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Published: Saturday, Sept. 14 2013 11:50 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Rapids, IA


What appears to me to be the issue is that more and more those who feel same gender attraction are demanding that we consider it as normal as opposite gender attraction. It doesn't take a genius to see where this is headed.

Sometime in the not too distant future, there will be a federal lawsuit filed against the LDS Church demanding it open its temples to all who want to be married there, regardless of gender attraction and actions. This in the name of "equality." There will be demonstrations, perhaps more incidents of arson of Church buildings.

The only issue I have with LGBT is what appears to me to be acceptance by jamming it down society's throat. Bless they Youngs' hearts. They are doing what they believe is right. But it may bear fruit that in the end will not be good for all of society.

Jane B
Portland / Clackamas, OR

Of course we know that people are born gay. It's long past time for you all to realize that. And, being gay is not a sin we have to forgive in others! Gay people are just like everyone else--born into this life to figure out how to navigate challenges and find happiness, hopefully with God's help and approval.

It is also important to realize that gay people are not monolithic in what they desire. We have gay Mormons in heterosexual marriages with children who are happy. We have gay Mormons who do not believe in gay marriage. We have gay Mormons who are single and choose to live as worthy LDS members. We also have gay Mormons who advocate and want gay marriage--including temple marriage.

I don't have the answers, I just think it's time to see things the way they really are with our homosexual brothers and sisters.

Kirkland, WA

There were no protests, no marchers, no "signs", no yelling at participants outside of this event. No "Mormons", or LDS telling them they have no right to be having this meeting. Wow!!
This could/should be a lesson to the LGBT and all communities of people who are trying to be "accepted" ... we really can have a difference of opinion and do it peacefully. We really can live together without accepting the lifestyles (religious or otherwise) of anyone else and maintain our own.
We need to figure out what to do about a generation of young people who have been raised believing that "everyone has the right to think and be and choose what they want to be ... except YOU if you if you don't agree with ME ... then you have no right to that opinion."

Idaho Falls, ID

To RobRaven

How do you see homosexual marriage fitting into the Plan of Salvation? God created your physical body to be a man. He made you that way. Human physical bodies weren't created to accommodate homosexual relations. Isn't it like just giving up/giving in to allow oneself to submit to lusts. I am married. Do I frequently feel powerful attractions to others outside my marriage? Yes! It's human nature to be attracted. Do we just allow ourselves to fall into the mess of sin because "we were born that way"? I was born with an incredible sweet tooth. Know what I would look like if I just threw up my hands and said , God made me this way so it's OK to indulge? Resisting attractions, impulses and appetites is a life-long project. Don't give up so soon on resisting what isn't ultimately good for you.

I think the Youngs are doing something charitable and good for society and for the church. We still need to recognize that we are all imperfect and need to strive for righteousness.

Pocatello, ID

The LDS Church is one of the few religious bastions where political correctness has not worked, where leaders did not have to try to explain why they believe in the Bible but give priesthood to women and allows gays to marry.

I am libertarian regarding what people choose to do with one another, right up until they call me a bigot for not believing in what they believe.

If the prophet announces that Gay marriage will be supported by the Church I'll support it to. But this reverse change, from the pews of faraway church buildings that start to guilt life-long members into changing their beliefs will only make the membership more stoic and more resolved.


God loves all of his children yes, but he does not make mistakes and put a female spirit on a male body or viceversa. Have the Young read what President Kimball said in the miracle of forgivenss about what he calls "the crime against nature"?.

Beverly Hills, CA

To my fellow LDS, we are all sinners and beggars before God. Jesus commanded that we love one another, not find reasons to justify hate and discrimination. Steve Young is Brigham Young's most famous descendant, it is great that he is leading on this issue,

I am LDS, Temple recommend holder, multiple callings in my ward, 100% home teaching record and supporter of equal rights. Yes, I can be all those things.

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

To those that believe the Church will one day hold homosexual temple sealings I say don't hold your breath. What are the main points of doctrine that separate the LDS Church from others? The Book of Mormon and continuing revelation to present day prophets are two. The restoration of the Priesthood and keys are others. Oh, and the bit about eternal families, gender being an eternal principle, as man is God once was, etc. This part of our doctrine cannot change and the Church continue to exist. That would mean Joseph Smith was mistaken in all of those revelations. It would mean the LDS Church is not distinct from other Christian churches. So that being the case, why are you urging the Church to allow such things rather than going to another Church? Because in the end that is all it would be.

1.96 Standard Deviations


To add to your comment, gender was also part of pre-mortality. If we are a man now, we were a man in pre-mortality, and will continue being a man in post-mortality. Same goes for women. The proclamation to the world about the family mentioned the following: "Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose."

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

I'm not sure here, but I believe chastity is between one man and one woman married to each other. All other forms of intimacy are considered serious sin.
That said, I couldn't quote chapter and verse.
So, that leaves the matter open for discussion.
That's what it has come to and that's what the GBLTs will push to the very limit.
Give them an inch...

New to Utah

Steve and Barbara Young are examples of those who like other politicians find a way to be politically correct. They realize as prominent celebrities that they would avoid the targeting and abuse dished out to those faithful LDS families who supported Prop 8. They could also remain in good graces with Hollywood and the California liberal elite. My kudo's go to those in the trenches who were targeted, vilified and even lost their jobs for defending marriage and being compassionate to gays and lesbians in supporting Prop 8.

Layton, UT

I just feel more confusion when I read about this topic. I read about many members who think they know, but then there are those that quote older prophets and such, and wonder. The statements from the brethren focus on behavior but they don't really give us a good idea how to cope with the day to day mental war.

Christ said that those that looked upon a woman to lust after her already committed adultery in their hearts. So are thoughts that are homosexual not sins, but thoughts that are heterosexual sins?

I often struggle to know why at such a young age, I was predisposed to love something so contrary to God's ideal plan. I chock it up to being a fallen man.

I don't trust the material coming from secular sources at all. Their casual attitudes about every type of behavior, I found to be entirely unacceptable for a spiritual life. But I feel like there are these gaping holes in my own understanding and how I am to live with myself.

So who do I trust, when I can hardly trust my own mind and everyone claims they know what God wants...

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

That said, we want those with same sex attraction to come to Church and partake of the doctrine. I have homosexual friends. I'm just saying changing the doctrine of the Church in this case will not happen or the Church ceases to exist. This is not the same as African Americans and the Priesthood because it goes to the very core of the Church's doctrine whereas 1978 did not.

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

Okay, here is my take on all of this:

I grew up in DC, a town that has a large gay community.

I spent six months in the gay bars and in the gay community in preparation for a thesis I wrote about the whole nature/nurture thing for a college class. Here is what I found.

1. There was a group who were gay because it was considered at the time wrong and on the edge of society and these men and women got a thrill out of "doing wrong." Some of them did it to hurt their parents, friends, etc.

2. There was a group who had difficulty with their lives. They were not successful in marriage, business, family and suddenly "realized" they were gay and jumped into the lifestyle as the fix to the problem.

3. One group either didn't want to be gay but lived the life anyway or liked being gay and was content with their choice. It was this group that seemed truly "hardwired" to be gay.

4. The last group had unusual home life, overbearing or abusive moms, wives, etc.

There was no one answer to the "nature vs nature" question.

Logan, UT

Lehi's dream and the spacious building; Did Lehi ever climb up there to preach or make them feel better about themselves? Where is the line between loving and accepting gays and doctrine? Everyone is a child of God. He will judge, not me. The church has been very accepting of gays. Are we looking to be accepted or helping others feel accepted? Can gay Mormons accept that I believe in the proclamation on the family and that guides my beliefs. Most gay (Mormons) in these settings seem to be looking not only to be accepted, but told what they do is not considered sinful. Many have lobbied for the Supreme Court overturning DOMA, California's prop 8 and participate in gay pride parades. We have living prophets and if u want my respect and acceptance it goes both ways.That's usually where the friction comes in. I sin too, but I'm not openly opposing what the church has said and what we hold dear. Don't ask me to relax my standards or Gods word so you feel better. I'm staying out of that tall and spacious building. But come on down and we'll talk.

Mesa, AZ


"Sometime in the not too distant future, there will be a federal lawsuit filed against the LDS Church demanding it open its temples to all who want to be married there, regardless of gender attraction and actions."

The only way possible that could happen would be for someone who is gay and a member of the church to file the suit. If a group or person from the outside where to file the suit, it would be tossed out by the courts because they would not have standing. However, I do not think the government would interfere with the religious beliefs of the church since marriage between a man and a woman is part of the LDS religious doctrine and is not a policy. The beliefs can be upheld by the scriptures. If it should turn out however that the government does force the LDS Church to open the temples to same sex marriages then the country has lost the first amendment and a second civil war would break out.

Go 273 river miles
Draper, UT

Love the sinner, not the sin. Gays want more than just equal rights. It’s a choice. I’m not a bigot just because I don’t share your point of view. We love our gay brothers and sisters. Civil unions should be good enough. That was me two years ago. My opinion was borrowed from those around me….and then my son told me he is gay.
The church’s current position: It’s not a choice, that the population is 2.4% gay and 1.2% lesbian, love all. So, a ward of 500 should have 18 LGBT’s and a YM/YW organization of 80 youths should have about 3 LGBT’s.
If we love and accept them, where are they? The adults have been so persecuted that they have thrown in the towel and the kids are hiding in abject fear that their peers and parents will discover them.
"Good" LDS families are throwing their LGBT kids out. They commit suicide at rates well beyond national averages. Brothers and sisters, we are failing our LGBT brothers and sisters. Thank you Steve and Barb Young.

Cambridge, MA

To "Vladhagen" according to the church policy manuals, you can be a member of a member of the LGBT and enjoy full fellowship and ordinances in the church, except where somebody has had a sex change operation. A LGBT person will be required to live by the same standards that any other member would have to live by. You don't find that sort of equality out there in politics. Those that have had sex change operations are now allowed into the temple, which makes sense because of some gender specific portions of the temple ceremony. The other part that may be sticky is that when getting a temple recommend you are asked if you belong to or support groups that are anti-LDS.

1.96 Standard Deviations


There are some absolutes in the plan of salvation, and one of those is that eternal marriage is between man and woman. Saying this is a living church and that a new revelation can come to allow a man and a man to be sealed for all eternity (married) in the temple is a false hope and a twisted concept of what the living church means. The Brethren have made this crystal clear and have emphasized the importance of opposite genders needed to be part of marriage.

Nephi gloried in plainness, and I believe it is important to be plain regarding this subject. In short, a man and a man (or woman and woman) are never going to be married in the temple together. The scriptures teach to not ask for these which ye ought not, and eternal marriage between the same gender is one of those things you shouldn't be asking for.

Just remember, when God created the world, it was Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. A woman, Eve, was a help, meet (appropriate) for Adam. God did not create Steve to be a help, meet for Adam. It is man and woman.

sandy, ut

Why are people so concerned with what sexual orientation somebody else is? I don't agree with homosexuals, I don't support it, but I am not against it either. Why spend so much time fighting against them. to me it is like anything else: if 2 consenting adults want to do it why should I be able to tell them no. It doesn't harm me, or affect anybody but the 2 involved in the relationship. It is like alcohol or smoking or gambling - it may be immoral, but if somebody else wants to do it, then they can. That doesn't mean I have to do it, it doesn't even mean I have to agree with it. It means they have a right to do it, just as I have the right not to.

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