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Published: Monday, Sept. 9 2013 9:50 a.m. MDT

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spring street

"Tolerance is a relative term in society today, especially for the left"
since when in our history have we been expected to show tolerance towards the Oppressors? As Phranc says you are not a victim!

Bountiful, UT

Even with the new BSA policy in place, lawsuits are going to come flooding in from disenfranchised youth who feel discriminated against. It is impossible to filter the activities, comments, stories and jokes that youth between the ages of 12 and 18 will be saying. I would never consent to being a Scout Leader under these circumstances, nor would I have allowed my four sons, all Eagle Scouts, to participate under this new BSA policy. It represents enormous exposure and risk for BSA sponsoring organizations and adult leaders.

Morgan Hill, CA

@Phranc, It's funny how the politically correct community throws the word "hate" around much the same way that right wing Protestants throw around the word "cult." In both cases, they never seem to define their use of those terms. I am forced to conclude, therefore, that "Hate" simply consists of any opinion or perspective which happens to be different from that of liberals.

It's cleverly Orwellian how this works -- liberals are forever talking about concepts like "tolerance", "pluralism", "inclusiveness", and "diversity." When someone (such as the Boy Sclouts or Chick Fil-A) puts them to the test and calls on them to actually practice what they preach, however, then liberals whine that they are "offended," and their commitment to those concepts mysteriously disappears.

mid-state, TN

@sashabill --

"I am forced to conclude, therefore, that "Hate" simply consists of any opinion or perspective which happens to be different from that of liberals."

Pro-gay opinions don't kill people. Anti-gay opinions do.

That's a huge difference -- and a huge justification for recognizing that one side is filled with true hatred of the other.

Tooele, UT

Re: "As Phranc says you are not a victim!"

Well, there you have it! Phranc says it. What more do we need?

There's certainly no victimhood involved in the vile discrimination against Church members, Church property, and Church beliefs in the wake of Prop 8. It was simply a case of evildoers getting a taste of their own.

Just like Kristallnacht.

Move along. No hate here to see. Just "victims," victimizing those with whom they disagree.

Dr. Goebbels would be so proud!

Buena Vista, VA

Just now I got an email (because of my involvement in the BSA at the district level) about a huge celebration on Oct 29 in the conference center celebrating 100 years of LDS in scouting. Council leaders from all over the country are invited to attend. And it will be broadcast, and LDS church buildings all over the USA to help recruit scouts, not just to LDS units, but to all units. Bottom line, the Church is still supporting the BSA.

One comment mentioned 15 yr olds who get their eagle but their parents did all the work. Sad that that can happen, but many times the youth really do the stuff. I certainly did, back in 1985, but I also credit those who helped me.

spring street


what specific discrimination against church members or church believes? Have church member been killed for no other reason then being church members by the gay community? Gay people have often been beaten and killed for being gay. Has the church' belief's been outlawed l;like gay marriage? the couple examples of vandalize were wrong and should not have occurred but to claim you are a victim is laughable.

Do any of you really believe that the founding fathers were worried about showing tolerance towards king George. Do any of you think that most of the members of the civil rights movement was worried about showing tolerance of heir oppressors. Do you think Gandhi cared if he offended the government of India? This Idea that we need to show tolerance towards oppression is silly.

West Valley, UT

What I don't like about the BSA policy is the phrase "openly gay." What does that mean? Is it someone that suffers from same gender attraction, and is open about the temptation to be strengthened and help others going through the same thing? Or does it mean someone that would attend a pride parade and thinks homosexuality is ok,but has not yet had sex? There is a big difference there.

Salt Lake City, UT

As a side note question,

Is anyone else struggling with "Friends of Scouting"? I've supported in the past and am an Eagle Scout but feel as if things have changed. I feel uncomfortable donating. Anyone else?

Sorry Charlie!

So I get the whole join us for adventure and leadership part. They are going to do activities and groups like this certainly like to lead others but how exactly do you join someone for character?

Sorry Charlie!

no actually for the first time in two decades I feel like I finally recognize my beloved boy scouts again. I feel like i can finally pull my eagle scout out and show it with pride again.

Salt Lake City, UT

I love it! Someone is still inspired on the side of Jesus Christ.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

Ted, I know of an Eagle Scout who spent dozens of hours planning and doing the take down of a historic cabin which was moved to another location (long story). There were adults involved, but the young man and his contemporaries numbered the logs, expended a lot of energy and worked on days when the temperatures were 90 to 100. This cabin was a part of the Santa Fe Trail, and the logs are old and fragile so that posed another difficulty. Yet the job was done, and now it is being reassembled as a part of another scout's Eagle Project. The boys have learned about 1800s log cabin construction, effects of water and time, how to reassemble logs around windows and a door and how to reinforce an old structure without taking away from its antiquity. I haven't covered many of the details of this project because it was too hot for me to observe very long!
Many history preservers of the community are so pleased that this project has been achieved.

American Fork, UT

Religion can step in and wreck nearly everything.

Los Angeles, CA

It is unfortunate that so many parents are fearful of homosexuality and homosexuals that they find BSA an unacceptable organization for their sons.

Santa Monica, CA

@Ted...I'm sorry if the Eagle Scouts that you know are a lazy bunch of losers. The ones I've had the pleasure to know have worked hard to attain that level of success. I would be happy to give an Eagle Scout the benefit of the doubt if he had included that accomplishment on his resume.

Silver Spring, MD

This new organization will be "gay-free" up to and until the first boys start joining. Then it, like the rest of society, will have gay people in it.

As some one who knew he was gay from a young age and hid the truth, I can tell you that policies such as this do nothing but intimidate and harm, giving good kids nowhere to turn for help.

A far better approach is to let kids know they are loved, and that honesty is a good thing.

It turned out to be so in my case, and the story had a good ending, complete with love and acceptance by those that mattered most to me. For others, not so much.

And that is very sad.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I loved the song, Dear Abby by John Prine. You have no complaints. You are what you are and you ain't what you ain't. So listen up buster and listen up good. Stop wishing for bad luck and stop knocking on wood. Singed, Dear Abby.


@ spring street: "since when in our history have we been expected to show tolerance towards the Oppressors?"

Thank you for proving my point. Apparently the left are the guardians of what "oppression" is, and therefore can make the determination for society who is worthy of tolerance and who is not?

This is the core hypocrisy of the left. Tolerance is only for those they agree with. Since I choose to obey God and follow His commandments, I am labeled a "bigot" and marginalized by the left.


@ spring street: " Do any of you think that most of the members of the civil rights movement was worried about showing tolerance of heir oppressors."

Have you ever bothered to read any of Martin Luther King Jr.'s sermons or writings? Your comment indicates you have not. Ghandi and MLK advocated and practiced passive means to change society, showing respect and love toward all in it.

The LGBT want rights and control so they can oppress religious groups who disagreed with them. This is why they use the court system, bullying of those who donate to support Prop 8, and by calling people who disagree with them "bigots". There is no tolerance in that movement for anyone but those who agree with them. The pessure on the BSA was not to open it to gay kids, but to destroy it for fighting and winning court battles in past.

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