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Published: Thursday, Sept. 12 2013 6:30 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

Would you rather watch a top fuel dragster trying to go 300 mph in the quarter mile and fail to hit the mark or a VW trying to 65 mph and hit the mark every time.

Then the fans of the VW proclaim "We're better because we hit our mark every time."

Not to mention what happens when they go head to head.

Go Utes! If we go 130 mph it's less then half way to our goal but it's still twice as good as what the VW did.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

awww come on guys. Why all the doom and gloom? So what if the we have a difficult time recruiting? We'll have some decent teams and have decent records scattered throughout the years.

In the meantime, think of the additional money that will be coming in because of the PAC12. Wouldn't you be willing to give up a few wins for a few million extra every year? I hear the administration is thinking of changing our colors from the traditional red and white to Green and black in honor of the extra Dinero's being banked.

Lehi, UT

Congratulations to the dnews on writing an article about the University of Utah without the seemingly obligatory, "...as for BYU..." part. It's an article about the U. It doesn't need to talk about BYU, and miraculously, it doesn't. I didn't think that was possible. Good job, Robinson.

Now if you could just get your headline folks to read the article before they write the article...

Play Nice
Herriman, UT

Utah's approach to winning is a sad quest. As a representative of Utah the number one priority should be players from Utah. If that is not the case then change the name of the university to University of California Utah campus.

Park City, UT

"The single biggest challenge for the Utes in the Pac-12..."

Misguided arrogance and being a small fish in a big pond.

Utah fans talked tough when the Utes were invited to the PAC, claiming that the Utes could compete with anybody and would be playing for PAC championships, Rose Bowls, and national championships right off the bat.

Now that two straight conference losing seasons have slapped them in the face with reality, they've been forced to resort to whiny excuses for being right where BYU fans said they'd be from the beginning - a middle to bottom of the PAC team, which might occassionally have a break out year in the PAC, but for the most part would be nothing more than a middle-of-the-PAC whipping boy for the big boys of the conference to pad their conference records.

The Utes couldn't even claim a gift-wrapped PAC south when USC was ineligible and the other teams in the division finished below .500. That window of opportunity is now closed as Washington State and Colorado are both improving and the Utes won't even have those two fellow bottom dwellers as gimmies.

Idaho Falls, ID

I agree with Robbie - the utes will always be bottom feeders of the Pac-12.


Another factor to consider is that Utah does not have the warm winter climate that most of the blue-chippers favor. They would rather walk around campus in shorts and flip-flops than trudge through the snow and endure the bitter cold and the delightful temperature inversions that The Hill has to offer.

Utah did not think this through before they jumped into the PAC 10.2. The big boys in the conference invited Utah and Colorado so that they would have enough teams for a conference championship game so that they could try to compete with the SEC. Utah took the bait, and now they will be perennial bottom dwellers.

But, they are in the PAC 10.2!


@ There You Go Again

This article is about Utah competing in the PAC 10.2. Try to stay on point with your comments.

layton, ut

Did the Deseret News just recycle and article from the day Utah got an invite into the PAC? I'm pretty sure I have read this before and heard it before from every Y fan I know. The reality is that Utah can recruit and compete with any team in the conference. Travis Wilson had offers from Zona State, UCLA, and Washington. Hiva Lutui had offers from Michigan, Texas A&M, USC. Utah has and will continue to be successful in its recruiting. Those are just a couple examples. Please keep in mind that these recruit rating websites are incapable of analyzing a potential recruits work ethic and personality traits. In addition K Whitt and Utah have built a national reputation for taking 2 star or walk on players and turning them into first round draft picks and NFL pro bowlers. Pita Tonga saw the light.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Play Nice,

From the article: "The Utes’ recruiting program will continue much the same as always. Utah athletes are the Utes’ biggest recruiting priority, then comes California."

Idaho Falls, ID

Look at the bright side, utah football players will have plenty of down time to study for finals in December.



"BYU has always had to deal with recruiting player that fit the BYU mold, but guess what, they won a NC"

It was a long time ago when they were awarded the NC by beating the worst teams college football had to offer, and not playing one single good team. The rules have been drastically changed so something like could never happen again, because it was ridiculous.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

why the gloom? women's gymnastics rock! judging by their attendance (bigger than basketball) i'm not the only one that thinks so

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Sad story. Brings an even brighter spot light to next Saturday.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"a middle to bottom of the PAC team, which might occassionally have a break out year in the PAC,"

You mean like everybody else in the conference not named Oregon or USC? UW was terrible 5 years ago, and now their program is looking pretty strong. WSU made Rose Bowl appearances in 1998 and 2003. Even Stanford was a joke until about 2008. Just because the Utes have had a rough entry into the PAC, it does not mean they are going to be that way forever. Plus, those "occasional" break-out seasons have the potential to be REALLY special. Far more so than anything Utah could have achieved during the MWC days, which is saying something.

Nobody cheers for Utah because we're national titles contenders. Ute fans come to the games because we're proud of our university and of our state. Plus it's fun to see our team compete against some of the best teams in the country week in and week out. Negative comments from posters like Ute Busters completely miss the mark. Utah is not a whipping boy, it's a school trying to grow and take advantage of a great opportunity.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Haha utah will never compete. Not like us could. Byu would go to PAC and so totally dominate. We all ready win many awards for are recruiting and in PAC we would get anyone we want like always. Usc coaches would ask us how we do it.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Fred Whittingham hit the nail on the head. The "star" system of recruits is hit and miss at best. He is completely correct in identifying how attitudes that an athlete possesses determines his success many times even though his talent level may be high. Jake Heaps is case in point. Yet so is Eric Weddle. Weddle was a two maybe three star recruit. He's now an All Pro. Jake? We'll see, but I'm not sure he will have the same impact in the NFL that Weddle has. I'm a die hard Coug, but I know that the Utes are well coached and will compete in the PAC 12. I think Utah has taken the same tack as BYU in recruiting good kids that maybe don't have the "stars" next their name but will work their tails off to become better players, Chris B's inanities notwithstanding.

Salt Lake City, UT

A great article that explains (indirectly) why BYU has hit its peak and would not do well in a major conference. While it is tough to compete with the California schools, Utah's recruiting HAS improved. As an independent, BYU's recruiting has not (if anything, it has dropped). BYU recruiting would not improve if they moved into a major conference. WAC/MWC/Indy BYU has always recruited the same kids.

When the major conferences split Division One football, BYU will thrive after being left behind. They'll compete for lower division "national titles" year after year against teams like Boise State. ESPN doesn't air a lot of Division Two football games, but the Granite Flats HD truck will ride to the rescue!

Big J
Bountiful, UT

Interesting article but I think the whole premise is flawed. That being; “you can only win with 4 & 5 star recruits and the California schools get most of those recruits.” Utah has proven with two undefeated seasons and BYU with its recent upset win over Texas that this is false.

There is so much talent coming out of high schools and much of it is undeveloped. Paul Kruger, Eric Weddle, and Ziggy Ansah come quickly to mind. There are many other Utes that now draw NFL pay checks who were not recruited by the USC’s of the world.

For those jealous BYU fans, Utah has for the most part been competitive in Football the last two years even though that has not always meant wins. Being competitive means: “being in the games with a chance to win.” Utah is clearly improved this year at QB, O-Line and Line backing over last year’s team. Do I think Utah will run the table? No. They will have a nice season and will keep building to become one of the better teams in the PAC-12.
Go Utes!

AZ Ute
Scottsdale, AZ

Another reason Doug Robinson is my favorite DNews columnist. This entry sums up perfectly my very first thoughts upon hearing the U was joining the PAC-12. He is always spot on in his analysis and obviously does a lot of homework to back it up. The diamonds in the rough have to be Utah's focus - the Eric Weddles and Trevor Reillys of the world don't come around often, but they are out there and it takes a special recruiting talent to see beyond what is to what can be. Grateful we have those kinds of recruiters.

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