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Published: Thursday, Sept. 12 2013 6:30 p.m. MDT

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Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

ekute thinks the Utes are a top fuel dragster going 300 mph. Good one ek.

Hyrum, UT

@ There You Go Again:

And there you go again... making comparisons to BYU when this article is strictly about Utah.
But since you started this "not once" stuff regarding whether Utah is worthy of it's conference membership, lets add one more...

Not even once has Utah beaten a conference member with a winning record, since joining up. Not at home, not on the road. Ouch!

@ Mister J:

BYU is not living off of past accomplishments. That's strictly your take. In fact, they've been busy building new accomplishments on the national level with what they did to Texas last game, and continuing with what they will be doing to Utah next game. Stay tuned.

Nobody should let Chris B read this article. He will be heartbroken to find out Utah has mostly picked over 2 and 3 star recruits, left over from the California schools who continue dominating the conference year in and year out. All this time, he's been bragging as if Utah has had the best in the land highest star recruits. Let's play nice and not burst his bubble.

let's roll

This Cougar fan wishes the Utes the best of luck in the PAC-12.

While the article points out a few keys to their recruiting (Poly kids, LDS kids, kids playing out of position in HS), it overlooked one big one--stability in the coaching staff.

When there are 3-5 head coaches in the conference getting fired every year, Utah will set itself apart if it maintains stability in its coaching staff. Kids want to know who will be coaching them and look favorably on staffs that have been intact for a few years. Getting their OC situation stabilized will help.

While Utah won't ever get the recruiting classes that go to the California school, I expect them to be in a PAC-12 championship game within the next five years. You only have to finish first in a 6 team division and with two of those team being habitually non-competitive its really only a four team division.

As Utah showed in its first year, with favorable inter-Division scheduling (USC plays OR and Stanford, Utah does not), you can win the Division with a mediocre season.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Wow! The Cougars jumped on this as soon as they smelled blood. Let us take care of OSU Saturday and then we'll settle things on the field next week.

Hyrum, UT

@ ekute:

Since the Utes are yet to win even a single conference game against an opponent with a winning record, your analogy to car racing would more closely resemble the Utes puttering around like a Studebaker in a lower gear while the faster cars in the race have starting lapping them.
Until they can do that and at least start competing in the upper half of the conference (instead as a cellar contender each year), your comparison to "a top fuel dragster" is truly quite comical.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Duckhunter and all you other Cougar fans: I find it ironic and somewhat hypocritical of you to jump on the bandwagon criticizing the Utes recruiting and saying they can't compete in the Pac 12 as a result while the Cougar faithful claim the goal of a national title while being soundly beaten by the Utes in recruiting. So if the Ute's recruiting is really so bad that we can't compete in the Pac 12, how do the Cougars ever hope to sniff a national title again with recruiting that is even lower grade?

Bakersfield, CA

Didn't I make this same argument a couple of weeks ago?

The player Utah will get is the kid that wants to play in the PAC 12 but doesn't want to sit on the bench for 2 years waiting their turn. These will be mostly skill players.

From a college football fan perspective, the state of Utah is in a great position to see all kinds of football. For the first time (maybe ever) we have 3 different conferences/affiliation to watch! Look at all the great teams coming into the state!

Including: Texas, Georgia Tech, Boise State (2), Oregon St., UCLA, Stanford, AZ St., Colo. Colo. St., Hawaii & Wyo. Thats a pretty good group of games coming to the Wasatch front. We are indeed fortunate.

The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

When the question was asked on the first page about how Utah can compete with Cali schools, I thought to myself, "Just keep on doing what you've been doing: get overlooked recruits and coach them into position." That is KW's strength in my opinion and why Utah sometimes puts together a great team. Sometimes they will struggle, but they will always be good, and sometimes great.

The other thing that Utah can exploit is going to other states where kids are looking to get out to a big conference school, like Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota, New Mexico, etc. Granted some of those places they will get the second tier, because the first tier is going to BYU (like idaho), but they could really exploit that.

As an honest Coug fan, I believe Utah will be fine and one day compete well in the PAC. Once they do, they will get better recruits, but that is when it gets tricky trying to balance what works with new recruiting power.

Utah will be fine, and my Cougs are fine!

St Louis, MO

Does anyone else find it funny how desperately certain Ute fans cling to the 54-10 debacle? Yep; that was horrific for Y fans and no-doubt delightful for Ute fans. But if that's your freshest memory of any kind of meaningful success or your claim to athletic superiority, I'd say you need a hug. The glorious move to the PAC 10+(-2) is two years in the rearview mirror and you're still pounding your chests over an early 2011 blowout of an overrated, irrelelvant team of pasty, scripture-quoting, 0-2 star athletes that no major conference wants. Well . . congratulations? Is that the right thing to say? It doesn't feel right for some reason.

Hyrum, UT

@ Mormon Ute:

I guarantee that it's only you and fellow Ute trolls who somehow feel that Utah "soundly beats" BYU when it comes to recruiting. There are recruits each and every year that both schools tried for that the other got. I've been following each announcement for quite awhile and know that to be an absolute fact. You win some and you lose some.
Hard core fans on both sides sometimes get selective memories that sometimes causes them to forget about the ones that got away to the other school. That might be what you're currently suffering from.

It's what the programs do with who they have that ultimately counts the most. You had the chance to see last week just how highly BYU can perform with their level of recruits. They got a lot of national attention for solidly taking out a national top 15 program. Only the Ute trolls keep trying to minimize that accomplishment. Perhaps what happens in 8 days will finally make believers out you.

So until then, please save your feelings of irony and hypocrisy for a more genuine and legitimate subject.

The Warrior Ute

Of course it's going to be tough competing in the PAC 12. That's why it's called the conference of champions.

Utah will have it's ups and downs and that's ok. Year in and year out they'll have a chance to play the best of the best and to play in great bowl games.

Being invited to the PAC 12 was a dream come true and Im know Utah fits perfectly with the other programs. I love it! GO UTES!

Zona Zone
Mesa, AZ

As an ASU fan and alum, let me chime in and say ASU should beat out Utah in most recruiting battles. I think visits to Tempe and Salt Lake would make Tempe the more appealing option to the vast majority of recruits. Why? Weather, location, entertainment (all four major sports and Mill Avenue) and all the pretty girls in Tempe. Our tradition is not as good as USC or UCLA's, but it's just as strong as Utah's. I know, I know. Two BCS bowls for Utah. ASU was within one drive of winning the national championship in the '97 Rose Bowl and you have to taken into consideration that Utah looked completely lifeless last year. So in the Pac-12 South, I think Utah is at best the fourth option for recruits. It's probably a better choice than Colorado, and it has an advantage over Tucson because, well, one visit to Tucson and most sensible people scramble away as quickly as possible.

South Jordan, UT

@ Tators

While I agree that the assertion that Utah "soundly beats" BYU in recruiting may be a bit of an over statement, it is not entirely inaccurate. In fact, if you take the recruiting classes over the past five years of BYU and Utah an compare them side to side, it is clear that Utah is winning the recruitment battle. Here is how the last five recruiting classes stack up:

Utah 44
BYU 70

Utah 28
BYU 61

Utah 37
BYU 62

Utah 32
BYU 40

Utah 44
BYU 50

It seems to me that you might be suffering from some of that "selective memory" you accuse others of. Perhaps you should save some of your indignation for a more genuine and legitimate subject. Or better yet, maybe you can save comments about BYU's recruiting for a BYU article.

Syracuse, UT


"I guarantee that it's only you and fellow Ute trolls who somehow feel that Utah "soundly beats" BYU when it comes to recruiting."

BYU has averaged an 80.76 recruiting score over the past three seasons according to 247 Sports. This equates to a low 3 star athlete (80 thru 89 = 3 stars). Utah has averaged a little higher athlete with a 84.28 average over the same three year period which equates to a mid 3 star athlete. Not a lot of difference? 3.52 points per athlete seems to be quite a difference. That same gap added to Utah would rank the Utes second behind only USC's 92.93.

Since most of the posts for this PAC-12 Utah article are from obsessed Cougar fans let me point out that the Utes have 17 players in the NFL compared to USU's 6 and BYU's 5. Apparently there is somewhat of a correlation between recruit rankings and talent.

The key to being able to compete week after week against BCS talent is depth. The Utes coaching staff has made this a priority. QB depth hurt Utah during the first two PAC-12 seasons. The future is bright.


Highland, UT

@mormon ute

LOL at your calls of hypocrisy. BYU fans are certainly not the hypocrites here, BYU fans are not the ones that get on here making claims that you have to get highly rated recruits to be any good, it is utah "fans" doing that. But for some reason utah "fans" exempt their own team from that requirement and claim that it is all about "developing" thier "diamonds in the rough" that for some reason only utahs coaches are capable of finding and developing. If anyone else signs an "under the radar" kid then he simply "is what he is" and has no hope of ever being any more than that.

I know it causes you angst to have BYU fans point out and highlight the inconsistencies, if not downright hypocrisy, in the utah "fan" comments and mindset, but it is a lot of fun for the rest of us to point it out and then witness the angst filled replies.


I think we'll be fine. Look at what 4 & 5 star recruits have done for Texas and USC lately. Not to mention the disappointment that is Tennessee and Cal almost every year. I will take a good coach who can recruit players that play well within his scheme any day.

Syracuse, UT


"LOL at your calls of hypocrisy. BYU fans are certainly not the hypocrites here, BYU fans are not the ones that get on here making claims that you have to get highly rated recruits to be any good, it is utah "fans" doing that."

LOL! I was just reading posts from Y "fans" on a basketball article. Apparently basketball is exempt from your claims that BYU "fans" don't get caught up in comparing recruit ratings and rankings? Is in because BYU is currently getting higher recruits in basketball, while Utah is getting the higher recruits in football?

Hypocrisy: The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform.

Bottom line, fans are fans. It goes both ways.

What I can't understand is why there are so many negative posts from BYU "fans" on U of U PAC-12 articles. I know the majority of fans from our state were disappointed when Utah was invited without BYU to the PAC-12. I was hoping BYU would be invited instead of Colorado but I understand the reasoning why they weren't. Move forward. Why not wish the best for all Utah programs?

Murray, UT

Here’s how Doug would have advised various U.S. Presidents throughout history:

1860, President Lincoln: By no means start a war with the Southern States. Those boys are tough and you will never win. And do not build the transcontinental railroad. The distance is too far. You will never get it finished.

1940, President Roosevelt: Do not go to war with Japan and Germany. We have one of the smallest militaries in the world and we cannot possibly compete with them. Their recruits are better trained than ours.

1960, President Kennedy: Don’t go to the moon. We don’t have the engineers and scientists to pull it off. It is too difficult. Stay home and be happy with what we have. The people will not support you.

1977, President Carter: Don’t launch Voyager I. It will take 37 years for it to leave the solar system. Do you realize how long that is?

Thank you U of U President Pershing and AD Hill for believing that there are challenges that can be conquered. Go PAC 12. Go Utes!

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

The Warrior Ute

"Of course it's going to be tough competing in the PAC 12. That's why it's called the conference of champions."

Unfortunately for U, the Utes aren't, and NEVER WILL BE, a contributor to the "conference of champions".

When was the last time Utah's men won a national championship in ANY PAC 12 sport?

The unfortunate answer to that question is...



You don't just select "USC, because it's USC" unless you don't really know what you're doing. You select the coach that is going to develop you the best, or the school with the program that you're looking for. This article is short sighted and weak to say the best.

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