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Published: Monday, Sept. 9 2013 10:05 a.m. MDT

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LDS Aerospace Engineer
Farmington, UT

I am an Aerospace Engineer.

When people ask me who I work for, I tell them "Bank of America" -
Because most of what I earn goes to them!

I also work for United Healthcare, Big Oil, the State of Utah and the Federal Government.

My family and I try to scratch out a living on the 15% that is left over.


I liked Dave's comment that his child was "broke"; at least it makes you think. I think that Mr Ramsey's children will be taught to work, and that it will do them good.

Still let's acknowledge:

1. The wealth "aristocracy" ( we are familiar with just a few prominent names) contrive to keep their wealth in the family. Some of their children may get by without hard work, although a work ethic is often instilled to some extent. Their heirs start life with advantages that most never have.

2. There are white collar criminals who gain wealth by deceit, fraudulent representations rather than hard work. There is "insider trading".

3. Still others gain "filthy lucre" by dishonest and discreditable means. These may be respected businessmen who "corner a market" or mark up products by several times their value, sell shoddy products, or underpay employees while there is an enlarged labor pool.

4. Others live off wealthy spouses or manipulating the legal system (in questionable lawsuits).

5. Dire Straits sang about "Money for Nothing" gained by "entertainers".

Still a good, industrious man will likely never starve.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT


I see what you are trying to get at with your statement. However, even people who inherit great wealth can become broke in a short amount of time if they don't work. With work, in my mind it isn't about hard labor. Work is getting up and doing whatever it is you do to legitimately pull in an honest income (selling drugs, weapons etc not included).

If I'm a day trader and can create wealth doing that. Then it still requires me to stay on top of it, stay on top of what's going on making decisions etc.

If I mow lawns, then it requires me to get business, mow the lawn, hire employees etc.

I can give you one example after another of people that win the lottery, inherit money, earn the money and then lose it.

You always have the government that wants to take your money, family that wants to take it, entitled people that don't work that want it, sale people etc.

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