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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 11 2013 3:30 p.m. MDT

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I have heard that there will be much loud laughter in mid-October. We shall see.

us, CA

Hutterite...I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you. Catholics by Papal Decree claim to be God's only church, Islam says they are the only church, Baptists swear they are, my Satmar Hasidic friend claims they are the only true Jews and the other orthodox sects and the modern Jews are a blasphemy, so there are lots of groups that claim to be the one and only. Yes, there is humor about them, but not to the extent in a venemous vein as there is against Mormons. Now I like a good religious joke as much as the next person, but there is funny and then there is distasteful which is where many Mormon jokes fall. And as a non=member I have heard them all. I would disagree with this bishop though, I think kindly humor is OK no matter who tells it, but society has become so desensitized we have lost sight of what is edgy and what is just plain wrong. The joke above about good news/bad news I have heaerd before.......from the local LDS bishop. Even God has a sense of humor...after all He made men! :)

Salt Lake City, UT

re: Kirk R Graves

"Other than the British, you would be hard pressed to find another group that is more willing to laugh at itself than the Mormons. (We even take it from others pretty well)."

I want proof that {you would be hard pressed to find another group that is more willing to laugh at itself than the Mormons}

The poor attempt @ collective self-deprecation during Donny & Marie's show doesn't count.

Yet, The Brits have no problem lampooning the French, Germans, & especially the Puritans here in the Colonies

Farmington, UT

@ JoCo Ute...once again it isn't that only Mormons can tell jokes about Mormons, it's the anti-Mormon jokes that attack a belief or individuals that makes the Bishop uncomfortable. People have over-reacted to his statement, unfortunately, and do not understand the intent of what he said.

I hope that it now makes sense to you.

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

I was raised Mormon and am now a lapsed Unitarian. I've told jokes about Mormons, Unitarians, and accountants (which I'm studying to become). Jokes can go too far but they can also be fun. What troubles me is the statement: “I don’t like jokes that are hateful toward any one group, especially jokes that are hateful toward a religious group." Why is it that religious groups should deserve extra protection?
I read an article recently where it was open season on "secularists". The religious leader interviewed also made many inflammatory and untrue comments about gay people.
If you want to celebrate tolerance, fine. I would like to see a celebration of tolerance in all directions. This isn't Maine and Mormons here in Utah have it pretty good last time I checked. Most people here know what it's like to move into a neighborhood or start a new job and be immediately probed on whether or not they're LDS.
Jokes can be a good opportunity to look at ourselves and see if there's room for improvement. Wasn't LDS General Authority Bednar the one who said "and nothing shall offend them"?

Salt Lake City, UT

I think "claidhmore" shared some profound insights given his experience. We LDS members here in Utah struggle to try to learn about and respect the religious faiths outside of our own. I personally find the attitude of quite a few of my fellow Church members not in keeping with the teachings of Him whom we proclaim to follow. Let us do more to value differences with respect and a desire to make the world a more peaceful place. It doesn't diminish our own beliefs to see the good in the faith of others. One thing I have learned living in Utah for all my 61 years is that Mormons do not have a monopoly on goodness. Thank God for good, good people like Bishop Hayashi.

The Scientist
Provo, UT


I have witnessed many LDS Baptisms and those "covenants" are not anywhere in the ceremony.

You are overly sensitive as well as in error.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

Convert wrote:

"They have some truths, however, and are infinitely better than atheism."

That is extremely intolerant and false. I cannot think of a single one of my atheist friends who has less light in their lives than any religious person!

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

@ tootsmartforyou Thanks for repeating the point I made in my original post. Where I said "There is a big difference between humor and bigotry or jokes told about our religious quirks and those that disparage our beliefs." You apparently didn't take the time to read the full post or you just didn't understand, as your post makes no sense at all.

I hope this now makes sense to you.

Far East USA, SC

"I can see that other religions and churches do not carry the Truth far enough. They have some truths, however, and are infinitely better than atheism."

That is so kind of you. I am sure that the non-LDS will be very pleased to be described that way.

Reminds me of a joke.

Guy goes to Heaven. St Peter takes him on a tour. Says to be quite in one section. "Why"?
This is where the Mormons are. They think they are the only ones here.

Los Angeles, CA

To Utahns: Get over yourselves.

I have lived outside Utah for over 30 years and have never heard one anti-Mormon joke. Most people outside Utah do not think about or care about Mormons.

Payson, UT

I liked the what the Bishop said especially "simply saying that it is not right to behave badly toward LDS people just because they are LDS." I know people that hate all Mormons because of something one Mormon did. You can't blame a whole group because one person did something to you. Dislike that person.

Lyn in Connecticut
Madison, CT

Most people in Connecticut are respectful of any religion. I've lived in my neighborhood for 20 years and have experienced love and respect from these neighbors, most explicitly from watching teens from 10 different towns come to my home at 6 am to attend early-morning seminary. As Mormons are a tiny percentage of the population, most people here generally do not really know much about the LDS religion. Except: the Broadway musical "The Book of Mormon" has been running in nearby Manhattan for a couple of years now. Talk about bigotry, crude jokes at a religious minority's expense, and mean spirit! Would it be okay to focus on any other faith in such a prominent way? And then award the creators? The Jewish press here in the Northeast say, No -- that would not happen to their group and should not be happening to Mormons, either.

Salem, UT

Amen Bishop Hayashi.

Chandler, AZ

I likw the Episcopal Church
Allow and bless same sex marriage
Gay and Lesbian Priest
Lenient on abortion
Let's be friends!

A Scientist
Provo, UT

Well, I am married to a Mormon, so I get a free joke-telling pass!

Springville, UT

Moabmom posted:

=It bothers me that so many are willing to move humor over into the
=politically correct column where it will be silenced in the name of diversity
=over doctrine and Scripture.

I don't think Hayashi was talking so much about humor as he was talking about humor laced with hate.

Chandler, AZ

I have been the butt of many jokes in my life..my underwear,not drinking iced tea,beliving that JS found plates in his back yard, stuff like that but that's ok,it doesn't bother me... I mostly get my feelings hurt when people at Church say that I'm fat


I am a Latter Day Saint and I am grateful for this refreshing article. Thank you, Bishop Hayashi, for your uplifting and refreshing words. May God bless you richly and abundantly. I will try very hard to follow your example.

Aurora, CO

When it comes to some of the things we have taught in the past, the person who brings them up may not be joking. It just sounds to everyone else like they are.

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