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Published: Sunday, Sept. 8 2013 8:05 p.m. MDT

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Iowa City, IA

Have to give the game ball to BYU for most impressive victory, helmet sticker to USU, and an awkward smile to utah for beating up Weber State.


Still difficult to gauge these teams, need to see more games, but great they all got wins!

Payson, UT

Holy war will be a good one.

We all know BYU can't pass but they have a strong run game.

Utah has a strong run defense, but a rebuilding secondary.

On paper, BYU should have the advantage because of their defense, but the cougars also have a hard time filtering their emotions, so the difference could really come down to those extra unsportsmanlike conduct calls the cougars so proudly claim in emotional games.

Utah special teams also has an advantage that should turn this to the utes favor.

Keep the awkward smiles coming...
Go utes!

River Falls, WI

Congrats to all three teams, it truly was a great weekend of football for the state of Utah.

I was surprised to read that the PAC12 was 8-0 against the MWC... not because of the lop-sidedness of the games, but because I have been assured by many many Utah fans on these boards that playing MWC teams indicates a low-caliber football program. How is it that the whole league that Utah competes in feels different from the fans on the hill? Maybe SOS and the number of stars a recruit has might not actually be as important as winning games. Novel idea. Go Cougs!

Farmington, UT

Let me get this straight: It's totally OK to be a jerk and without class towards your opponent as long as you give them their share of the gate receipts? And if you mention it you might not be invited back?

Whittingham said he was glad Utah wasn't going to face Air Force when they left the MWC; Utah didn't need to continue to play BYU and the Utes didn't want to continue to play USU? Poor philosophy to eliminate potential opponents.

Wasn't it just a few years ago when Utah was ahead by a substantial score that they did an on-side kick against Wyoming and their coached showed what he thought of it with a hand signal?

How come deviant, boorish behavior is not only not pointed out in the press, it is acceptable and even justified? What gives here? Is it all because it's the mighty PAC 12, a conference where the leaders are asking why they must slice the pie to give Utah a share and the bottom feeders are applauding Utah for helping them move up out of the basement?

Talk about a severe lack of class!! (Max was right!)



yeah how about winning your opening game. lol Have fun playing in the helicopter bowl. It must be terrible not having anything to play for after losing one game.

River Falls, WI

RE: bpack88

So BYU beats the 15th ranked team in the country, Utah shows the most offense they have in a long time, and the Aggies roll over a decent AF team... so I congratulate all three. I go on to point out that PAC12 teams are playing a lot of MWC cupcakes, and your response is "yeah how about winning your opening game"? What gives?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Wiscougarfan

Utah was one of the teams who beat a MWC this season. And they have a MWC team scheduled for the next two seasons. I'm not sure what your point was supposed to be.

@ toosmartforyou

Utah passed the ball a total of five times in the entire second half, and not once after the 6-minute mark in the third quarter. The Utes ran the same run play (with no starters in) over and over and over again. What are they supposed to do, punt the ball on first down so Weber wouldn't have its feelings hurt? This is FBS college football; not everybody gets a participation trophy, and if you don't come to play you're going to get smashed. Hilarious that BYU fans are offended about Weber St. getting ran over by Utah's third and fourth string though.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

After finishing off byu for the FOURTH time in a row, it should be obvious to everyone in Utah why the U is moving away from playing Utah teams.

byu, usu, weber, area all a step below us.

We are better than you.

And if we want an easy win, its better for recruiting to play someone like Fresno where we need to continue recruiting.

River Falls, WI

Re: Two For Flinching

"Utah was one of the teams who beat a MWC this season. And they have a MWC team scheduled for the next two seasons. I'm not sure what your point was supposed to be."

You'd have to read my post to understand.

Farmington, UT

@ Two For

The point wasn't what happened in the second half. The article mentions what happened at the end of the first half. You will recall that Utah was ahead 49 - 0 at half time. I guess Whittingham didn't want to think that WSU might mount a comeback, huh?

I realize that you can't tell your team to not score when they have the ball, but apparently whatever happened to end the half the Weber State coaches felt was inappropriate. That's what I based my comment on, not how many times Utah passed the ball. Maybe they should have put in the 2nd and 3rd stringers much earlier. I do remember Lavell Edwards saying once that putting in the 2nd string wasn't necessarily a move that helped an opponent because they were just a bit behind the starters but were fresh, rested and anxious to play and prove they should be a starter.

Kind of hilarious that Utah fans all want to say that Texas was crummy and that is why BYU won. And when U defeated USU you'd have thought they beat Alabama again. So it goes.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B

Fresno State is definitely not an easy win. If you approach opponents with that attitude (outside of FCS teams), U deserve to lose. Mark it down.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

CB can say all day long that stars matter. I saw a lot of 5 stars playing on 4 national networks that could not even come close to laying with BYU's 2 stars. Stars DO NOT matter. It is coaching and heart. Texas had neither Saturday night. 5 star players would have picked them up after a few bad possessions and got back in the game. Good coaches would have been able to inspire there 5 star players to play up to their potential. Shall I go on? Stars DO NOT matter Crissy!! Heart matters.

Utah rules
Salt Lake City, UT

Probably not a good idea to call the game before it is played. 4 in a row? You taunt BYU fans for calling games in advance, which they do not by the way. Calm down man, you make all Utah fans look terrible. BYU will definitely be focusing on Utah this year and their defense out right scares me. Utah may be in for a long night. I don't see the Utes winning this one. I for one will be happy to see you go away for a year if BYU pulls this one out.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Thank you Utah Rules. You said what many people on both sides have felt for quite some time.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The national media is laughing at Texas more than they are byu.

Even with a 20 point loss, if that loss is against a respected national program, the losing team does not drop from 16 to unranked.

But when you lose by 20 to a byu team that couldn't handle Virginia, now that's embarrassing.


Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

The national media is gushing with praise for what BYU did to Texas:

Taysom Hill - National Player of the Week (Athlon), National Offensive Player of the Week (CBS Sports)

FBS Independent Players of the Week
Offensive Player - Taysom Hill
Defensive PLayer - Alani Fua
Special Teams PLayer - Justin Sorensen

BYU prominently featured by ESPN on college football wrap up shows

Phil Steele's Top 25 Game Grades (Team Performances) from Week 2
1. BYU

When you rush for 550 yards against an elite program like Texas, more than the Longhorns have EVER given up in over 1,200 games, EVERYONE notices.

btw, how many in the national media even noticed our meaningless cakewalk against WSU?

Lindon, UT

@Chris B - the national media is laughing more at Texas than BYU? I wasn't aware they were laughing at BYU at all. Read Christy B's comment a few times and tell yourself "My life isn't over if BYU has some success."

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