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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 11 2013 1:55 a.m. MDT

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Congrats, Pita!


A very nice addition to our team. It's very impressive, considering he chose Utah over Oregon, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Welcome to Ute Nation, Pita!

Salt Lake City, UT

Pita's comment "I can't even remember anytime in my life when I didn't dream of playing for the Utes" can't be true since we have been told by BYU "fans" that BYU has the only recruits that dream of playing for them and that no one dreams of playing for Utah or USU.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Welcome to the Utes!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Some time ago a guy who calls himself Duckhunter said no kid grows up wanting to go to Utah. Duckhunter claimed Utah was always a second choice if other schools didn't make offers. It seems like this kid proves that wrong. Way to go Pita!!


BYU fan complimenting the Utes on their commit. Congrats!

Virginia Beach, Va

Didn't Duckhunter also claim to be a great football coach ?

Saint George, UT

Congratulations Pita, on the offer, as well as the mission plans.
Let's see...
2013 6'2 275.
After serving a mission as well as a red shirt year, then 4 years to hone his craft.
2020 6'2 300+ as a 5th year Mature Senior Leader.

Syracuse, UT

Ute fans puting words in BYU posters mouths.

Las Vegas, NV

Welcome home Pita! Can't wait to see you in crimson!

hamrdown - one classy Coug! You're welcome back anytime!

Go Utes!!

St George, Utah

Go Red,

Ummm.... According to Scout.com, Tonga is listed as Unranked and has Zero Stars. And athough I'm sure he was interested in Oregon, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The interest was not mutual, as none of them extended an offer. Infact, his only offer is from Utah. That being said, Sitake does a great job in developing Defensive Linemen, and Im sure Tonga will contribute just fine.

I'm sure you all watched Big Brother destroy a 4 and 5 star studded ranked Texas team last saturday night. And a 1 and 2 star WAC program gave the conference of champion members all they could handle. Could it be the Ute fans constant drivel about the importance of a recruits "stars" really holds no merrit to a programs success?

Tuffy Parker
Salem, UT

Looks to be a great commit for the Utes and appears to be a solid young man living the dream. Even as a Cougar fan, I can't help but be happy for him that he got offered and good for him to commit early - shows lots of class as he already knew what he wanted.

North Las Vegas, NV

Having coached young athletes for many years it is great to hear of a quality young may reaching his dream goal. Congratulations Pita, I appreciate your desire to serve first also.

West Jordan, UT

Utah is cleaning up on the D line and O line. Now I hope we can get a Safety. Now that the y has stopped recruiting 4-5 star athletes they can only whine about others who do.

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter has zero respect. He refuses to spell my name right. Must be a happy valley thing.

As for Pita, he will go on to live out an amazing football career and life. Clearly Indy (who is making my beloved St. George look bad) is jealous. Give the kid props, for crying out loud.

Go Utes!

St George, Utah

"Clearly Indy (who is making my beloved St. George look bad) is jealous"

Samurai Jake,
What on earth would I have to be jealous of? And if you would have read my entire comment i clearly gave Tonga "props" saying he would contribute just fine because of the great coaching at the U for D-Lineman.
I just think it is hilarious how inconsistent Ute fans are with the whole recruiting scene. When BYU signs a 2-star recruit its because they cant do any better and that recruit couldn't possibly be of any worth. But when Utah signs a Unranked, 0 star recruit the fans tout that its a great addition and that he will have an amazing career. See where I'm getting at?

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Don't waste your time Indy. The crimson goggles sold in East Salt Lake only allow one directional vision.

Oh, and good catch for the Utes. Pita is a stud, regardless of the star rating system's evaluation of him, or lack thereof.

Omaha, NE

Dear Duckhunter,

I appreciate your comment about wishing this young man well. Very classy of you. However, I fail to see your logic in your comment to Mormon Ute. You state, "other than some instate kids no ONE, and I mean NO ONE, grows up dreaming about playing at Utah and this is still the fact." If there are some instate kids who dream of playing at Utah then how does the equate to "NO ONE"?

Also, why are you demeaning a poster by the name of Mormon Ute calling him moron Ute. To me that is demeaning to a faith that strives to act with integrity and honor as to who they represent. Remind me Duckhunter, just who do you represent?


Highland, UT


I claimed to be a highly successful football coach which I unquestionably am. I'll let others decide the "great" issue.



Madden and NCAA video games do not count.

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