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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 10 2013 2:20 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Hopefully Taysom can work on getting his timing down with receivers these next two weeks. Now that they have some game experience and live action they know what to work on. If he can improve on his passing game there is potential for him to be a true Dual-Threat QB.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"Hill, who has the least starting experience among the three, has the biggest variation across the board." --DN

Actually, Tebow-lite can't pass is the reason for the biggest variation. Considering Wilson who is less mature (age wise) has only started 4 more games.

How do you go 13/40 against Virginia? Maybe he just can't throw in the rain? I guess we'll find out over the next few weeks.

Bristow, United States

Hill will not likely rush for 259 yards again. The reason for the firing of the texas dc was not because byu's offense was spectacular. The byu offense as shown Saturday cannot be sustained over a season. The ute, aggie, and Wisconsin defenses are all too good to allow Hill to run at will. Hill has to learn to throw, if he doesn't expect the cougars to lose big in all 3 of those games and lose other games as well.

Las Vegas, NV

Hill - dead last in passing? Ouch!

I love Travis Wilson's overall potential. This week will go a long way in showing whether his current scores are warranted.

Hill is a great runner and definitely needs to learn a pass play or two. With the way I saw him run against Texas, it still blows me away that he lost to Virginia, of all schools. With all of his cards on the table, all a team needs to do is prepare for the run and they will be successful against Hill. Hill may prove me wrong, eventually, but I don't think it will happen any time soon.

Chucky impressed me a great deal. His rating has been earned and will continue to be high. I am just glad that he is behind us in the schedule and that Wilson got the W in that contest. BYU will be in for a long day against Chucky with their porous secondary.

Go Utes!! Go Ags!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

10 in nation
15 in nation
63 in nation

Says it all


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You mean a 33% completion rate isn't good?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"Currently, he is dead last on the ESPN rating, 138th overall, with a minus-9.0 rating in pass EPA"

LOL, Spin all you want

I wonder how many QB's who were DEAD LAST through the first two weeks went on to have great seasons?

NONE I'm quite sure.


Lincoln Park, IL

If there is one thing to take away from all these numbers, it's this:

Travis Wilson has peaked and his numbers will go down from here.

Chucky Keeton will continue strong and will likely end up with the best numbers at season's end.

Taysom Hill's numbers will improve significantly throughout the season and will likely overtake Wilson for 2nd in state.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

My money would have them in this order:
1 Keeton
2 Wilson
3 Hill

I have been impressed and surprised by Wilson, he will be good for Utah in the upcoming years.
Hill can run but can't pass, not sure he has ever hit a receiver in stride.
Keeton is the man!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I'd challenge you to fine a single "great" QB in the history of football who had the worst passing efficiency rating after 2 weeks.

Good luck(if you dare look)!

Palo Alto, CA

Chris B

How many QB's who were 5th in the nation in rushing after the first two weeks and lead their team to the most rushing yards EVER given up by Texas, went on to have a great season?

We'll have to see. But those gleefully writing Taysom off may be bitterly disappointed by season's end.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


If those QB's went on to have great seasons, they had great seasons because they could THROW and run.

Think any of those "QB's 5 in the nation in rushing after two weeks" were the WORST qb in the country in passing efficiency?

Not a chance!

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

It seems there should be some accounting for "strength of the offensive line." Both Utah and Utah State keep their Quarterbacks standing on two feet a lot more than BYU's. I suspect that Hill's passing would improve considerably if he didn't have as much company in the backfield from the opposing team.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

East Salt Lake City, Utah

And others, enjoy it while it lasts. Yes, Texas may have been over-rated, and yes, management was right to roll a head, but there's a whole lotta ute head in the sand going on if you think that somehow all that 4 and 5 star talent counts for nothing.

Kinda ironic, seeing as how we've heard a steady drum beat of how superior Utah athletes are, but now with Texas, that's a non factor.

So bring it. Stack 8 or 9 in the box. Overplay the Taysom run threat, challenge him to throw. I'm willing to stay and see how that turns out. But I think Travis will find BYU's defense to be more like USU's and less like Weber's.

Salt Lake City, UT

I have no great powers of prediction or prognostication as some of you have.
I am not a Division one coach like some of you
but in a small way I pay attention to details.

The BYU coaches aren't saying alot about the passing.
They are confident in their QB.
They aren't calling for emergency measures.
They know things none of us know.

I'll remain the optomist.
I expect many positive surprises this season.

Oh, and for those who say this trend can't be sustained...
Ever watch the Air Force running game?
And we haven't even seen some of our running backs turned lose yet.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

Chris B

"If those QB's went on to have great seasons, they had great seasons because they could THROW and run."

two words: reading comprehension

Taysom Hill is the ONLY QB EVER to lead his team to 550 yards rushing versus Texas.

Those "other" QBs you've conjured out of thin air, DON'T EXIST!

It's becoming obvious, that the closer we get to the BYU/Utah game, the more frantic and emotional your denials are becoming.

Sandy, UT

Wilson's best games are yet to come. You can count on that.

Las Vegas, NV

Ifel Of'a-sofa

"My money would have them in this order:
1 Keeton
2 Wilson
3 Hill"

Right there with you on that call. I love Wilson and his potential, but Keeton is - hands down - the best in the state.

All the running stats and high school passing stats can't mask the fact that Hill can't hit the side of a barn. That was CLEARLY in evidence in the Virginia game. Too bad for Hoffman that he didn't go pro last year. He has nobody to give him the ball!

Go Utes! Go Ags!

Las Vegas, NV

Y Grad / Y Dad:

"I'm willing to stay and see how that turns out."

That's what we hear every year with every QB you march on the field. How has that worked out for you the last 20 years? byU QBs will get respect from Utah when they earn it on the field. As far as the Texas win goes, that really would have meant something and been impressive .... IF Hill hadn't lost to a horrible Virginia team the week before. Your last five star QB got run out of his own stadium 54-10, remember? But hat's right, byU never gave Utah any respect for that win because in their minds Utah didn't win the game.

"But I think Travis will find BYU's defense to be more like USU's"

Um ... Wilson already beat USU.

Thanks for trying!

Go Utes!!

Payson, UT

Henry Drummond,
The strength of the offensive line is heavily weighted in ESPN's QB rating. Basically everything that happens in yards gained or lost is given a score that is split among the participants of a play.

For example, if a QB is sacked after 2 secs, then the yardage loss (and associated negative score) is mostly given to the O Line. In comparison, if a QB is sacked after 8 secs and he's fled the pocket, then most of the negative points go to the QB.

The concepts of this rating system are very easy to understand but include a lot of complex statistics behind it. It is the measurement for people like you and I who want to consider all the factors that hinder or help a QB in rating whether he is good or not.

The ESPN web page has a good explanation of this and you can always google it. Lots of sports junkies have posted some of the details.

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