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Published: Friday, Sept. 13 2013 4:30 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

How telling it is that the media only talks about how terrible Texas is, and not how good byu is.

I wonder if it has something to do with what a go fast go hard offense did to Virginia. Oregon 59 Virginia 10

Byu really should have tried to go fast and hard, that seemed to be the key.

And in little over a week byu will just have completed the 0-4 career winless steak for Hoffman, van noy, an others against their rival.

And your rival will be 4-0 and ranked in the top 25.

By the way, where are the quest shirts?

Or were they not ready before Virginia? New low of just 6 hours for this seasons quest?

Las Vegas, NV

I think most BYU fans are taking the Texas win in good perspective.Yes, it was a great win against a perennial college football powerhouse program with the 2nd most wins in college football history and has the highest valuation of any college football team in the country. It was also the first victory BYU has had against a ranked team since 2009, so it's a great win to have and something to be excited about. But we have a whole season ahead of us and (like I said) most BYU fans understand that, so a feeling of cautious optimism is in place. I don't expect BYU to do what they did to Texas in the remaining games left on schedule, but that Texas game did show that BYU's running game is a formidable weapon and I'm sure the teams BYU will face recognize that. If their passing game picks up as well, BYU will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. We will see if momentum is built from the Texas win.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

BYU showed an element that had been missing for quite some time on the offensive side of the ball--passion for what they were doing. Honestly, that is why Utah has beat the Y three straight. If BYU plays with that same level of intensity the whole season will be exciting to watch.

Um Chris....

Y so Serious?

In one week the Utes are going to have to play the most passionate BYU offense they have seen since 2009. Hope Utah will be 3-0. BYU is going to put on a clinic in just over one week and we don't have to hear from you again (at least as Chris B).

Salt Lake City, UT


"It was also the first victory BYU has had against a ranked team since 2009,..."

Not true; BYU beat #16/#17 Utah State in 2012.


Poor chrissy, still in denial about BYU complete domination of Texas.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Ufan

"Not true; BYU beat #16/#17 Utah State in 2012."

Actually Utah State finished the 2012 season ranked 16/17, but Utah State wasn't ranked at the time they played BYU in early October of last year. The Texas victory was the first team that BYU beat that was presently ranked at the time they beat them.


Texas played like they really didn't care about playing a meaningless non-conference game in Provo.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Texas played like Alabama played in a runner up bowl game a few years back...



@Mark321 - yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Same team, same players, same years of experience, same coaches, same playbook, same starters, same backups...but BYU's victory over USU was not as impressive because pollsters didn't have a full season to make a proper judgment. Fact is, BYU played and beat the 16th or 17th best team in the nation.

I'll also give you that BYU's victory over Texas will mean much less if Texas doesn't step up and show they're worthy of a ranking. If they end up being the 58th ranked team at the end of the season, then BYU just whipped a 58th ranked team, nothing more.

Rankings are worthless before about 5 games into the season.

Palo Alto, CA


"Actually Utah State finished the 2012 season ranked 16/17, but Utah State wasn't ranked at the time they played BYU in early October of last year."

LOL at the inconsistency of Utah fans. Utah fans refuse to give BYU credit for beating then #3-ranked Pittsburgh in 1984 or then #3-ranked Oklahoma in 2009 or then #16-ranked Oregon State in the 2009 Las Vegas Bowl because none of those teams were ranked at the end of the season, but BYU is also not given credit for beating Utah State, which finished the season ranked #16/#17, because Utah State wasn't ranked at the time.

Here's a clue: the ONLY ranking that matters is the FINAL ranking.

It's understandable why our friends on the hill are trying minimize BYU's win over Texas. 2008 is quickly fading and the Utes haven't had a win over an AP Top 25 team since the Sugar Bowl.

Las Vegas, NV

@ mussingaround

Easy now bro, don't cannibalize fellow BYU fans. Read this from my initial comment:

"But we have a whole season ahead of us and (like I said) most BYU fans understand that...."

Why would I use "we" or "us" if I was not a BYU fan? All I'm doing is giving accurate information, which is that BYU has now beaten a presently ranked team when kickoff started for the first time since the Oregon State win in the Las Vegas bowl in 2009. I'm not discrediting the USU win from last year, that was a good win by us. The best win we've had all of last year. In defense of Utah fans though, they did beat one top 25 team (at least at the time they played them) since there Alabama victory in January of 2009, and that team was #25 BYU last year. In that same stretch from January 2009 to present, BYU has beaten 4 top 25 teams at the time they played them. Those teams were Oklahoma, Utah, Oregon State, and now Texas. I forgive you for the misunderstanding but read carefully next time. I'm a BYU fan.

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