Comments about ‘Walker charged in officer's death; death penalty 'on the table,' D.A. says’

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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 11 2013 3:05 p.m. MDT

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DN Subscriber 2

The legislature provided for the death penalty when people kill police officers. Rightly so!

It is up to the District Attorney to ensure that every single step of this investigation is done perfectly so that if the jury finds the accused guilty, the prescribed penalty can be applied.

If Gill screws this one up, or allows a plea deal for life, he should be fired!

Sandy, UT

I have zero sympathy for this perpetrator. However, I don't think a law enforcement officer's life is any more valuable than another person's. I'd be just as upset if he had killed any other citizen.

Cache county, USA

Words can't describe this picture. I'm at a loss.

Buena Vista, VA

I'm with Aggielove. The photo accompanying this article shows the suspect with weird wires on his face and head, but no explanation. Please someone, tell me what these wires are all about. Ideally the one to tell me (and everyone else who reads this article, and I bet lots of others are also wondering) is the DN itself. Please??

Bob Wiley
North Salt Lake, UT

That is the best mugshot I have seen in a long time.

very concerned
Sandy, UT

@Jay Tee
Respectfully I disagree. Murdering a policeman should be an "aggravating" circumstance which should be given extra consideration at sentencing. When a person shoots a policeman, he or she is not just killing a person, as bad as that is. He or she is killing a representative of our whole legal system, the system that keeps us safe, the system that makes sure we have, and keep, our rights.

These are very delicate matters, especially for the family of the fallen officer, but my opinion is that a person who kills a policeman in cold blooded murder is taking on - and standing in defiance - to the symbol of our peace and humanity. I don't think a policeman's life is innately more valuable than the rest of ours, but it's the entire rejection of our whole system we have implemented to protect ourselves that aggravates the crime, rejecting our laws and those who have sworn to uphold them. These officers put their lives on the line on a regular basis and represent the power to execute laws and protect our citizens.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

All the legal authorities talk tough at the time of the crime, but when it comes to the work of a trial they do a plea bargain. Look back at the high profile "missing" or shootings, I think the facts will prove they won't go to court to get a death sentence.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I suspect gill will accept a plea, then drop the charges on some technicality.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Calm down. The facial wire frame and nasogastric tube in the photo are a medical necessity, not some goth disguise.

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