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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 10 2013 2:20 p.m. MDT

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U 90
Corona, CA

You don't need a rating system to understand that Chuckie is the best QB is the state, Travis is consistently good and Taysom is a dangerous runner but still needs to work on accuracy (he mostly throws short). All 3 teams should feel good about their QB situation.

Bristow, United States


BYUs last few QBs all haven't been able to pass. Heaps and Nelson were both busts. They were exactly who I said they were, just like I'm saying hill is. I'm watching the same game the coaches are.

Air Force runs a different offense than byu. Even AF QBs are hitting more than 40% Hill isn't. USU also just squashed Air Force. Please run all the time against usu & play to our defensive strengths, I'd like that.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I'll hold with my previous comment: enjoy it while it lasts. I think many of you, both Aggie and Ute, are grossly underestimating BYU, both offense and defense. Some will say Hill has to get better at passing, he can't get worse. I'm saying, Hill will surprise U.

North Salt Lake, UT

Wilson is the best in the state right now because he beat up on a patsy FCS team. It won't last when he starts playing decent teams on the road.

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

Strange... Not that long ago I was hearing....
BYU could not beat ranked teams... They just did
BYU could not beat a team with a big time program... They just did.
BYU could not compete with a team who has recruits with more stars.... Um.. They just did.
BYU coaches are not good enough.... other team fired a coach after they got beat....shows who was out coached....

Sure Hill's passing stats are not great. So what. Hill led BYU to a big time win. I am sure anyone could find plenty games where a QB had better stats and the team lost. I know that Utah fans like to count moral victories as wins....The rest of us only count the real wins.


"The rest of us only count the real wins."

And Utah actually has (plural) wins.

Palo Alto, CA


"That's what we hear every year with every QB you march on the field. How has that worked out for you the last 20 years?"

One Heisman Trophy, two Sammy Baugh Trophies (nation's best passer), two Davey O'Brien Awards (nations best QB), 4 QB's who were drafted and played in the NFL.

What national awards have Utah quarterbacks won?

Your Sugar Bowl winning QB wasn't even good enough to make an NFL roster.

btw, Heaps left on his own accord; he certainly wasn't "run out of town". He benched himself through his own inept play and lack of competitiveness.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ Y Grad/Y Dad

"But I think Travis will find BYU's defense to be more like USU's and less like Weber's"

No problem! Travis Wilson put up 302 yards passing on Utah State's defense (who returned most of their starters, BTW). Not only that! Wilson with his poise and leadership led Utah to a come from behind victory to beat the Aggies in the second half. As good as Chuckie is, it was Wilson that came out victorious! I am confident that Wilson will beat Hill on the field in two weeks.

I'm glad Utah finally has a quality QB! Travis Wilson is going to do great things on the hill during his career. This offense is going to be exciting to watch this year.

Go Utes!



If you are alright to have an Air Force-style run game as BYU's entire offense, then let me tell you Air Force's record the last ten years in a moderate MWC (BYU's records in parentheses):

2012: 6-7 (8-5)
2011: 7-6 (10-3)
2010: 9-4 (7-6)
2009: 8-5 (11-2)
2008: 8-5 (10-3)
2007: 9-4 (11-2)
2006: 4-8 (11-2)
2005: 4-7 (6-6)
2004: 5-6 (5-6)
2003: 7-5 (4-8)
Total 67-47 (83-43)

It seems like a step downward to me. The fact is, if BYU can't figure out their passing problems (Taysom Hill), teams will learn to stop the run game and force BYU to pass. Don't expect many games like that (550+ yards rushing) against quality teams the rest of this season.

Layton, UT

Chuckie is one of the elite in the natian.
Travis will lead the Utes to a winning season and a bowl victory.
taysom might be pretty good at tight end.

Your Heisman winning quarterback couldn't cut it in the NFL, hasn't been heard from since he left the y.

metamora, IL

Wilson may not perform as well once he is introduced to Kyle Van Noy, Bronson Kaufusi, Eathyn Manumaleuna, Alani Fua, and Uani Unga.

metamora, IL

And declaring Wisconsin a powerhouse this year is premature. The two pasties they've played are hardly opponents that you can gauge UW's football prowess by. UMass won one game last year and only 12 in the the last three years in a very week conference. Teneessee Tech plays in the OVC and won only three games last year. I think BYU would look pretty good too if they played these two teams.

Salt Lake City, UT

Today we're all Beavers.

Go Cougs! Go Beavers!

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

I expect Wilson's statistics to go down significantly after entering PAC 12 play. After all, bragging about and including stats from a game where they beat up on a small school from Ogden with a football budget millions of dollars less that the Utes hardly counts as comparative statistical dominance. Let's see Wilson's stats against schools like Oregon, UCLA, Arizona, and Stanford before the chest thumping begins about how great Wilson is.

Baltimore, MD


BYU's Heisman-winning QB was under-sized for the NFL, but even so, he started 25 and played in 54 games over an 8-year NFL career, which dwarfs Utah's Sugar Bowl-winning QB who wasn't even good enough to make an NFL roster.

As an NFL QB, Detmer completed 546 of 946 passes (57.7%) for 6,351 yards and 34 TDs.

Not bad for a quarterback who supposedly "couldn't cut it in the NFL".

Baltimore, MD


BYU has better athletes than Air Force and a much better defense.

Payson, UT

Chris B

"I'd challenge you to fine a single "great" QB in the history of football who had the worst passing efficiency rating after 2 weeks."

Steve Young.

Payson, UT

Chris B

Steve Young:
1981, going a combined 48 of 80 passing against Utah State and UNLV, while throwing five interceptions and just two touchdowns
He was 2-2 in his first four starts as a BYU quarterback, completing 57 percent of his passes and throwing 12 interceptions to just five touchdowns.

And yet he turned into a great QB.

West Point , UT

Hill is rushing his throws and aiming the football at times which accounts a great deal for his inaccuracy. These are both minor issues and can be corrected. His passing effeciancy will improve as the season progresses. I'm just looking forward to Utah putting their 5,9 CB in man coverage with Cody Hoffman in an effort to load the box. Texas did that a couple of times remember? How did that work out...2 long pass plays where Hill threw it up there and Hoffman went up and got it. Btw I would take Texas' 4&5 star corners (both 2 yr starters and not rookies) over Utah's anyday. Please Utah...load the box, it will give Hill more passing yards and Hoffman closer to breaking all those receiving records.

And the utes will face the best defense they've faced all year in Provo abt a week and a half from now. The only defense they face all year that will even compare is Stanford. I think Wilson is going to have as many nightmares of KVN as David Ash...you can mark that down.

River Falls, WI

Wilson seems like the real deal. How cool that all three of the "big 3" have high caliber QBs this season.

I have a question. When someone posts five of the first ten posts, and most of those posts say essentially the same thing, and all of those posts could fit into one post (word count-wise), wouldn't that be considered spam and violate the DNews posting policy? Just curious.

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