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Published: Saturday, Sept. 14 2013 9:15 p.m. MDT

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Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Good teams will make adjustments in week two. BYU will be fine up front. Hill and the offense will put up some big numbers on the Utes. Look at what the Beavers did in the first half, in SLC of all places. BYU is much better then OSU. Utah is way overrated by their fans. The national experts have it right. Utah should be be ranked, even if they pull out a win tonight.

Mcallen, TX

Pressure on the utes. Lose to BYU, and no bowl game this year.

Can't four after that.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

sorry. that should have been....NOT ranked.


BYU won't play another team this year that has athletes as good as Texas. But, obviously great coaching and player commitment can make a big difference as it did in the BYU-Texas game.

I expect the Utes to bring it, especially since they lost a close one to OSU and I do believe they are better coached than Texas with better player commitment. In spite of Travis Wilson's three interceptions against OSU he is a very good quarterback. It will be a fun game to watch, go Cougars!

West Jordan, Utah

Yes it's a legit question (BYU's O-line holding up that is) but Oregon State had a make shift line that held up fine on Utah's D-line. So questions abound for both Utah and BYU on the line.

The rivalry games are never predictable and for me, I have no idea what to think.

Utah has held together with their defense for years while having a poor offense. Now with Erickson and Travis Wilson getting Utah to put up points, it's the defense that is shaky. Go figure.

As for BYU, their defense has been outstanding the last two seasons (relatively out of the norm for them) and their offense terrible in that time until last week.

Think about it. BYU has been losing games 7-6 (like Boise State) while Utah for example, loses 51-48 tonight. It's trippy. The latter score reminds me of BYU vs. San Diego State games in the mid 1990s.

Too bad for us Utah fans that we couldn't have had an offense the last 4 years when our defense carried us. For BYU, what would their record have been last year if they could have scored a few points?

Salt Lake City, UT

Pressure on the Cougars. With Texas losing by a big margin again, the Cougars realize that they didn't beat a good team this year. Their showing against Virginia reflects reality.

Springville, UT

Utah is a solid team. Wilson is a very legitimate quarterback. This is not going to be an easy game.

The strategy Utah will likely take is easy: Stack the box against the run and force Taysom Hill to beat them with his arm. I don't think Taysom can do it, which then brings this article to the forefront. If the O-line can dominate again, BYU will impose the new found run. If not, the Utes will stop the option run.

Go BYU!!

North Salt Lake, UT

"Pressure on the utes. Lose to BYU, and no bowl game this year."

Even if they beat BYU, the Utes are still staring at a 5-7 season at best. The Oregon State game was supposed to be a "W". Washington State no longer looks like a gimme, Colorado is a better team this season than when they beat Utah in SLC, and USC showed yesterday they are quite capable of dominating when they put their minds to it.

That leaves Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona and Arizona State. I don't see the Utes doing better than 2-7 in the PAC-12 this season.

Layton, UT

Playing a PAC12 schedule gives the Utes a national ranking. UCLA next! Go Utes.

West Jordan, UT

"With Texas losing by a big margin again, the Cougars realize that they didn't beat a good team this year. Their showing against Virginia reflects reality."

Actually, reality is most likely somewhere in between. Texas showed last night that it has MAJOR issues, and this will be Mack Brown's last season with with Longhorns, if he even makes it to the end of the season. So, yes, BYU's win over Texas is not as impressive as it might have been. However, their performance at Virginia is not indicative either, given that it was the first game of the season with a completely new offensive systems, and was played in extremely poor field conditions, with a two hour storm delay between the 1st and 2nd quarters. Neither game is what you would consider to "typical". The real Cougars are somewhere in between: spectacular defense but the offense still needs a lot of work.

Frisco, TX

@ekute - "Playing a PAC12 schedule gives the Utes a national ranking."

Really? Please show me where they are nationally ranked. I think you're reminiscing about 2008.

The O line still has a long way to go, but the Utes D didn't look great against Oregon St. I suspect the O line will be just fine against the Utes, opening big holes for Williams, Hill and Lasike.

Layton, UT

Big game for the y this week.

Important Southern Division game in 2 weeks for the Utes!

Aurora, CO

The offensive line is going to be fine this week. Not as dominant as the Texas game but sufficient to handle the Utes.

The big question I have is how does that quarterback efficiency thing work?

Wilson looked to have a pretty good passing game against Oregon State and Hill had (what I thought to be a fairly poor passing game against Texas yet the passing efficiency was:

Wilson 89.3
Hill 94.3

Here's the formula:

Passer Rating {NCAA} = 8.4 x YDS + 330 x TD + 100 x COMP - 200 x INT all divided by the number of attempts.

It looks to me that they are pretty even as passers.

Factor in their running ability and BYU has a huge advantage at the quarterback position.

The crystal bass says---

BYU 42-14 over the Utes

Goooooo Cougars!!!

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Utah since the 90's has always given BYU a game despite however the rest of the season has gone. I don't recall any blowout victories recently for BYU. This year feels different with everything clicking, playing in Provo and having the extra week to prepare.

Utah's defense isn't stopping BYU anymore than Texas did. Load the box and Hoffman sets two or three BYU records (he is nearing six all-time BYU records) Saturday. Spread out the Defense and Williams, Hill or both set records. BYU has all the weapons on offense they have lacked during the last three years.

BYU's defense isn't going to let Wilson have time to throw. The crowd will be loud. The Utes will make mistakes. The Utes couldn't establish what they wanted to do on offense at home against a woeful defense for an entire quarter. Its going to be a whole lot worse for the running Utes in Provo facing KVN and company.

taylorsville, UT

BYU threw 9-26 against Texas, The only thing BYU you did was run.

Utah has been great at stopping the run in the two games that mattered (utah st, orgen st), but the pass game from mannion and Keeton where the main things that killed them.

Oregon State doesnt have much of a run game, But they threw for over 400 yards.
Utah state has both, Keeton is a much better QB then Hill (he has an arm and legs) Utah had a hard time containing him, but did stop him.
All utah has to do to win this game is force Hill to throw the ball, then they should come away with a victory.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

I'm trying to be objective about this. One close loss to a bad team under surreal circumstances. One dominating game over a team of very talented players but with terrible coaches.

Both games do not serve as an accurate meter for measuring BYU's potential either way. But I believe that the seniors will do what it takes to win this one.

What, no comments from Chris B.? Usually he is the first to post. He must be off licking his wounded pride today.

Richmond, VA

@ Steven S Jarvis,

..."BYU's defense isn't going to let Wilson have time to throw. The crowd will be loud. The Utes will make mistakes. The Utes couldn't establish what they wanted to do on offense at home against a woeful defense for an entire quarter. Its going to be a whole lot worse for the running Utes in Provo facing KVN and company."

I sure hope you're right, but you know and I know that we've been heartbroken way too many times before because of comments like yours that didn't pan out. The consequences after if we don't win is always very brutal and painful to endure. Please think about that!

Go Cougars! Good luck Utes too after Sept. 21st!

Lindon, UT

I love how after beating an overrated Utah State and Weber High School, Ute fans were all jacked about how good they are this year. Well last night, reality set in. Utah could realistically lose 6-8 of their next 8 games.

St George, Utah

My observations:
#1- The Utah defense is strong against the run, particularly on the edges. The interior D-line and MIddle Linebackers are vulnerable and I think BYU will take advantage of it.
#2- Utah's secondary is a definite weak spot. I think utah wil be loading the box all night and will make Hill beat them through the air. I guarantee you BYU has taken advantage of the bye week to improve the pass game.
#3- Travis Wilson is dangerous on his feet. And can throw well enough, but makes bad decisions. I think that cougar defense will be playing contain and will likely have a backer spying on Wilson all night long. The cougar pass rush is much better than Oregon St. BYU will not give up more than 21pts to the Utes.
#4- Utah's running game is struggling, and will be facing one of the best rushing defenses in the country.
#5- Utah has a strong passing game. BYU's secondary will be tested.

Both teams have glaring weaknesses. BYU having 2 weeks to prepare, momentum from the Texas beat down & home field advantage, will win this game. MARK THAT DOWN. BYU-31 Utah-16

Marysville, WA

Thoughts on at what point in the season Utah fans will start calling for KWitt's head? I give it three games (three losses) from now.

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