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Published: Thursday, Sept. 12 2013 6:30 p.m. MDT

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Highland, UT

Pretty bleak outlook if you take Robinson at his word, and I do. I doubt utah will ever be more than an occasional contender in the pac12. utah "fans" do not like that fact but it is never the less how it will be. Knowing that I wonder how long utah "fans" will pay close attention and actually attend games. Time is going to give us those answers but I doubt utah "fans" of the chris b, naval vet, or gored type will be paying much attention in a few years although they'll always wait for that occasional decent year to hop onto the bandwagon and pretend they never fell off.

Farmington, UT

Ask Arizona how they have fared over the last couple decades in the PAC 12.

This sounds a bit like buyer's remorse; we want in but now we can't compete; quite different from "We're going to the Rose Bowl." But then, the big California schools realize Utah brings nothing to the table (other than forming a 12-team league and even Colorado was invited ahead of Utah) but yet they must slice the pie such that the Utes get a share. The only schools happy Utah are in the league are the bottom feeders, like Washington State, Arizona and Colorado because now they can push Utah to the bottom or close to it. If you don't believe that, why were the Utes picked to finish 5th out of 6 in their division?

I'm not saying the Utes don't thoroughly enjoy the prestige of belonging to the PAC 12, I'm just saying that maybe they don't really merit being there.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Notsosmart and duck

Do you have the same frantic concern over the "no-star" recruiting of your school? You should.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Duck...welcome back!!!

It's good to have you pounding your chest again! We missed you after the UVA fiasco...

Glad you're back...

Utah will be just fine...glad were not a part of the no conference conference... Happy eternal San Diego poinsettia credit union San Diego bowl...it will be yours forever...

And yes, I would rather have a shot at the BIG BOWLS and when I suck, have to sit home.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

re: Ducky, toosmrt, & TJ

Y live in the past its over? What is the point of bringing it up ad naseauam?

Insecurity, perhaps?

Do you really think Miami, CU, Notre Dame, Army, Ga Tech, OU, Clemson, etc... live off past accomplishments?


The U is in the same position as Arizone, ASU and Washington, Washington State and Oregon State. They are a great place for a second tier recruit to go and make a name for himself.

Look at Alex Smith. Second tier recruit out of High School, made the most out of his opportunities at Utah. Compare that to Jake Heaps, who was considered by some to be the best QB recruit his senior year.

As long as Utah stays the course and remains a place where kids can get an opportunity to be successful at the next level, they will continue to attract the level of talent that can compete in the PAC 12.

Roger Jolly
Maricopa, AZ


And as long as the Ute coaching staff can coach them 'up', Ute football will be alright.

Good comment.

Woods Cross, UT

Components of a successful recruiting program might include a bit more than mentioned in the article.

Yes it includes the ability to attract the large star recruits, but also:

1. Program reputation, & hopefully Utah is on the rise.
2. Available Playing time. No fun going to a USC or UCLA if you're sitting on the bench.
3. Strength of Conference. Utah joining the PAC12 has been mentioned by several recent recruits as a decisive factor in their choice.
4. Previous success in players being drafted, a la Star.
5. Quality of the coaching staff & their previous success in launching players into the NFL.
6. Family ties to a program / university.
7. And stars do not always guarantee success, as BYU unfortunately experienced with Heaps.

So yes Rivals stars are fun to see, but the large number of high school programs and the existence of "diamonds in the rough" still provide significant opportunity.

And we know from Coach Whitt that recruitment is high priority.

So recruiting is certainly a challenge for Utah, but recent success in, for example, QB recruitment is a positive sign a system is in place, and Utah's recruiters know how to work it.

Park City, UT

I think MOST of us knew this going in didn't we? We knew it would be tough to recruit against the other schools, but that is part of the fun. Remember, we've had 2 undefeated seasons and 2 BCS bowl wins in the last 10 years, and that was with 3stars as well. It actually makes it more fun when you beat the 4-5 star teams. The Y just beat a Texas team that said they had the #1 and #2 high school running backs or something like that. You don't have to have a team of 5 star recruits to beat the teams that do. That's where coaching comes in. I'm ok staying on the "bandwagon" as I have since the 80's and will support the Utes win or lose. We all have our Ducks, Sammy's and Chris's, but most of us love and support our teams no matter what. Why is that so hard for some to understand. I love having fun with Y fans on here, but I respect them for their passion for their team. Most of us just like to tease one another, but some... well, you know.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...the prestige of belonging to the PAC 12... just saying that maybe they don't really merit being there..."

Not once, in the past two years, has UTAH been destroyed, by 44 points, at home.

Not once, in the past two years, have UTAH players quit, on themselves, while being whipped, by 44 points, at home.

Not once, in the past two years, have UTAH players quit on each other, while being man-handled, by 44 points, at home.

Not once, in the past two years, have UTAH players quit on their coaches, while being beat-down ,by 44 points, at home.

Just saying...maybe the team that certainly does not merit being, in the PAC-12, is one that achieved all, of the above.

Farmington, UT

@ Stringer...No, I don't have any "frantic concern," as we defeated #15 Texas no problem. (Oh, that's right, Texas was crummy, according to U.) I also don't reduce myself to making fun of other's screen names, but I can see why you think it's a clever answer.

@ Hey Baby...Your wish is granted. Having only won 7 of 18 conference games, U will sit home every bowl season. Enjoy. Every year, too....what a bonus....Home for the Holidays!

@ Mister J...I didn't live in the past, unless you think referring to Utah joining the PAC 12 was "past history." Remember, they don't have 8 victories yet in the conference and this is the team that was going to play Oregon in the first year's championship game with a greased schedule but couldn't handle powerhouse Colorado in SLC with Norm Chow as OC. My, what a "Past" Utah has in the PAC 12, huh? Surely all Utes are proud beyond expression. That's ok; it likely won't improve anytime soon. They are Arizona wannabees.

Springville, UT

"In other words, how are the Utes supposed to use two- and three-star recruits to beat five-star recruits?"

I've been asking this question for three years. Several of us knew all along that the Utes would not succeed in the conference as they said they would. It defies all logic.

Since the Utes have yet to beat a PAC10.2 team with a winning record in their glorious conference I'm curious as to their answer to this perplexing question.


Maybe the Utesies should watch that BYU film from last week?


ET Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

I'm sorry to read this. I guess the utes are doomed. Maybe they would have been better to stay in the MWC.


I think most Ute fans were realistic in there expectations coming into the PAC 12. Last year was disappointing. It certainly won't be the last disappointing season the Utes have. But they have some great years ahead of them too. Here's to hoping this year is one of them.

That's the way college football works. After several years of mediocrity Stanford is a force, while UCLA ascends from the basement and USC falls off the cliff. What's exciting as a Ute fan during these first few years in the PAC 12 is watching the U define itself within the context of the PAC 12. I think Utah is well positioned to have several years of success.

My main hope for this year is that Utah can do well so that coach Whit can establish some deeper roots at the U. I would love to see him pull a Tom Osbourne or LaVell Edwards and solidify the winning tradition that the Utes have fought hard for into a long term tradition of success.

Roger Jolly
Maricopa, AZ


Since you like to be 'perplexed', will that team in Provo play in a BCS Bowl this year? Come on Sammyg... tell us! It's your teams last year!

Roger Jolly
Maricopa, AZ

Virginia got destroyed... Texas isn't that good. Frauds!

Roger Jolly
Maricopa, AZ

TCU lost to Texas Tech... playing in a Power Conference is tough, eh Sammyg. But what would you know, your team is second tier. Can't even beat a bottom feeder Pac team.

Roger Jolly
Maricopa, AZ


Syracuse, UT


I've had season tickets for 28 straight years and the majority of the people in my section have been their 20+ years. Your reference to Utah "fans" is typically erroneous.

The University of Utah knew as they entered the PAC-12 that overall depth would be the biggest problem competing week after week with BCS teams. Depth at each position is improving but it takes several recruiting classes to address.

FYI, 247 Sports average recruit score for the past three seasons (2011 - 2013):

1. USC 92.93
2. Stanford 88.51
3. Oregon 87.71
4. UCLA 86.89
5. Cal 86.51
6. Washington 85.31
7. Utah 84.28
8. Arizona St. 83.50
9. Oregon St. 83.22
10. Colorado 82.15
11. Arizona 82.02
12. Washington St. 80.28

Other schools of interest and where they would place in the PAC-12:
BYU 80.76 (11th)
USU 75.06 (12th)
Notre Dame 88.18 (3rd)
Alabama 91.94 (2nd)
Texas 91.21 (2nd)
Boise St. 82.06 (10th)

Utah is currently in the middle of the PAC-12 but could improve their position with a couple of strong recruiting classes.

Go Utes!

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

You know what is real funny to me? To watch BYU fans cycle around like they do...just like in 1984...they beat a few highly ranked teams early (who turned out to be bad teams by the end of the season) and then played whomever's, went undefeated and enjoyed a NC. When you only have a few good opponents each year and play them early, things like this can happen!

Conversely, great programs like to play up! Example, using Cougie logic, why would Missouri leave the friendly confines of the BIG 12 to join the SEC? Think they will knock off LSU, Florida, Alabama anytime soon? Or will they simply become an elite program because they play these folks and SC, Georgia and others weekly? South Carolina is considered elite due to their strength of schedule and quality of play! Not because they win the Poinsetta Bowl against Hawaii every year!

We seem to have different methods and different measuring sticks...

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