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Published: Sunday, Sept. 8 2013 6:30 p.m. MDT

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IRS Agent

@ 2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0,

Don't know what the score of the Oregon - Virginia game has to do with the article. In case you missed it, BYU played a nationally ranked Texas team (projected by many to be the top team in their conference) full of 5 star recruits, and gave them one of their worst beat downs in school history.

Of course many will argue that it was an overrated Texas team, just like they did with another nationally ranked team that BYU beat a few years back. It is also possible that the teams were actually good teams that lost their will (and offensive weapons) due to beatings that they were given by BYU. It has happened before (even to BYU), where a team suffers a particularly devastating loss early in the season, and then underperforms for the remainder of the season, feeling that the season is lost. Either way, it would make sense to keep comments on subject related to the article. The world is a beautiful and sensible place without crimson colored glasses. Things suddenly start to make a lot more sense.

New to Utah

BYU had its A game against a quality 15th ranked Texas. It was fun to watch, perhaps one of the best games in BYU history. BYU has the potential to destroy Utah on Sep 21st. The cream puff opponent Weber State victory does nothing for Utah. The very lucky onside kick against Utah State is the only reason the U is 2 and O. Utah will play twice as hard against BYU than any other opponent to make the game interesting for the first half but then BYU's defense and offense will kick in for a blowout. The three year U win streak will end on Sep 21st.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Based on the fans comments, the Utes are already looking towards BYU and forgetting about next Saturdays game. Does that mean they are anticipating a big loss? and hoping for a bright spot again BYU?

It appears the fans know they will lose on Saturday. I think it would be more beneficial if they actually supported their team rather than just opposed everything BYU.

Springville, UT

"For Utah, it is just another game..."

Yeah, right... LOL

This is Utah's 2nd and final bowl game of the regular season...
We know one thing...
They are worried, very worried after seeing what BYU did to Texas.

Prepare ye the excuses!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ NevadaCoug

Keeton is threat through the air, in addition to being a great runner. As of right now, the same cannot be said about Hill. I'm sure Utah will be more than ready for BYU's run game which means Hill will have to win it with his arm. (22-66, 304 yards, 33.3%, 304 yards, 4.6 ave., 1 TD, 2 INTs) I like Utah's chances.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Sammyg at it again:

"They are worried, very worried after seeing what BYU did to Texas."
Then they watch the Virginia game, and their minds are put at ease. So funny how that horrible performance get's swept right under the rug. Oregon throttled UVa.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Get ready for you're anual beatdown, utes!

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

"After big win over Texas, Cougars have an extra week to prepare for Utes"

BYU is going to need that extra week to prepare for big brother. Meanwhile Utah has a conference game this week to tune up their offense and defense in a live game situation. Travis Wilson looks like a darn good QB so far. In fact he's one of the best QB's in the nation right now.

I believe Utah will once again beat BYU. The main reason is, BYU's offense is very one dimensional. The Cougs have a solid run game and a running back as their quarterback. Taysom Hill is a horrible passing quarterback. For Utah to win, all they need to do is contain Taysom Hill and shut down the run game. Like they've done in years past. Taysom Hill can't hit a broad side of a barn when throwing.


'Spokane Ute

Spokane, WA

Sammyg at it again:

"They are worried, very worried after seeing what BYU did to Texas."
Then they watch the Virginia game, and their minds are put at ease. So funny how that horrible performance get's swept right under the rug. Oregon throttled UVa.'

No one should be overly confident when BYU has laid three eggs in a row to Utah. That said, while Virginia was a bad if not awful loss, beating Texas says a lot more than beating Virginia and then losing to Texas would have. But, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the Utes come in with minds at "ease" rather than the Super Bowl approach they've taken in the last three...

Salt Lake City, UT


"Utah doesn't have the luxury of scheduling a bye before the rivalry game, but then, it shows that the Utes have moved on..."

* laughs hysterically *

Despite Ute fans' frantic and emotional denials, we'll know that the Utes have "moved on" when they disappear completely from all BYU articles.

The fact that you're here claiming that you've "moved on", while completely ignoring your conference-opening PAC 12 game, is proof positive that U have not, and never will, move on.

The truth is, you'd rather finish dead last in the PAC, than lose to BYU.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm going out on a limb and predicting a BYU win in two weeks. Utah hasn't proven anything yet. A tough opener against a decent USU team and a blowout against... Weber? Big deal.

Likewise BYU lost to a weak Virginia and had a big win against a very under performing Texas team. Texas was over rated and the win proves nothing yet.

Anyone can win the rivalry game on any given year. Rankings don't matter, W/L records don't matter. Neither QB is "proven" and both teams have weaknesses that can be used against them.

It will all play out on the field. But I still predict a BYU victory.

River Falls, WI

Re: GoRed

"Utah doesn't have the luxury of scheduling a bye before the rivalry game, but then, it shows that the Utes have moved on..."

Games the Utes have played the week before BYU

2013, Oregon State (if that's not a bye I don't know what is)
2012, USU (usually considered a gimme, but they have been good recently)
2011, a legitimately difficult opponent
2010, SDSU
2009, SDSU
2008, SDSU
2007, New Mexico
2006, Air Force
2005, New Mexico
2004, Wyoming
2003, Wyoming
2002, Wyoming

I don't think you need a bye when the week before BYU you are playing Oregon State, Wyoming, SDSU, or New Mexico. Thanks for having "moved on"... wait, then why are you commenting on a BYU article?

West Point , UT

Lets see, who's defense has more athletes and WILL finish ranked higher than the other, Utah or Texas? Hmmm...that's a tough one. Forgive us ute fans, if BYU has far more respect for Texas than U. One dimensional or not, try and stop it utes. Your defense is weak, and will "bend to our will" just as Texas, who is better up front and in the secondary than U. Btw, for those pointing to Oregon...look at how much they run versus pass...avg 425 a game on the ground. Are they one dimensional, or "bend people to their will" also? All the ute trolls making excuses about byes, one dimensional bologna, Utah can defend the read option...do u realize how scared you sound? Panic is setting in as Utah sees superior athletes to theirs get brutally "curb-stomped" by BYU. Btw utesies...Texas knew BYU was one dimensional too, especially as the game progressed...still couldn't stop it. Enjoy your beaver cupcake, because next week U get the Williams-Hill Express.


I love how Ute fans are so quick to point out that Virginia got worked by Oregon.I can't wait to see how many points Oregon puts up on U.

Layton, UT


Whatever degree of importance we Ute Fans put on the byu game is brought on by comments like yours...And it's those comments that make our domination that much sweeter.

Call us in a week, we have bigger fish to fry right now.

Go Utes!

Provo, UT

KVN will run all over them Utes comes the 21st!!! Let go Cougs!!!

Plano, TX

UVA game: first time executing an offense. Lots of communication and unfamiliarity in execution.

UT game: fired up.

utah game: see UT game comment, add chip on shoulder.

Should be a good one, utah is a fine program.

Oh, and pray for no rain delay - ok ?

Rexburg, ID

That was a spectacular and much needed win. As much fun as it was to watch, I don't know if that's how I want to win though. Take away Hill's rushing TD's and the outcome could have been very different. Hill's not going to get looks like that every game. All it takes is one hit and we're down a QB. Hill desperately needs to work on his accuracy and the receivers need to catch the dang ball. As good as the defense looked, there are obvious signs of weakness at the corner position. Every time Texas needed a big play you knew it was going far left. I cringed every time. Thank heavens for a good safety. I'm worried of a Chuckie Keeton who will pick us apart if our CB's are having a slow day.

Go Blue!

Congrats U on the "big" win over whats-there-faces. I think the 21st is going to be a good game.

Woods Cross, UT

Oregon did throttle Virginia. I don't think the Ute fans should crow over that, because a similar fate awaits the Utes... several times this season on national TV. It should really help with recruiting. Don't you love being a member of the PAC-12? The Urban Meyer effect is wearing off. Coach Whit is a good coach, but he has to step up or he'll go the way of Texas' DC. He can run up the score on Weber State all he wants, a potential loss to BYU and another bowl-less season will not go over well with the wealthy and powerful in the Crimson Club.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"In the latest national statistics, Williams is No. 2 in the country in rushing, followed by Hill at No. 5." -- DN


How's Hill in passing? 122 ranked QB in the nation. That is what KW would describe as abysmal.

In two games BYU has shown that it has no passing game. They have two weeks to teach Hill how to throw. Good luck!

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