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Published: Friday, Sept. 13 2013 1:50 p.m. MDT

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Wasilla, AK

@ Chris B

Chris, I have been reading your comments at the end of Deseret News articles for years. At first your posts were annoying to me. Then they were were just a nuisance. Now I find myself looking forward to hearing what you are going to say, and I look for them. The anti-BYU ones still seem pointed just to be obnoxious, but I usually find myself laughing or looking for what truth there is in them. As a Cougar fan from birth, I rarley agree you about the sports articles, but I have certainly gained respect for you being willing to openly state your opinion and hold true to what you believe. This is especially true on the non-BYU football articles. Your comments are for cause introspection. Thank you. I look forward to reading your comments for the years to come. Go Cougars (and Oregon State this week).


Count me as one who doesn't always return, offer greetings. I get in my own world and often see someone with my eyes, but not my brain. And I am a very warm and fuzzy person. Robert Anai lived in our ward and gave a talk and asked the ward members to please not talk to him about football in Church. I imagine the coaches get inundated with advice givers, good old boys and inside information seekers. I am loving these insights on both Kyle and Bronco.

let's roll

Another good data point regarding the leadership of the football program at the Y. I said last year when KVN and CH decided to stay for another year that those decision spoke volumes about how the young men view their coach and the experience they are having at the Y.

Ogletree's respect for his former coach is yet another testament that the program is in good hands.

BTW, Ogletree's time at the Y clearly included some quality time in the classroom. The young man presents his thoughts in a clear and thoughtful manner. He is a talented writer.


As Brandon mentioned at the end of the article, Bronco Mendenhall is now perfect. He is a flawed human. Why do you focus on the negative sides of people rather than the positive? Don't judge him because he sins differently than you, you would've sweated that Utah fan too if you were him.

Clearfield, UT

Kudos to Bronco for refusing to vilify coach Crowton. I wish I could say the same for BYU fans who always seem so eager to throw others under the bus. I am disappointed that Bronco doesn't display the same loyalty to his coaching staff as coach Edwards did. In his defense he is the head coach and does have the right to choose who he retains.

Murray, UT

I have been told on multiple occasions that my face always looks grumpy. I think that Bronco can often have this same effect. I had a neighbor who was offended for several weeks until we were able to talk it out with them. It seems that they drove past and waved. I did not return the wave (did not see it either). Could it be that Bronco may have not seen the wave. Seems silly to dislike him for this reason. My guess is the neighbor is looking for a reason to dislike him. You get what you look for.

Next Suspenders boy goes out of his way looking for Bronco in the heat of emotion and you want to cast him off for showing intense emotion. I vote to Keep Bronco. I LOVE what he is doing for the program. GO COUGARS!


There's a problem when you write quality pieces like this Brandon. You start to lose your triceps and deltoids. That's o.k. tree. Great job. I love reading your pieces.

The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

I have my own experience. A few years ago I travelled 3 hours North to Albuquerque to catch the fireside. I was really excited to meet some of the players, but most of all I really wanted to meet Bronco and shake his hand.

The fireside itself was not "neato and awesome," but rather marginal. They tried to sing "Armies of Helaman" and sounded pretty bad, like preisthood opening exercises. The talks were okay, but not super inspiring. Manase Tonga talked about having to turn his attitude around and fix his grades, but I didn't feel anything (probably my own problem I know). Bronco's talk was mostly about how much he enjoyed his time at UNM and how this chapel held the very first of these firesides and only a handful of people attended. That night it was packed and I had to stand at the back near the stage in the cultural hall. However, it was not that awe-inspiring of a message. Nice but not to powerful for me.


Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Perhaps we could all pause and take a brief look in the mirror? How do we measure up?

The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

So after the fireside, they invited everyone to go outside to visit the team and coaches. When I went out, there were hoards surrounding him trying to get his autograph. So I waited. I got to talk to Lance Reynolds for a bit, and he was a little down because of the struggles of that year. He also made some comments that indicated off-field focus and discipline difficulties. He really sounded like a concerned parent, and I thought that was cool.

I went on the grass to get in line, but there was no line. Parents and kids were just pushing and shoving to get pens and paraphenalia in Bronco's face expecting a signature, and were so rude and obnoxious, I thought. But Bronco took each one, smiling, and graciously fulfilled every request. After 45 minutes of constant cutting in front of me, and my wife getting impatient, I finally said while he was signing, "Coach I just wanted to thank you for the great job you're doing. You've turned it around." He paused, looked up into my eyse, stuck out his hand and said, "Thank you. That means a lot."

He's a good man!

Riverton, UT

Thanks for this inspiring article about a great football coach and person! As fans, we rarely receive personal information about the people on the field.

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