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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 10 2013 7:25 a.m. MDT

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Mount Pleasant, UT

This young man certainly knows what is right for him to do and I'm so proud of him and his choice to serve the Lord. If only more of us could have the vision, the desire and determination to do what we know is right whether others in the world agree or not. Wow...what a choice young man - he will be successful in anything he does because of the love and faith he has in the Lord.

Salt Lake City, UT

And if Coach Chow is for some reason no longer the coach at UH in two years, expect to see this Elder at BYU. That could also feasibly be part of the plan.

Salem, UT

Well done Elder, well done!

South Jordan, UT

This gives BYU time to recruit "the ones that got away". Part of their plan.

Cinci Man

This young man has great character and I hope to learn that his sacrifices paid off for him personally. But the main thing I get from this story is that others will be blessed by his sacrifice. He will benefit, for sure. But the lives he will touch are of great worth to God.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


This gives Utah time to recruit "the ones that got away". Part of their plan.

pot meet kettle


There are 2 missions between Baltimore and Luray VA, are you sure you got the right mission? Sounds like it ought to be the DC South mission, Not Baltimore.

Bountiful, UT

Remarkable young man and I'm sure remarkable parents, family and community. Individuals like Elder Zwahlen make this world a better place!

Kjirstin Youngberg
Mapleton, UT

If this kid comes back and plays for Hawaii, I may have to start rooting for them!

West Jordan, UT

Nice story; however after two years in the mission field, desires and commitments may change and a good chance that Chow won't be there to coach him after his mission. Better chance he'll decide to go to BYU after the mission--that's a better option than Hawaii;

Maurertown, VA


This Elder is in the Maryland, Baltimore Mission. I have met this Elder while he was on exchanges to our unit and he is amazing. This mission is very exciting for the missionaries because at one point of their missions, they could be serving on bikes in down town Baltimore and the next in cars on the back roads of the Shenandoah Valley. I don't know the exact boundaries of the Baltimore Maryland mission but Luray VA, Woodstock VA, Winchester VA and Romney WV is in our Stake which is the Winchester VA Stake.

The look that missionaries have when they come out into the mission field is funny because they hear Baltimore Maryland but then they end up in VA on the border with WV with not city around.

At one time, our stake was in the DC South mission but that changed about 10 years ago and 1/2 of the missionaries went to the DC South mission and the boundaries changed and the other half stayed where they were and it became the Maryland Baltimore Mission.

andrews afb, MD

@SFunk Don't forget berryville, front royal, stephens city, harpers ferry , and petersburg we are in the winchester stake too. He is in the Balt, MD mission. You wouldn't think so but the configuration is a bit werid. From Balt, MD the Mission spreads out like a funnel..

Farmington, UT

A great account of a young man willing to serve, just like tens of thousands of others who have put their lives on hold to serve the Master. I am grateful for each one of them.

With respect to where he might or might not play, how about you just let him serve his mission for the next 22 or so months?

Phoenix, AZ

Great article about a great young man. We have heard many stories like this before, but I hope we never tire of hearing them or telling them.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

Do the LDS people engage in hero worship much?

Surf is Up
Miami, FL

@A Scientist "Do the LDS people engage in hero worship much?"

If you mean do we admire people who do great and wonderful things, and encourage our children to follow their example then, yes, I would say most do.

If you mean supposed heroes of the secular crowd like Richard Dawkins. Not so much. That would then be "zero worship"

Harwich, MA

@Scientist...your point was missed...again. Hero worship is as part of mormonism as green jello.

There is an interesting double edged sword kind of thing going on here.
Zwahlen sacrifices his athletics to go on a mission and it's so wonderful and inspiring.
Jimmer (and others) don't go and that's inspiring too because they're on a "different" kind of mission.

Somebody want to clarify here?


Is it possible for educated people, including scientists, to not know the difference between worshiping a hero and holding a hero up as a shining example to be admired? Apparently so. I'll tell you what Dennis and Scientist - when we do any the following to this missionary/quarterback or to green jello:

Reference them as gods;
Call them perfect in every way;
Claim they bring salvation;
Pray to them or in their name;
Sing Hallelujah to them;
Rename our church after them;
Give them different, generic names or titles to avoid irreverent repetition of their real names,

then you'll know we worship them. How sad to be void of people you admire, if you are truly unable to admire others and extol their virtues without worshiping them. Also, what does it say about a person who would read an uplifting article about a good an decent person just to disparage those who admire him?

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA


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