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Published: Monday, Sept. 9 2013 6:40 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The south title is looking more likely all the time.

Don't call me lucky when it happen.

The winner will have 3 losses and I think that's all we get.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Kyle has proven he can have top 5 teams.

So has Erickson

It's only a matter if time until they take us back to where we belong

Within 3 years we will be in rose bowl

Hank Pym

re: Chris B

"The south title is looking more likely all the time."

Its a wide open race to everyone except CU... How long did it take before they put away Cent Arkansas?

UCLA IMO should win the P12 South. The Utes have a chance but need to split w/ Oregon & Stanford as well as the LA schools.

Gilbert, AZ

Unfortunately for U christy, WSU simply proved they're a real threat to Utah's "likely" wins, while the Trojans, even in an off year, still have enough fire power to handle the Utes in the Colosseum. With the Utes already looking ahead to BYU, even a less than stellar OSU poses a serious threat to Utah's bowl prospects.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"25% of the PAC 12 Football Head Coaches are former BYU players or coaches!"


And yet the old alma mater somehow can't hire an alum.

As you said, "Interesting, very, very interesting!"

Phoenix, AZ

You're dreaming Chris B. ASU owns Utah. ASU will sitton (pun for Will Sutton) all over you. ASU owns the south this year. ASU will will play for the PAC-12 championship.

Mormons for Devils (ASU)!

Wally West


You think the P12 C'ship will have the Devils go to Eugene & get stomped? No. That "honor" belongs to UCLA.

New York, NY

phoenix, I don't think the Utes will look past OSU. It may have been true of Utah players once upon a time, but current Utah players do not consider the game against BYU to be their "Super Bowl." At this point, it's much more likely that Utah would look past BYU to their next conference opponent. Beating BYU is/would be nice, but Utah has bigger fish to fry. I'm not delusional enough to think there's much of a chance of such success this year, but Utah can lose to BYU and still play in the Rose Bowl (and a win against BYU doesn't help the Rose Bowl case, unless overall record is part of a tiebreak scenario).

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Note from WSU to U of U. "Thank you for taking our spot I the basement of the PAC".

Now I see why Utah was invited into the PAC. It makes perfect sense now.

Hyrum, UT

@ Chris B:

You keep touting how worthy the Utes are of their PAC affiliation. And yet every year they've been in the conference, they gone 0-4 before realizing what hit them... the exact same number you mistakingly think will be the result of September 21st. There is a big difference. Utah is not yet 4-0 against BYU this time around (nor will they be), while Utah has already gone 0-4 against it's PAC opponents... not once, but back to back.

BTW: No one, but no ever thinks of you as lucky, Chris. Nor will they call you that, since the odds of getting the southern title this year are even smaller than beating BYU. Being called lucky should be the least of your concerns. Mark it down.

Hyrum, UT

@ UteExpat:

If Utah doesn't consider the BYU game their Superbowl of the year, then their fans certainly do. You guys have been bringing up that game in every single football article since before the season began. And just like in this article, it's usually first mentioned by a Ute fan. Please recall how Ute fans rushed the field not once, but 3 different times at the end of last year's game with BYU, and had to be kept from taking down the goal posts. Yes, without question, it was and is their Superbowl game. In light of the evidence, it's delusional to think otherwise.

BYW: You certainly haven't been able to fry any bigger fish than BYU the past few years. And since Utah has recently not been able to make it self eligible for any post-season bowl games, the BYU game has had to serve as their bowl game of the year.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Down under and Tators,

Just remember, however "bad" we are, you're WORSE.

you can't beat us!


Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Like I said earlier, we are making progress. Chris B finally admits that the u is bad. We will see just how bad they are as the season roll along.

BYU will end up with a better ranking and a better record by the end of the year even with a tougher schedule.
Yes, Utah's SOS just tanked with the loss of USC. BYU's SOS is now better.

Hyrum, UT

@ Samurai Jake:

I'll take your word for it that "ignorance must be bliss". Your statements prove that you would know.

As you yourself noted, the key word in my original statement was "recently". And it's true. In the most recent year, Utah was not able to qualify for a bowl game... no if's, and's or but's. And playing in 9 previous bowl games doesn't change that fact.

It's also a fact that Utah was the only one of the 3 big in-state schools to not qualify for a bowl game last year. A person would have to be living in blissful ignorance to dispute that.

And if you recall the way Utah fans stormed the field after the BYU game last year, it was totally obvious that they considered it to be their bowl game of the year. And it eventually proved itself to be that, since no other bowl game was forthcoming.

Las Vegas, NV


KVN - Utah is our Superbowl!

Enough said!

Go Utes!!

The Utah win on 9/21 will be the fourth in a row and will begin the third straight decade of Utah dominance over the little brothers down south.

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT


"Last year" and "recently" are two different things. "Game" and "games" are two different things. Trying to stretch out a single college football season, to make it sound like our bowl absence was anything more than one game = ignorance.

I wasn't arguing that Utah stayed home, and TDS and USU went bowling (all facts). Lame attempt to try and spin something I never disputed.

And let me ask you this: does JD Falslev react the same way he did losing to the Utes, versus other opponents? Yet it's only a "Superbowl" for the Utes? Please. You know in your heart of hearts, there's not a bigger game on your schedule than Sept. 21st. Rankings and SOS aside, you know there's not a bigger game in your mind. Best of luck two Saturdays from now!

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

@Tators and other trolls
The only ones putting an emphasis on the Y game is you and others on Ute boards not to mention what the Y players have said. All Ute player and fans are focused on OSU. It is funny that this fact is driving utter hysterics from the BYU players and fan base.

Las Vegas, NV


"Unfortunately for U christy, WSU simply proved they're a real threat to Utah's "likely" wins"

An offense that only scores one field goal the entire game is a real threat?

Must be a Utah County thing!!

Go Utes!!

Murray, UT


If 25% of the PAC 12 head coaches are former BYU players or alumni please tell me why BYU fans keep claiming that there is an anti Mormon bias throughout the PAC 12? That constant refrain from BYU fans makes no sense to me. And you can include David Gardner in that mix since he was also a BYU alum and former President of the University of California system which includes Cal and UCLA.

Palo Alto, CA


You're obviously ignoring the defensive side of the ledger; a defense that only gave up one touchdown to USC in the Colosseum could be a huge threat to Utah's bowl hopes in Pullman.

Must a hill thing!

Go Cougars!

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