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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 10 2013 2:20 p.m. MDT

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"Taysom was doing well his freshman year, and he was doing great during camp. He has a bad case of the jitters, but he will correct them."

If there is one thing we can count on when BYU plays Utah, its error free football and mental composure, right?


Complimentary: "Yeah, keep thinking that way!"

Haha why shouldn't they? What impact will it have on the game if they think that way and are wrong? I've never heard a coach in a press conference after a loss say something like, "Well, our fans all thought that all we had to do was stop the run and we'd shut down their offense, so this loss is really on them. Despite my players' years of experience and 20 hours of preparation this week for this game, and all of my staff's countless hours of film study and scouting reports, we went ahead and read a few online comments and based our gameplan off of that."

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

True Blue: the color of blueish-purple Kool-Aid infused tears flowing freely at LES, after a career sweep for the Ute seniors!

And don't forget, Kool-Aid Man has always been Crimson Red! "Oh, yeah!"

Go Utes!

Las Vegas, NV


"Texas did that a couple of times remember? How did that work out..."

Two passes for a combined 60 yards and no touchdowns - Hoffman's season stats. That is nothing really to write home about. Against USU, Utah had two WRs with catches of over 50 yards each against a far superior secondary than byU has. So, forgive me if I don't seem very impressed with Hoffman's season stats, because I am not.

"And the utes will face the best defense they've faced all year in Provo abt a week and a half from now."

We will face one of the best linebacking corps we will face all year, but will face probably the most inexperienced, undermanned secondaries in the nation. Since Wilson has already proven that he is accurate with the pass, and Hill has proven he is woefully lacking, Utah will exploit byU's weakness, but byU won't be able to exploit Utah's. Two thirty yard passes to Hoffman will not be nearly enough to beat Utah.

Go Utes!! Bring on the Holy War!! 4-0; 8-3 at LES!

Shire, 00

I'm sorry. These comments just always seem to be the same attacks back and forth.
Chuckie is the best by far. Also has played the most.
Wilson is doing amazing and will continue to improve. Even again Pac 12
Hill is a great runner.

If you know football at all. Then you know discounting what Wilson did against Weber St. is Lame. He got pulled in the 1st half and still scored 5TDS!!!!! 5!!!

If your going to talk about the competition of Utah..the same can be said about BYU. I'm sorry to say this...but Texas was only ranked in the top 15 because their name is Texas. I am betting they don't finish in the top 50. Rankings shouldn't even come out for the first 5 games! IMO.

I will tell you one thing! I would love to have Tysom behind Chuckie in the back field as a RB! He is amazingly fast and strong.

Go Aggies!

Max for President
Brighton, MA

5 things we learn about BYU from re-watching the Texas game:
1- Stacking the Box won't work against this BYU offense. Carefully watch the 3rd quarter. This is exactly what Texas switches to and Taysom, Cody and Ross punish them for 83 yds in 4 min. Think Hill can't pass? Think again.
2- BYU's offensive is dangerous. Manny Diaz's firing was reactionary politics. Major Applewood's offense saw KVN and co. terrorize David Ash for 4 quarters. If the DC deserved firing, so did the OC.
3- Passing underneath will be extremely hard against BYU. BYU's secondary is shockingly solid. 3rd and 4th quarter Texas tried repeatedly take shots within the cushion underneath and deep. Sorensen and co broke-up and batted down multiple shots. Dominant.
4- Go Fast, Go Hard is legit. 99 plays. Texas was gassed by 1/2 time. By 4thQ their D line was bickering, lining up wrong and bewildered. It's too fast to substitute and excruciating. 5ys ago a whole game was 50 plays. Lasike, Williams and Hill are freakishly fit, and fuel a relentless pounding.
5- Make no mistake. Texas didn't loose, BYU beat them--broke their backs in every phase.

West Point , UT

There are flaws in your argument against Hoffmans stats. Would you throw the ball to him on every down if you're gashing a defense for 8-10 yards a carry? Yeah, I wouldn't either. The point I'm making is that Hoffman made 2 great grabs when Texas was loading the box...against BETTER corners than Utah has, by far. Chuckie lit Utah's secondary up...I wouldn't be talking about BYUs secondary when Utah's doesn't look any better.

Second...you act as if Utah has no weaknesses offensively. Let me say, their running game and RBs will put the fear into NO ONE. Without JWIV the running game looks very weak. You don't think BYUs defense will exploit that? Anotherr part of the passing game that you've obviously not addressed is pressure on the QB...BYU will bring it better than what Utah has faced so far. We shall see how Wilson deals with it. And Utah's secondary as I've already stated isn't anything to write home about. Both UVA and Texas had better secondaries than Utah. Again, I believe Hoffman can exploit that IMO.

Bristow, United States

@ Clark G

Are you serious Clark? Keeton has played well against every bcs team he played in his career: Auburn, Wisconsin and utah (*2)... I bet if Chuckie wanted to transfer he could go nearly anywhere he wanted. I'm glad he's an aggie.

Logan, UT

Max for PREZ.....Texas is no good and I wouldn't be surprised if they only won 6 or 7 games this year. Also, Hill can run but he is the worst D1 thrower out there... Good luck with all of that!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@BYU sports on TV in Missouri.

Sure Hill's passing stats are not great. So what. Hill led BYU to a big time win.


What about the great loss? Maybe you only not get BYU wins on TV in Missouri?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Max for President

5 things we learn about BYU from re-watching the Texas game:
1- Stacking the Box won't work against this BYU offense. Carefully watch the 3rd quarter. This is exactly what Texas switches to and Taysom, Cody and Ross punish them for 83 yds in 4 min. Think Hill can't pass? Think again.


Think again, that is absolutely impossible considering Tysom had only 67 total yards in the entire 2nd half:

1st Half: 4/17 62 YDS 0 TD 1 INT

2nd Half: 5/9 67 YDS 0 TD 0 INT

Here's all the 2nd half drives where Hill threw a pass:

3rd and 3 at BYU 28 Hill pass complete 31 yards
1st and 10 at TEX 41 Hill pass complete for 8 yards
1st and 10 at TEX 26 Hill pass incomplete
2nd and 15 at TEX 31 Hill pass complete for 5 yards

1st and 10 at BYU 46 Hill pass complete for 12
2nd and 8 at TEX 18 Hill pass incomplete
3rd and 8 at TEX 18 Hill pass incomplete

1st and 10 at TEX 26 Hill pass complete for 11 yards

3rd and 12 at BYU 44 Hill pass incomplete

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT


"...Let me spell this out for you. Weber wears ugly purple unis."

Um...Weber wore white uniforms last Saturday against the Utes, but thanks for spelling it out for me.

"Weber is not a good football team when compared to Utah."

Of course they aren't...Utah has an athletic budget of over $36 million dollars, a $32 million dollar football practice facility, and the Utah athletics department is chipping in another $50 million of the $150 million it's planning to raise with another $50 million coming in from Pac-12 revenues.

And you want to proudly pound your chest over the superiority of Utah football over a small football school in Ogden with a paltry athletic budget and debate ugly uniforms???


"And you want to proudly pound your chest over blah blah blah..."

What of anything I said is considered "chest-pounding"? Utah did what they were supposed to do. Nothing more, nothing less. You get further and further away from the point with every nonsensical argument.

Las Vegas, NV


I tried to send in a response to your post responding to my post (I'm dizzy now). For some reason, my post didn't get past the censors. Anyway, as intelligent as my thoughts are (and they are very intelligent, I might add), Deseret News doesn't want to post them. So let me just say - if the Deseret News will allow it - good luck to your Cougs on the 21st. I hope it is a hard fought game on both sides of the trenches. Obviously I think and believe my Utes will come out on top once again. I hope that Hill can find his passing game and that he is very successful, even if it begins with Utah. I would rather we beat a team at it's best.

Go Utes! Onward and Upward.

Las Vegas, NV

Down under

"Well if I played high schools teams I would ranked high too. Wait until Wilson plays a real team and we will see the number take a nose dive."

I hope every Utah State football player sees that silly statement and posts it in the locker room for even more motivation come October 4th. Better yet, I hope all byU football players believe that silly statement. CK will make mince meat of your secondary both with his feet and with his arm.

Go Utes!! Go Aggs!!

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