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Published: Monday, Sept. 9 2013 9:50 a.m. MDT

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Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

I wonder how much harm will be done to young boys who will be forced to join this organization by their parents then have to hide their real identity. How very sad. Hopefully this group doesn't get a lot of support and it withers and goes away.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

I just wrote a check to the BSA for friends of scouting for triple the amount I paid last year. I encourage all those that value scouting to do the same. The new policy is inline with the LDS Church and deserves the support of its members.


Everyone's "real identity" is as a son or daughter of God. Homosexuality is not an identity - it is a behavior. Same-sex attraction can be a part of someone's identity, but the behavior of acting out with someone of the same sex is not. Since I struggled with SSA earlier in my life, and no longer do, I can speak to the reality of this statement.

I am sure this group will be met with extreme attacks and backlash from the gay activist groups. Tolerance is a relative term in society today, especially for the left.

Layton, UT

The LDS church has their Faith in God and Duty to God programs which support the BSA message of morality. It is too bad that the evangelicals are abandoning BSA when BSA's reach is much further than their own congregations.

Tooele, UT

Re: "The new policy is inline with the LDS Church and deserves the support of its members."

So far.

There's no question that BSA National Council gave-in to pressure once, which leads to well-founded fears it may do so again. I agree that the current policy is one we can cautiously live with. Questions remain, however, and caution is certainly appropriate.

This new scouting organization will probably not be our solution, however, to BSA going further off the rails. Its claim to be modeled after the American Heritage Girls gives reason to expect it will require a confession of faith similar to theirs. It begins: "We believe that there is One Triune God . . . ."

While we might argue we can agree to such a statement, assuming we get to define terms as we see fit, the organization would likely disagree. Most likely, we will end up, like the Catholics, with an organization of our own.

Most LDS Scouters are resigned to an admission that the real question is not whether, but rather, when.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thank God someone is willing to keep up the vigil against tolerance.
If boys can't learn intolerance from the Boy Scouts or their church, who will teach them the correct groups to marginalize?

Woods Cross, UT

Can thenew group deliver a quality experience at a lower cost? Scouting has grown into a money pit. The merit badges are approaching $3 each. Council camps are very expensive. Uniforms, equipment, etc. are all heavy burdens on sponsoring organizations. And "Friends of Scouting" goes towards paying six-figure salaries for professional scouters. It does not stay with the local unit. Much in Scouting to admire. But Scouting COULD improve itself.

Danish American
Payson, UT

Everyone, including Ralph, talks about tolerance and bullying. And yet it was a huge bullying effort by the LGBT that forced the BSA to change. Talk about tolerance, Ralph. The reason I won't write another check to the BSA is because they let themselves be bullied. The only way to stop bullies is by standing up to them.

tucson, az

With genome research still in its infancy, epigenetics and genetic expression is attempting to answer the question of obligated homosexuality. Activists will not wait when they have a political opening. The Supreme Court and others make political decisions before medicine and science show us the results of the path we will take. Theories abound from genes to a germ or pathogen in the environment. We should not normalize homosexuality until more research is done.

Morgan Hill, CA

"Walk worthy"?? That's interesting, considering that conservative Protestants are forever harping on how we are all inherently UNworthy.


I don't know how this new organization is going to be any different from the Boy Scouts. From the article it says, "Leaders say scouts who are gay will be allowed in, as long as they don't promote or engage in any sexual behavior that is a distraction to the program....Young men having same-sex attractions will not be excluded from the organization, though they will not be permitted to push a gay agenda or flaunt their sexual orientation."

How is this any different from the Boy Scouts as it currently stands now? Sorry if I don't see a difference between the two. It sounds like in either organization all are welcome to join and all are expected to live by the scouting oath.

The Economist
Newport, PA

I think the Boy Scouts should be congratulated on their new policy. They are still NOT advocating the having of sex: homosexual or heterosexual. They are only allowing a young man to be honest about experiencing a Same-Sex Attraction without the threat of being kicked out. This new group is using the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" philosophy.

As far as the Mornon Church goes, the new BSA policy brings the Boy Scouts in line with the Honor Code at BYU that discourages sex, but allows a student to be honest about experiencing a Same-Sex Attraction. This has been amplified by General Authorities who have made it clear that experiencing a Same-Sex Attraction and being honest about it is NOT a SIN. The church has not changed it's policy of only advocating sex within heterosexual marriage. The negativity and accusations directed toward people experiencing a Same-Sex Attraction is wrong. The message should only be what the church offers towards those with Same-Sex Attraction and that is a life of Celibacy.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Institutions are caving to feminism, gays and illegal aliens.
What BSA and the LDS Church are doing is predictable but disappointing.
When they sacrificed The Family Proclamation I knew we were in trouble.

Provo, UT

Comtrary to what some people think, the boy scouts of america are not an LDS based group. The LDS only sponsor some of the units. Many religious groups sponsor units. And the Scouting is and should be open to all boys.

Tooele, UT

Re: ". . . who will teach them the correct groups to marginalize?"

No worries there. Leftist and LGBT groups are out in full force to do that.

There's no shortage of liberals willing to suggest, to anyone who will listen, who it's politically correct to hate

One of a Few
Layton, UT

Probably stretches the definition of bullying to label a marginalized group a bully for standing up to the real bullies. LGBT aren't guilty until proven innocent. If the conservatives can't answer the question about why God made folks whose gender identities and attractions are different from there own and at least on the LDS side - our leaders have said they can't, then forget tolerance, we should be preaching and living loving acceptance and if God doesn't like it, hopefully He will let us know in more detail.

Cache county, USA

So lets ask yourself this.
Parents push there boy to this new program.
Later on in life the boy puts this on his résumé that he is a eagle of the trails system.
The hiring manager is homosexual.
By doesn't get the job.

Provo, UT

If we Christians want to have an impact on society, we need to be a part of society. A Christian's influence on mainstream organizations, education and politics is much greater when we are a part of those things--not when we break away. We live in a Republic which means we are all in this together and we don't always get our way--even on really important issues.

Saint George, UT

Good comment aggielove, but I've got a better one.
I'm at my desk ready for interviews.
Young man has Eagle Scout on resume'
I have general knowledge of how hard moms and dads worked for these awards while young man probably did next to nothing. 15 yr old stands in front of group with deer in the headlights look on face to accept award.
He may or may not get job because award doesn't mean what it use too and this shows during the interview.


this never ending whining by the oppressors is really getting old. I am sorry you can longer openly oppress the gay community without people fighting against it but guess what your rights have not been taken away you can still hate all you want you just cant use the government or organizations that choose not to go along with you to do it. YOU ARE NOT VICTIMS.

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