously, it is nice to get an article about the people with common sense! Any level headed person that actually READS the common core will realize that it is just a set of standards that we want our kids to achieve. There is no conspiracy. The use of the word common does not mean it is a communist/socialist conspiracy! I've never seen a bigger mountain made out of such a small mole hill.

We want our kids to reach higher levels in math. These standards set that bar higher. There is absolutely NO reason to oppose them. Just take a minute and READ them.

I'm just glad we have parents in Utah with common sense even though the media loves to play to the fringe crowd.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

I would love for the Dnews to do another story about who is behind the "grading" system now being used by the legislature. Just a little bit of research will show that the pro voucher organization that calls themselves "parents for choice in education" is behind it. Why? and why did it turn out to be such a mess? That is exactly what they wanted to happen. Now the good schools look bad because they aren't showing "growth" and the bad schools look good because they were the lowest of the low but have shown some improvement. Sound confusing? That is exactly what they wanted. Any effort to confuse the public about our schools is time well spent for their organization.

Woods Cross, UT

@Orem Parent, I can tell you right now you have not done enough honest research on the subject. When you do and you find out who and what is behind it all you will be very disturbed. You are being told what you want to hear. Do your own research. Start reading professional journals on the subject take a good look at the outcomes IN ALL of the states it has been used in. I liked it at first and thought what a great idea. Then I started seriously reading about it and digging into it, just not one article that told me what I wanted hear. There is more to it than you realize.

Heber City, UT

Let's see, the DNews runs a straight story, not an editorial, about real data collected from real, practicing teachers, yet "Conspiracy theorist have a reason to be concerned, they know the truth," wrote toocoolforcoug. It never ends.

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

I have done the research. It is what I said it is, a set of standards. Nothing more, nothing less. Take off the tin foil hat and realize that no one is out to get you or your kids. There is no conspiracy. People and certain groups are really losing their grip on reality with this one. I can't even imagine living my life like that. It really is scary to see what lengths people will go to in order to justify what they want to believe is true. Scary.

Mcallen, TX

Socialist education, is a system in which the government owns the means.

Communist education, is a system where government plans, and controls schools.

@Orem Parent--I don't know what you're looking at, but our schools appears to fit the communist/socialist definition.

Saint George, UT

I don't have to know one sentence from the Common Core to ask just one question: What is it about the federal government that otherwise good citizens want that can't or shouldn't be done at the State or local level? It is an absolute mystery to me how Utahns, supposedly a bastion of Constitution loving citizens, defer their self-worth, dignity, and 'education' to an entity thousands of miles away that can't figure out how to teach reading and writing skills, let alone critical thinking skills. They have been at it for more years than most people live, failed at it over and over again, and yet, amazingly, citizens keep giving them more rights, time, and money. What type of citizen would continue to give them more chances? Obviously, an ignorant and passive one, something the federal government wants and loves. Go figure!

Sandy, UT

Just to clarify - although the federal government DID offer more points on the grant application if states adopted the Common Core, I believe only 4 states won grants and Utah was not one of them.

At this point in time, NO federal funding in Utah is contingent upon our implementation of the Common Core in Utah.

All federal funding in Utah is continuing as is, with the exception of cuts that may result due to the sequestration.

The Common Core is not tied to any federal funding in Utah. Just want to be sure this rumor is clarified.

Mcallen, TX

@freedomforthepeople--There are federal funding not related to education which would be effected.

Quit standardized testing, and see what's happens. The feds are in control.

Humbly Yours
Camas, WA

While living in Vegas about 15 years ago, I worked with a Frenchman who had come to America to start his own business. I told him about my experience serving an LDS mission in the former Soviet Union and while there, seeing first-hand how their government had continually misled the people through control of the media. I was shocked and stunned by what I had witnessed.

Then the Frenchman replied, "Your government has done the very same thing."

I could NOT believe him. I thought he was crazy. How could the great U.S. of A. ever be compared to such a regime? I said the same, sticking up for my country. He continued to suggest that I was as misled by my country's media machine as Ukrainians were by theirs.

Years later, I remember being MORE shocked and stunned to learn that he was RIGHT! When I saw the truth I felt betrayed, as if I'd witnessed a murder and the LAST person I thought could ever do such a thing was holding the gun.

So powerful is the media, that I've learned to BEWARE when my opinion matches the majority.

Heber City, UT

banderson: Please, please, please ... before writing yet another paragraph about the Common Core, DO read at least one unbiased sentence about it. You will get the answer to your question. Utahns are not deferring anything to anyone. We continue to choose locally how to meet baseline standards that 45 other states accept. There is no curriculum in the Common Core. 3/4 of teachers support it. 8 in 10 teachers think it will better prepare our children. 10 of 10 retired Constitutional conspiratorialists never tire of repeating the myths they heard on talk radio.

Cambridge, MA

To "freedomforthepeople" if you ignore the "federal intrusion" argument, there is a lot of information about how bad the standard is. You have the information on the discovery based math teaching methods that are confusing and don't reinforce the basics before going onto higher concepts. You can also look at how they are cutting back significantly on reading classical literature in favor of manuals, menus, and Executive Orders. History has a month dedicated to the UN and 1 week dedicated to the US Constitution.

Another thing to consider is the simple fact that currently Homeschooling is the fastest growing education segment. Why are people dropping their neighborhood schools, charter schools, and private schools in favor of homeschools?

Heber City, UT

RS MIT- "discovery based math teaching methods that are confusing and don't reinforce the basics before going onto higher concepts."
And yet most math TEACHERS support it.
"You can also look at how they are cutting back significantly on reading classical literature in favor of manuals, menus, and Executive Orders."
Not "significantly" - but slightly, and most importantly, IF THE LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD DECIDES. And not menus.
" History has a month dedicated to the UN and 1 week dedicated to the US Constitution." Not true. Complete Beckian canard.
Please people.

Provo, UT

Good grief...I don't get all of the paranoia over the common core.... It makes sense to me that there be a standard of skills that need to be taught. Some people just like to look for problems. Believe me there are problems out there but the common core, to me, doesn't seem to be one of them.

Cambridge, MA

To "Owen" read "Do the math -- Common Core = a massive, risky experiment on your kids" at Fox News and "Why There’s a Backlash against Common Core" in the National Review. They both describe how the new teaching method only makes the math teaching worse. I don't care if math teachers support it or now, the problem is that it is a faulty method that does not work and is not based on tried and true methodologies.

Actually they do spend a lot of time studying the UN and UN policies through the history and science portions of the Common Core program. Just go through the reviews of the school districts that have already implemented CC.

They really are cutting back on classics in favor of pop culture and government documents. I have nieces and nephews in HS and they are not reading the classics that have formed a foundation for our modern society.

Believe it or not, that is your choice. All I know is that if CC is so great, why are so many parents pulling their kids out of public education system and homeschooling?

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