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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 11 2013 9:00 p.m. MDT

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The Deuce
Livermore, CA

A private business can turn down any business they want. Each person can choose whether or not to purchase goods or services from such a business. To specifcally seek out and work to destroy such a business is similar to profiling and stalking. This is not right and the community should rise up against such groups and behaviors.

South Jordan, UT

So as a music composer, if someone making an adult film requested my services to score the music for their smut film, I would be obligated to accept, regardless of my religious beliefs? If the film creators were gay or it was a gay adult film, would that make a difference? If I can't deny anyone my services that asks if they are part of this "protected" class, then I would be forced to score the music for the film, right? Just like the bakers that the government wanted to force into serving a customer they didn't want? This can't be right! Come on this isn't some 3rd world dictator country is it?

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Trying to come up with a good ending of the National Anthem, something about "land of the free" isn't fitting so well now!

West Jordan, UT

i guarantee you if this had been a bakery owned by someone in the LGBT community and someone came in and asked them to make a cake that was denigrating towards their beliefs or if it was a photographer or filmographer who was asked to create an anti-gay photo retrospective or film you could guarantee the courts would stand 100% behind their rights to decline business. Religious rights and beliefs are being trampled on by the very people who call for tolerance for their own views. There are plenty of businesses out there that will take their money so they aren't losing out on anything by just walking their wallets over to another business. My gay brother said he might feel bad to be declined by a business but he wouldn't expect to be forced to compromise his beliefs by being forced to do something he disagreed with. In their push for rights many people have forgotten that other people have rights too and have taken it too far. Perez Hilton has the right to rip on religious people but he forgets that religious people have the right to express their beliefs as well. It goes both ways.

Sandy, UT

No, Snowman, they don't.

It's explicitly illegal for businesses to discriminate on the basis of race, for instance. This is federal law, as long as the business is even tangentially connected to interstate commerce. Confirmed by a number of Supreme Court decisions in the 1960s.

Marco Luxe
Los Angeles, CA

Editors: This is a very poorly reported story starting with an inflammatory and hyperbolic headline including the word "attack".
If there were threats, then you should rely on the police department confirming as reliable reports of unlawful behavior. Reporting as facts unsubstantiated claims likely motivated by politics is not journalism and is beneath any reputable publication, especially an official house organ.

This story might be newsworthy, but you certainly haven't reported any news here. Sadly, it reads more like WND propaganda or an Onion parody.


The arrogance of gay right activists is repulsive. What have we become? Are we expected to be so open minded that our brains fall out? Are individuals and businesses not allowed to have standards? Does this mean the "no shirts, no shoes, no service" signs have got to come down now too, lest someone be offended? This sounds a lot more like slavery than freedom to me.

Park City, Ut

How come this is the only media outlet I see running this story?

And: "Under Oregon law," the state agency said in a statement, "Oregonians cannot be denied service based on sexual orientation.

Well: Article of Faith #12 - "We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law."

Therefor: what's the problem and why is this an issue here in Utah?

Payson, UT

Mob rule is awesome. Lets have more of it.

You sell cat food but not dog food? We're gonna shut you down!

Salt Lake City, UT

The fact is the First Amendment protects everyone’s Freedom to Worship, NOT Freedom to practice their religion. Freedom to practice your religion can be regulated by the States. This is why Native Americans are not permitted to use peyote during their worship rites.

The courts – including the Supreme Court – have specifically ruled as such. For instance,
Reynolds v. United States (1878) stated:

“A party’s religious belief cannot be accepted as a justification for his committing an overt act, made criminal by the law of the land.”

This has yet to be overturned by the Supreme Court and as such still stands.

The courts have also ruled that anti-discrimination laws are not a violation of either the 1st Amendment or the Constitution.

The Constitution NEVER granted everyone the right to practice their religion any old way they want to. You have to differentiate Freedom to Worship & Freedom to Practice which are in fact two different things.

Alexandria, VA

If you operate in the public square, you need to follows the laws. If the law says no discrimination on the basis (among others) of sexual orientation - well sorry - its not about religious freedom, its about obeying the law.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

So many questions and the Church isn't helping.
For example, the Church openly supports anti-discrimination ordinances regarding renters and employers. How about bakeries, then?
On the other hand, the Church just launched a religious freedom website.
A person could easily fit this situation into either arena.
Then there is the Church support of openly gay but chaste members. Is a woman trapped in a man's body relieved of her priesthood?
Like I said, so many questions.

Buena Vista, VA

I can't believe that I actually agree with Hutterite! (I think for about the 2nd time ever).

Michael Brown proposed some thought-provoking hypothetical cases in a recent Town Hall column, “Test cases for the freedoms of religion and conscience”: 1) Asking a gay owner of a tshirt shop to make a shirt saying it is not ok to be gay 2) asking a gay photographer to photograph a religious antigay rally 3)asking a gay print shop to print fliers advertising an ex-gay conference? 4) a psychologist asks a gay web designer to make a web ad advertising therapy to turn straight 5) asking an orthodox Jewish videographer to record a Jews for Jesus event 6) hiring an orthodox Jewish caterer to cater for a party in the same kitchen as another caterer preparing pork and shrimp dishes.

In all these cases I support the business to refuse the customer.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

If was the bakery I would agree to make the cake, but I would make a horrible looking cake.


-Brother Benjamin Franklin-
"I think that this business got exactly what it deserved. When you discriminate against someone because you don't agree with them, then you have a serious problem in society."

Oh, absolutely, so please, the next time you find out a business refused to serve that embezzler, serial killer or pedophile, remember you have a serious problem in society! You can't 'discriminate against someone because you don't agree with them'.

Salt Lake City, UT

Was the bakery vandalized?

Were the owners assaulted?

No and no.

The word "attacked" is used here to imply violence, when in fact the owners of the bakery simply experienced the wholly predictable consequences of their own bigotry.

Venice, CA

Now Satan has us fighting over pastries. Stupid.

St.George, Utah

If hard liners could learn to go with the flow.
Ok, so you don't approve of something. Learn to live and let live. That's all the bakery had to do. They do not have to embrace gay marriage, or attend the event.
Wish the couple the best, collect your money, and keep your business thriving. Quite uncomplicated.
It will be the only way to retain sanity in the days to come.

City, Ut


maybe you'd like to talk to the Mormon missionaries that were escorted out of a Christen bookstore in Tulsa, Oklahoma.....For being Mormons, with missionary name tags. The missionaries were told the business refuses the right to serve anyone, and the right to refuse admittance to anyone.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

This is not about gay rights anymore. This is now about the Gay Right.

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