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Published: Thursday, Sept. 12 2013 4:45 p.m. MDT

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Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Because he shook his finger at Obama he is a New conservative Hero, if he had said this about Bush, we would be at war with russia of his your Not exceptional comment.

Sad how the Neocons have to love all who would insult Obama.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

I totally disagree with this editorial. The editors did not address the message, instead they attacked the messenger. If any progress is ever to be made, the MESSAGE must be evaluated regardless of who the messenger is. No one would disagree that Putin rose to power because he was a ruthless member of the KGB, but should that keep us from considering what he said?

Obama is a disgrace to everything that represents America. If it takes someone like Putin to wake up America to that fact, then we should be grateful that Putin had the courage to tell us that Emperor Obama is wearing no clothes.

Obama has not listen to anyone since he took office. He lied about every major activity that he has handled. Until he is stopped, even by Putin, he will continue.

Does the Deseret News really believe that throwing a few missiles into Syria will do anything except extend Obama malfeasance? Just what would that do? It would put Syria on a war footing with Israel in the crosshairs. Are we willing to slaughter Israel so that Obama can regain face?

Sasha Pachev
Provo, UT

I think it is wrong for us to take sides when speaking about Russia-Georgia conflict. The logic goes like this - we do not like Putin, Georgia does not like Putin, so in case of conflict we side with Georgia. The relations between Russia and Georgia go back a long way, both the good and the bad, and are very complex. I have a hard time believing that the State Department that cannot even write "Reset Button" correctly in Russian would have the smarts to figure out what is going on between those two countries.

Farmington, UT

How do we know Obama didn't put Putin up to it? Nothing would surprise me anymore.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Mike Richards
Oh come on. Putin attacked the idea of "American exceptionalism" which is practically the theme of the Republican party. This is just ridiculous... even when Obama acts like a conservative you all hate him.

" It would put Syria on a war footing with Israel in the crosshairs. "

Oh and not to spoil the little narrative you have going right now but Israel has already attacked Syrian territory to try and stop arms shipments to Hezbollah and Syria did not strike Israel in return.

Salt Lake City, UT

I disagree with the DesNews Editorial. We have no business in the civil war in Syria. There are multiple sides with multiple agendas of which we know little if anything. We commemorate 9-11 and then are contemplating assisting the same political and religious philosophy that motivated the actions of those guilty of the deaths of so many people.

These are serious times and require mature leadership, perhaps some adults will come to the fore.

Hayden, ID

America used to be an exceptional nation. But Putin, Obama and liberals have completely misconstrued its meaning. America was exceptional because the vast majority of people who have lived on this planet have been subjects to dictators, kings, despots of big governments. America was the exception in that its citizens told the government what they could and could not do, not the other way around! The constitution they framed limited the power of government! That was the exception of America in all history; government by the people, for the people and of the people. That's why people flocked here because of freedom, liberty and self government. Obama and Putin think Americans are arrogant and think we are better than other people but they are wrong about what exceptional means.


Over the past number of years I have come to better understand the meaning of American Exceptionalism. It means that every other nation shall abide by the rule of law except us. Like it or not Putin is correct in his assessment of American actions abroad. The USA is now regarded as the bully of the world.

Putin is also correct in stating that the terrorist rebels in Syria are not interested in democracy. It's only our fool government that believes that the Middle East wants to live by Western values and that the weaker side in a conflict must be the more moral side. It is sad that our community organizer president got outmaneuvered by a more experienced chess player, but the idea that we should go to war and kill people so that Obama can save face or "send a message" is sick beyond words.


Happy Valley Heretic,

You haven't been paying attention. The Neocons LOVE Obama. They support his every move on foreign policy. The Neocons (McCain, Graham, Bill Kristol) WANT a war in Syria. In fact, back when Obama was bombing Libya, Bill Kristol congratulated Obama on becoming a born-again neocon. The neocons want the NSA's surveillance state. They supported Obama's NDAA -- advocating indefinite detention without trial and due process.

It is the paleoconservatives who don't want war in Syria. The neocons have been losing influence in the GOP, heaven be praised.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Look at the facts. Obama rattled his sabre at Syria. He had (and still has) no idea who used the chemical weapons. He believed one side and ignored the other. There are still no concrete facts supporting Obama's decision to bomb Syria's military infrastructure.

Obama claims that our Constitution is what makes us great, even as he ignores it. He told the world that the Republicans are destroying America, ignoring the fact that the PEOPLE of the United States elected those Republicans to stand up for the principles that America believes in. He refuses to execute the duties required of him. He uses "executive orders" to circumvent Congress. If he believes in the Constitution, his actions contradict his words.

Putin reminded Obama that the world does not support military action against Syria. That fact is easily checked. Only France said that it "might" join forces with the United States. No other 1st world nation has aligned itself with the United States.

Putin is a world leader. Honest people will listen to his words and then evaluate his statements against known facts. Sadly, Putin has shown the world that Obama is all bluster.

Murray, UT

It is totally cool that Putin wrote to a US newspaper, and it got printed. Are we afraid to hear what he has to say? I'm not, and no one in the US should be. We value free exchange of ideas, right?

I do wonder if the State Department had to approve it, and if they edited it.

I also wonder if it may have been the result of that talk Obama promised Putin, you know, when he thought the mic was off and he promised they could talk more freely after the election.

Putin saved Obama's face in all this. He was either going to have to bomb Syria, against most the country, and the world's better judgment, or be humiliated. Putin's offer to negotiate getting the chemical weapons out through diplomacy saved Obama's face with the world and popularity in America. A win/win for Obama, but a lose for the US.

Make no mistake, Putin is in it for him and his. Russia totally looks like the reasonable, compassionate, rule of law country, and the USA looks like Hitler's Germany, trying to control the world and having a 'superior race' attitude.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Gee Mike R.,

Putin's op-ed could have been written by you.
He chastised the POTUS - Pres. Obama - you're sworn enemy,
in the New York Times and now your are defending Obama against Putin?

Now, I have it seen all.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah


You have totally misread my posts. I have not defended Obama against Putin. Putin is correct, no matter what his history or how he rose to power. He has shown the world who Obama really is.

Obama is wrong - totally wrong - in wanting to bomb Syria.

Obama is wrong - totally wrong - in citing his authority as commander in chief to bomb a country that has not harmed America.

Obama is wrong - totally wrong - in blustering on the world stage and telling us that "the world" drew a red line over chemical weapons. That was Obama's line. He, and he alone, is responsible for making that statement and he will reap the consequences of acting out his fantasies on the world stage.

Far East USA, SC

There was a thread in the DN a couple days ago discussing what Patriotism meant.

I guess to some, it means criticizing anything and everything the current POTUS does, while praising the leader of a country whose roots are communism.

Do I have that right, Mr Richards? (who writes)

"Obama is a disgrace to everything that represents America. If it takes someone like Putin to wake up America to that fact, then we should be grateful that Putin had the courage to tell us that Emperor Obama is wearing no clothes. "

Anyone think our founding fathers would have hailed statements such as this as patriotic?

I see very little of what I call "patriotism" on the far right OR the far left.

Sandy, UT

Mountanman: not that I'm trying to pick an argument with you, but I'm just very, very curious: can you specify the approximate time when the U.S. ceased being exceptional? In other words, the U.S. was exceptional until what happened?

J Thompson

Look at how many are following the Deseret New's editorial staff in attacking others without even considering the content of the comments. I could hardly believe that the Deseret News would attack a world leader - even Putin - without discussing what he had written on THIS subject. Has uncivility come to the point that we should throw out the baby with the bath water? Is that what freedom of speech means?

Our heritage demands that we listen to the comments of others before responding and that when we respond, we address the comments made, without attacking the person.

Putin has skeletons in his closet. Those "skeletons" are between him, his people and God. They have nothing to do with his article.

Those who try to cite "founding fathers" had better fully understand what those founding fathers did. They stood up against the greatest power in the world and pledged their all to bring forth a new nation. They did not blindy follow King George (Obama) just because he was king.

We need to understand that and we need to respect those who have the courage to speak out against wrongdoing.

West Jordan, UT

Putin's trying to assert his relevance in the modern world of geopolitics. As a longtime ally of Syria, Russia stands to incite retaliation from terrorist organizations, sympathetic to the Syrian regime by opposing it. So yes, he's looking out for himself and his country, and he's leverage global disdain for America to do it.

But no one can argue that they Syrian conflict is a complex one. I think there are too many variables to take a clear course of action. We're not even sure that if those fighting for control are going to be any better than the current government. Our intervention is not guaranteed to improve the situation. If we've learned anything from Iraq and Afghanistan it's that when we simply hand people their freedom, it doesn't mean as much having to fight for it (if freedom for all is the true goal of the rebels.) We may need to just let the Syrians sort this one out themselves, and perhaps our role should be to give humanitarian aid to all those in need.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Classic examples of --

"My enemies enemy is my friend."

South Jordan, Utah

Putin's points are:1. Under international law, force is allowed only for self defense or with the consent of the UN security counsel.2.Syria is not witnessing a battle for democracy. 3. Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya demonstrate that force can be ineffective and pointless. 4. If countries cannot count on international law for security, they will seek weapons of mass destruction for protection.5. No matter how targeted the strikes, there will be civilian casualties. 6. If we can get Syria to turn over its chemical weapons without force against the Syrian government, we all win.7. It is dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional. There is nothing audacious or misleading in his message.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Do most people in Utah now support Russia?

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