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Published: Monday, Sept. 9 2013 5:45 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

Taysom Hill is Jake Locker in a BYU uniform. He will probably improve as a passer, but he will probably never be the kind of passer that sits in the pocket and picks apart a defense with his arm. He is an option QB who will go through his progressions but will take off if the defense gives him any daylight, like Texas did over and over again. Future opponents will study the Texas film and be sure to not make the same mistake so Taysom is going to have to figure out how to get his receivers and tight ends more involved. He has the best wide receiver ever to wear a BYU uniform and another talented receiver that is being badly under-utilized. And the tight ends have all but disappeared from the offense.

North Salt Lake, UT

Yes. Next question?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

I believe Taysom Hill will be smart enough to figure it out in time for the next game. Counting the minutes. Go Cougars!!!!

Lincoln City, OR

The key is the O-line... If he has the time he will make the Defense pay...

Right now, he trusts his legs more than his arm, but with his athletic ability, and the skill set he has, he will learn to trust his arm and he will learn to take more high percentage risks through the air...

Hill can throw the ball hard and far (we've seen that), now he just has to improve his touch passing skills and hitting his targets with better accuracy and that is something that will come with repetition and experience... The stuff he has, you can't teach, the stuff he needs can be acquired... We have already seen him deliver (i.e a huge gainer against Boise State towards the end of the game last year, the 52 yarder to Apo at the end of the Virginia game, the strike he threw to Friel against WSU last year, the domination he showed through the air against Hawaii, etc.)...

Hill just needs a little target practice and the uties will give him plenty as they will probably "key" on the run.

BYU 31 uties 10

Mark it down.

salt lake city, UT

Honestly looking at this game, I don't think trying to make Hill a passer is a good thing, let him do what he does and prepare for next year in that Idaho kid in Magum.

Cardston, Alberta

Taysom is a mere sophomore! A little work on timing and his passing touch will not be an issue. Add tight ends in the mix(bigger targets) and things improve fast. We watched db's who should have had the angle on Taysom but he ran right past them out of their grasp. Utah won't let that happen as much as UT did but he will still find some daylight. Taysom is just too fast.

Rexburg, ID

I remember Steve Young, you know the guy who holds the NFL's all time accuracy record for quarterbacks, when he started as quarterback for BYU. His passing was miserable at first. It seems that he made at least 3x as many interceptions as touchdowns and his completion percentage was below 50%.

Young worked hard on his passing and became a great passer. He was a duel threat.

Just like Steve Young, Hill will improve his passing quickly.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

What is he lacking?

Are you saying that being the dead last passer rating QB in the nation is a bad thing?

Lehi, UT

Methinks Hill is another Riley Nelson in the making. Prove me wrong Mr. Anae!


BYU 31 uties 10

Mark it down.


I'll take 31-30 BYU. Texas has the best athletes BYU will see this season but, Utah's offense looks better than that of Texas.

Baltimore, MD

To all the haters out there, Florida won a National Championship and a Heisman Trophy with a quarterback who played much like Taysom Hill.

Taysom may never be a Jim McMahon, but he hit a few passes versus Texas that clearly showed he can throw the ball well enough to be an effect passer; he simply needs to improve his consistency.

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

BYU showed a lot of promise on Saturday (especially the O-line, special teams, and the defense), but Hill's passing certainly needs to improve. He showed some sparks of greatness, but had way too many errant passes. I'm sure that's something they'll be working on quite a bit in preparation for their next game. Nevertheless, he showed a good head on his shoulders with his decision-making abilities throughout the game, minus the passing game.

That said, should be an exciting rivalry game next week. I'm curious to see how the Utes do against Oregon State, though it appears that the Beavers aren't all that great a team, having lost to FCS Eastern Washington.


He has had 15 years or so to work on his passing and he is going to fix it in two weeks? Is it just me that sees his mechanics are similar to Tebow?




He has had 15 years or so to work on his passing and he is going to fix it in two weeks? Is it just me that sees his mechanics are similar to Tebow?"

If he is so awful why was he so heavily recruited coming out of high school?

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

"...Hill has been working hard on improving his ability to throw the football."

You either have it or you don't. Second year in college, if your trying to "learn" to throw the football you're in trouble.

What would you have if Luke Staley played quarterback? Taysom Hill.

Provo, UT

Not every heavily recruited athlete pans out like recruiters think they will. How about Jake Heaps. Tommy Grady. He is a great athlete who may or may not become good enough to pass consistently. He seems to be unafraid of his injured knee which is a good sign. Without a decent passing game it will be an up and down season.

Highland, UT

@stringer bell

Like all utah "fans" I see you are taking the position that no one, unless of course they play for utah, can ever improve. They don't work at it, they don't practice, they don't focus, they don't try, they simply are what they are with no hope of ever being any more than they currently are.

And of course since individuals cannot improve that must mean teams cannot improve as they are made up of a collection of individuals. So that means utah will always be a losing and bowless pac12 team because they "either have it or they don't" and all we have seen from them so far is that they "don't" isn't that right?

Provo, 00

So true, G-man! So far, Taysom hasn't really been able to "hurt" a defense with his arm. Sometime soon, that will determine the outcome of a couple of otherwise winnable games.

BTW G-man, you're one of the best ever, in my book, but continuing to misspell "pore" can be distracting for those who love your content but also care about the language...:-)

Sort of like Talo's using the plural for an "offensive linemen..."

Now watch the flamers rise up in righteous indignation...LOL!

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Re: Duckhunter

At the big-time college football level you don't "learn to throw" while in your second year. That's something you either have or you don't and he doesn't. Reading defenses, situational awareness, etc., those are the types of things you and work on and with good coaching hopefully improve. Being able to pass the ball more than five yards accurately- I don't think so.

I made no comparison to nor mentioned Utah, but since playing Utah is your Super Bowl and you are obsessed with them I understand that you just can't resist. I do love it when you refer to Utah as "Bowles" when they have missed only one bowl in the past 10 years. Not quite enough for a trend. Utah is clearly improving this year but next year is when it's going to start really coming together.

Utah can lose to BYU next week and it has no effect on them going to the Rose Bowl. Not bad, huh?

You'd better start worrying about USU. Watch their QB. He can throw and he's not bad at running either.

Cinci Man

In my opinion, Taysom's 2013/2014 season will be very short if he continues to run the QB draw as often as he did against Texas. I was terribly disappointed with the fact that BYU really doesn't have much to offer beyond the QB draw. At least they showed that they cannot sustain a series without it. I love BYU football, but I have to say that I'm very worried about the remaining 10 games if the QB draw is the primary play. What happened to all the great running backs? What happened to all the great receivers? What happened to the tight ends? What happened to the greater numbers of play options? I am first to congratulate BYU on a great win, but we just have to get better at keeping the QB healthy and strong.

Go Cougars!

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