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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 10 2013 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

Intriguing or a setup. I may be just a low minded, suspicious type, but this just smells too much like another goobermint false flag.

Durham, NC

If Russia can play an active role in de-escalating this situation, good for them. If Russia's move to disarm Syria's chemical weapons is in response to the US threat of escalation, good for us. It is a high stakes game the two nations are playing... hopefully the Syrian people come out winners in the end.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Most likely just a ploy to give congress one more reason to vote no.

Murray, UT

Ironic that Kerry says something he didn't mean, and now it could pave the way to a solution to the current problem, a solution that the administration doesn't want.

Now, by a verbal accident, we will find out if the democrats in office are interested in a peaceful solution, or if they just want wage war for the thrill of being big and tough.

This should be interesting and enlightening indeed!

Corona, CA

The key will be in Russia and Syria actually following through. It could be a delay or ploy for time. To counter that the UN should up their game and so should the US. The people of the USA are tired of paying for war in blood and taxes for zero benefit to our people or country, only the defense industry benefits.

J Thompson

Obama didn't have the votes from Congress to bomb Syria. He knows that several members of the House have said that they would start impeachment procedings if he bombed Syria without Congressional approval.

Accepting Russia's offer is the only way that he can claim a victory. He acted as if he were the entire government. He's learned that there is a separation of powers and that because their is a separation of powers, he would face impeachment procedings if he abused his authority.

Let's hope that Russia's proposal will be totally accepted and that Syria will comply 100%. It's not up to Obama to verify anything. The United Nations will appoint inspectors from several countries. Surely, some of those inspectors will be from the United States, but Obama will not be in charge of those inspections. In fact, Russia will use its influence to nullify anything that Obama proposes.

clearfield, UT

I hope everyone realizes that Russia and Syria are like the U.S. and Britain. In other words, Russia is not going to harm Syria with any deal. Syria will be able to keep Assad in power, which is their number one objective. And if Syria gives up a few weapons, what's to say they don't get some new and improved versions from Russia a little later. Oh that's right, no country makes chemical weapons anymore due to treatys signed by all. Yeah, I believe everyone is telling the truth. Kum by ya.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

We must assume that Russia is representing its own self interests. But the U.S. has nothing to lose by welcoming the overture to talk while keeping its options open.


Mohokat says, We have witnessed the ineptness and lack of leadership of the POTUS. The USA was erased from the Super Power list overnight.Something that BO has wanted to accomplish.Russia out performed him so completely.

If the United States had made this offer, Syria would have rejected it out of hand. They will consider it as it came from an ally. It has the potential to be a peaceful solution to a no-win problem.

Perhaps the US is behind it. The President and Putin may have very well discussed it. Perhaps not.

Cashmere, WA

I'll bet Israel is foaming at the mouth by a possible delay or total stopping of bombing Syria.

We are continually being dragged into conflits not only for our own reasons, but to appease the radicals in Israel that would have us wipe out all surrounding countires they feel are a threat. A little paranoia is a good thing in todays world, but the idea that we allow our selves to be manipulated so easily, is outrageous.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

"The USA was erased from the Super Power list overnight."

Who was it that erased us off the list?
Who has taken our place spending 10x more than the rest of the world?
Do you actually read what you post?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

No boots on the ground for ten years and no rush to war.

Ivins, UT

Stay out of the middle east and let the Biblical prophecies take place as they must and will.
The heathen nations north of Palestine (GOG) are becoming more and more apparent. Read Exekiel 37 & 38, Joel 3, Zechariah 12 and 13 for a start and become informed by the best source possible.

Sorry to refer to scriptures which turn off some folks but the answers are there for us if we really want them. Keep America out of the perils of the middle east Mr.Obama, you are way in over your head.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The USA was erased from the Super Power list overnight."

By getting Russia to put together a plan so that the US won't need to attack Syria? By potentially getting what we want (removal of chemical weapons) without firing a shot? On the contrary, this shows we have more influence than I thought because this happened even when it was likely that Congress would make the threat of a US strike a bluff.

Ivins, UT

For you non scriptural folks, the middle east conflict is about Muslim against Muslim, who in turn combine to hate and push for the destruction of Israel.It is all about hate and mayhem. President Obama has delusions because of his Muslim upbringing that he was born to bring about the changes that he thinks the world needs. He has proved himself wrong during his five year rule over America, failing on all counts. He is no match for Russia's Putin. Hang on folks, we are in for a long, hard journey with Obama at the helm sailing in very troubled seas.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


The situation is convoluted enough without bringing Biblical texts into the equation. We can't create useful or relevant foreign policy based on the improbability that passages written centuries ago refer to things to happen in our times.

Henderson, NV

The editors write "Syria, meanwhile, has consistently denied ... that it possesses any chemical weapons at all." This is incorrect. Syria neither confirms nor denies the possession of chemical weapons. This strategy mirrors Israel's strategy of neither confirming nor denying the possession of nuclear weapons.
Quite honestly, it is dispiriting to see such lack of knowledge among the opinion leaders of this country.

St.George, Utah

Our President has given legislators a chance to weigh in on the Syria crisis.
While doing so, diplomacy has sprung forth throughout Russia and numerous other countries.
No one wants a war. The majority of people throughout the world want to live in peace.
Leaders, such a Assad, should not be able to kill his countrymen, just as no other leader should be able to do this.
It appears to be tricky, slippery slope to try to punish such a terrorist as he gasses innocent people. We have witnessed such atrocities throughout history. America, at times turning our heads and closing our eyes, or feeling helpless unless we actually go to war to defend innocent people.
Looks as though President Obama and President Putin put their heads together at their recent meeting and came away with another way to handle this. President Obama, graciously, let President Putin go forth to the world with this new proposal to stop further killing in Syria and possibly elsewhere.
John Kerry will be receiving an Academy Award in 2014 for his outstanding performance.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's a good development for sure. I just hope they follow through on their promise so we don't have to deliver the promised response. But we've seen promises like this before (from North Korea, Iraq, and others) they just kept promising until they get what they want, but never do what they promised to do.

I hope this one works.

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

You know Craig Clark, our foreign policy for years now has been so uncertain that maybe a turn to the Bible might be worth a try. Couldn't be any worse.


I think Putin is the one taking his power and influence to the region now that we in the U.S. seem to want a standown for a while. That would be expected of the American people with the never ending wars going on there and our involvement that really hasn't changed anything for the region.

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