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Published: Monday, Sept. 9 2013 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Chris B

You made a similar promise before the BYU at SDSU basketball game during Jimmermania, then reneged on that promise after BYU crushed the Aztecs on national TV.

Why should we believe you this time?

btw, the Utes were WINLESS versus the WAC last year (in the WAC's final year as a football conference). In fact, the Utes have a two-game losing streak in football going versus the WAC.

Of course, if U want to continue that tradition of losing to WAC teams, you could start playing UVU in basketball.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"That's okay because it's going to be a bloodbath."-Kyle Van Noy

Is that the same Kyle Van Noy who was posterized by Westlee Tonga in Utah's first TD of the game last year? That catch coming from a player mind you, who isn't even the best tight end on the Utah team. Yeah bleedcougarblue, byu sure does have better athletes...

Palo Alto, CA


How has it felt to constantly finish behind a "WAC quality" team for most of the last 50 years, including 5 of the 8 seasons during the Bronco/Kyle era?

Year - AP/Coaches/Sagarin - Team - Record

2005 unranked/#55 BYU(6-6) < unranked/#51 Utah(7-5)
2006 #16/#15/#19 BYU(11-2) > unranked/#54 Utah(8-5)
2007 #14/#15/#17 BYU(11-2) > unranked/#34 Utah(9-4)
2008 #25/#21/#32 BYU(10-3) < #2/#4/#5 Utah(13-0)
2009 #12/#12/#15 BYU)11-2) > #18/#18/#24 Utah(10-3)
2010 unranked/#45 BYU(7-6) < ur/#23/#26 Utah(10-3)
2011 ur/#25/#34 BYU(10-3) > unranked/#39 Utah(10-3)
2012 unranked/#26 BYU(8-5) > unranked/#61 Utah(5-7)

Kyle has a bcs win, something BYU has never accomplished.
Bronco has four consecutive AP Top 25 finishes, something Utah has never accomplished.

In fact, the Utes have never had more than two consecutive AP Top 25 finishes, something BYU has accomplished numerous times.

Palo Alto, CA


The same Kyle Van Noy who's going to posterize Wilson this year.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Something that has happened (my example), versus something that hasn't and probably won't (yours). byu fans are nothing if not consistent.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Nice try; overshadowing Utah's domination since 2002, and the y's 8 losses to the U in the last 11 years, by going back 50 years. Every time a y "fan" tries to spin history like that, they are REALLY talking about half of LaVell's seasons and half of Roscoe's seasons, which they want to compare to Utah's down decade or two and to last season.

If we look at the first 50 years (to accommodate those sensitive souls at the y who ignore "The Forgotten Years" before 1922), Utah was dominant the full 50 years. From 1922 through the 1971 season, BYU's record was 173-235-26, a 42% winning record, 1 conference championship and no bowl games.

During that same time period, Utah's record was 296-167-21, a 64% winning record, 19 conference championships, and 3 bowl games.

Utah dominated the head-to-head results, 38-5-4.

Yes, that 1984 y team that backed into a national championship is hard for Ute fans to take. But that was the only undefeated season the y has had in its entire history. Utah has had 4 in since 1922, 2 in the last 10 years.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

Chris B. The amazing (and hilarious at the same time) about all of your smack about BYU being a WAC quality team is that you fail to acknowlege the red elephant standing on the small podium at the bottom of the PAC12.

Utah is a WAC quality team that exists in a AQ conference. Their record support that statement.

Lincoln City, OR

@chris b

I don't know why you belittle WAC programs when the uties bypass them on their schedule to get Big Sky teams to play... Although the one WAC team you did play last year ended up embarrassing y'all so I guess I can see the insecurity being demonstrated...

On 9-21-13 LES

BYU (1-1) 31 uties (2-1) 10

Mark it down.

Palo Alto, CA


What forgotten years before 1922?

Not counting a spring scrimmage that the Utes claimed was a real game in order to even the series, BY Academy won the 1896 to 1898 series over Utah 3-2.

In the last 50 years (modern history), BYU has dominated the Utes:

BYU 30, Utah 20

BYU 398-203-4 (66%)
Utah 314-257-3 (55%)

AP Top 25 Finishes:
BYU 17, Utah 5

Coaches Top 25 Finishes:
BYU 18, Utah 7

If the utesies were really as "dominant" as they claim to be, they would have been ranked more often than BYU, right?

Top 25 Finishes
Bronco 5
Kyle 3

Except for 2004/2008, Utah's "undefeated" seasons are laughable, ZERO 10-win seasons:
7-0, 5-0-2 (shutout by BYU 0-0), 7-0, 8-0, 6-0-2 (tied by BYU 6-6, shutout by Denver 0-0)

BYU has had SIXTEEN 10-win seasons, including ELEVEN 11-win seasons.
Utah has only had SIX 10-win seasons, including only TWO 11-win seasons.

Bronco has had more 11-win seasons since 2006, than the Utes have had in their entire history.

Cougar in Texas
Houston, TX


Posterized: "A slang term depicting a play in basketball. In said play, a player dunks the ball over top or in front of another player, making a play so picturesque that it may appear on a poster, hence the term, posterized."

While your term does not apply, all Tonga did was catch a TD pass after pushing off of Van Noy. Should have been offensive PI.

Van Noy will be in the NFL next year and will be the highest 2014 drafted player of anybody on the field in Provo on 9/21. Nobody with any football knowledge disagrees.

Van Noy's term "bloodbath" referred to the intensity and effort we will see from both teams. He is not predicting what he thinks BYU will do to Utah.

Bountiful, UT

The change in play was remarkable — and quite stark.

“It happens when your players lose their jobs and there’s a sense of urgency,” Mendenhall said

It's about darn time players were held accountable for poor play. Last year it went on for weeks and weeks with Riley Nelson being the chief Captain of poor play. This year one week was all it took.

Nice to have you back Bronco, we've missed you!

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

Last Saturday's game vs Texas reminds me of the good ol' days of the 1980's. I was sooooooo proud.
It also reminded me of the season we beat #3 Oklahoma at the Dallas Cowboy's new stadium, only to come
home and lose to a much lower ranked Florida State.

I also remember how we went to Va. favored by 4, but lost by 3 points.
I also remember how #15 Texas came to Provo favored by 7 but lost by 19 points.

I totally understand and appreciate the celebration of that Texas game all day Sunday. I do not understand
why we are not working our tails off Monday and Tuesday. Why are we waiting until Wednesday to practice for the Utah game?

We should look at this Utah game as a real threat underdog that would love to ruin our season by beating us and put us back on the Va. type low that we experienced just a couple weeks ago.

We can not go into this Utah game knowing that we will beat them. Instead, we must go into that came prepared to protect our new high, wich we found in the Texas game last Saturday.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Ronald Uharriet

BYU did practice Monday; they simply didn't start practicing specifically for Utah until Wednesday.

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT


"Van Noy's term "bloodbath" referred to the intensity and effort we will see from both teams. He is not predicting what he thinks BYU will do to Utah."

Bloodbath defined: an event or situation in which many people are killed in a violent manner.

While no player will literally be killed in the game, don't kid yourself by thinking KVN wouldn't like to try and take out the opposition all by himself. He's never beaten the Utes, and there's a good chance he never will. And unfortunately for KVN, there are plenty of Utes players who would also like to take out KVN and Co. as well. Literal bloodbath, no. Genuine hatred and angst leading to both teams giving maximum effort on every single play of the game? Without a doubt. This "bloodbath" is going to be extremely entertaining!

Go Utes!

American Fork, UT

@Tilka - It's not about Torque. Actually, you can have disc problems pretty easily. I learned that the hard way. Williams will be fine. They will treat it with ice, heat and some other therapy to help the muscles relax. Actually, that is what causes so much pain. The muscles over react to protect the disc and as a result, they press down on the spinal cord. That is what causes the pain. Once the muscles relax, the disc will heal and he'll be fine. I expect him to be at full strength by game time.

American Fork, UT

Keys to BYU defeating Utah.
1. O-Line must continue to improve.
2. Hill must become more accurate with 10-15 yard pass. He doesn't need to throw it so hard at that distance but to show some touch.
3. Defense must be able to stop Ute running game and force them to pass. (A one dimensional Utah offense is good for BYU)
4. Defense must put pressure on QB. (They don't have to sack him but they must be able to knock him down multiple times.)
5. Safeties must help the corners. Linebackers will be able to create a lot of havoc so safeties can provide assistance.

There are still many questions to be answered for both teams. Nobody really knows how good or bad these two teams really are. The game on the 21st is going to answer that question. If BYU O-Line can do it's job and produce holes, it will be a very long night for Utah fans. If that is the case, Bronco needs to follow the pattern from movie Remember the Titans. "Run it up Herman. Leave no doubt."

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