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Published: Sunday, Sept. 8 2013 6:30 p.m. MDT

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I can admit when I am wrong, and wrong I was! I did not think BYU even had a chance in this game, and I certainly didnt think Texas would "submit to (BYU's) will"

Texas clearly did not know how to defend the Read Option, and BYU executed it to perfection, over and over again. I dont know what to expect from BYU in their next game, but Utah's D knows how to defend the Read Option.


"Van Noy said Saturday night that the Sept. 21 meeting against Utah is BYU’s 'Super Bowl.'"

Hmm... now where have I heard that notion before?


Good win, but I wouldn't expect Sitake to crash three players on the runningback on every option play. Hill will have to throw the ball effectively to win, so I expect Hoffman's play to be the X factor against the Utes' defense.

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

Having extra time against Virginia sure went well for byU.

Did you see what athletes that go fast and hard did against Virginia?

Oregon 59
Virginia 10

I guess its one thing to say you are a go fast go hard offense.

Another thing to BE it.

KVN/Hoff want 0-4 against UTAH
Ogden, UT

After Utah beats byu, it will be a SWEEP for the 2013 seniors.

In fact, SECOND sweep of the last 15 years for Utah over byu.

Do you know how far back you have to go to get the last 2 byu 4-0 sweeps over Utah?


Very far.

Very very far.

The only national program in Utah, is UTAH

Utes home for the holidays
Sandy, UT

@STgSLC, here is where you have heard something similar. In whether Ute fans would rather beat BYU or go bowling "The blog Ute Football Central posed that question to Twitter followers earlier this month. According to the blog post, 64 percent of Utah fans would rather beat BYU than go to a bowl game, according the poll." Yes, the Des News wrote about it, but it was a Ute fan site poll.

South Jordan, UT

It wasn't this month, in fact it was quite a few months ago. Go COUGS!

Adin, CA

@the guy from Odgen with two accounts

"The only national program in Utah, is UTAH"

You're funny...

Rock Springs, WY

I think Kyle said it was his super bowl not the teams.

River Falls, WI

Can someone please explain the following to me (from this article)...

"Williams suffered an unspecified back injury against the Longhorns, but both Williams and Mendenhall said Saturday night that Williams is “fine.” The sophomore running back sent a message on Twitter Sunday that read, “I will be ready for the Utah game.”

So I saw the end of the game where it looked like Williams was being bent (backwards) in half by the Texas pile... but I have only heard from the media that Williams "says he is fine"... until now. Does the DNews actually have a verifiable source that says he has "an unspecified back injury" or was that just squeezed in there to get people excited?


"KVN/Hoff want 0-4 against UTAH"

Not sure what this means? Does it mean Kyle Van Noy and Cody Hoffman want to be 0 and 4 against Utah? Was it a typo and should be "went"? No, that doesn't make sense, but what does it mean?

While I'm not a big fan of some of the meanness from some fans on both sides, the BYU/Utah game is often fun to watch as it is difficult to predict because of the emotional content.

Unfortunately I think some BYU fans think BYU has to win to validate their LDS faith (how many LDS go/went to Utah? I'm one) and some LDS haters become Utah fans to validate their hatred of LDS. I think this is a mistake on both sides, it would be nice to just have it be a nice in-state rivalry football game without any other underlying meaning. How wonderful it would be to be able to graciously welcome Utah fans to the BYU tailgating area and just enjoy each others company on game day! Most of the people that go to Utah and BYU are great people.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

You may want to remember the old prayer "Lord, make my words tender, soft and sweet, for tomorrow I may be forced to eat them."

I think Texas has 5 star athletes, and I saw what go hard go fast did for them. Looking forward to seeing if the go hard go fast guys can have as much fun with the superior athletes from the team up north.

Rock Springs, WY

What will it be a 34-31 type of game, a doink of the goal post, a route, a blocked FG attempt, a Harline is still open, a 4 and 18, or George is still running with the side show of the phone gate, Max's speaking his mind. Then the two year lay off. BYU fans can start the holy war smack. utah has the beavers then the war. can't wait.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0 -

I'll let you in on a little secret:

utah is no Oregon. u'll find that out in Eugene in November. Good luck on Saturday against the Beavers. They might come to RES a little chippy after last week.

Lindon, UT

Utes be trolling hard today!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Excellent Game.
Nice to see the O-line not just show up but dominate.

Taysom Hill ran circles around Texas.

One dimensional offense: ToDo: Add a passing attack.

Taysom has the legs. He has the arm too, just needs more practice passing in game situations.

Almost there: One step left for the complete package.

Overton, NV

"I dont know what to expect from BYU in their next game, but Utah's D knows how to defend the Read Option."

Sure. Utah did a great job defending Chuckie Keeton, didn't they?

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

@ those who say the only national program in utah is Utah....

Here is Missouri, I haven't seen any mention at all of Utah beating up on Weber state... but I have seen plenty of national coverage of BYU beating up on Texas. In fact, I see that ESPNU is replaying the BYU game right now.

Texas looked like they were unprepared to play BYU. I am sure Utah will be prepared to play in 2 weeks. Should be a great game.

Biggest question I have right now is... Would I rather have Utah beat USC and stick it to kiffen or see Utah be one of the few teams that USC is able to beat this year.... tough choice...

Salt Lake City, UT

Well B
(Yes your new names don't hide you)
That taste of humble pie didn't last long.

Why not click on the Utah pages and go tell those people all about your fantasies.

We're on sabbatical for two weeks...take a break, develop new material for after the game, do something constructive, walk the dog, learn to quilt, learn a foriegn language.

Just try and understand...there's no game this week. We don't care.


And now begins BYU's two week preparation for their desperate attempt to defeat the Utes. Utah doesn't have the luxury of scheduling a bye before the rivalry game, but then, it shows that the Utes have moved on to bigger and better things.

For BYU, this is their bowl game for the year. For Utah, it is just another game as they prepare for the challenging PAC 12 schedule which includes playing two teams ranked in the top five.

Go Utes!!

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