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Published: Saturday, Sept. 7 2013 11:20 p.m. MDT

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Hayden, ID

Tomahawk Red. BYU will defeat the Utes because BYU's players, coaches, cheerleaders, students, alumni, mascot, administration, faculty, graduate assistants, groundskeepers, equipment managers, and custodians are more righteous than the Utes. Just kidding! Just trying to get you and Chris B fired up!


Good win for the Cougars. Thank you Utes fans for staying up late hating every moment of the game and still have the time to vent your frustrations on a BYU article. It's just a game, be happy.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Tomahawk Red

BYU lost the turnover battle 0-2, was ridiculously mediocre in the passing game, but piled up 550 rushing yards on the Texas, the MOST rushing yards EVER given up by Texas.

btw, remind us how many "power conference" teams the Utes have played, let alone, beaten. Isn't that the automatic rejoinder we always hear from the Utes - "you haven't beaten ANYBODY", yet!

Before booking tickets to Pasadena, you might want to start by beating at least one PAC team with a winning record sometime.

It's laughable that you're here on a BYU article warning BYU fans to "watch the smack". The hypocrisy from the hill never stops.

Out of State Utah fan
Alpharetta, GA

Please, Mr. Harman...BYU went Le Mans race car on the longhorns? I bet that line has been tucked away just waiting to see daylight. BYU is no Audi.

Springville, UT

I loved the "Facetime" moment of the Texas coaches melting down with each other.

Lots of room for improvement but let's face it, this was a HUGE one week turnaround.

Congrats to BYU.

West Jordan, Ut

Hey cougar fans. Go easy on Tomahawk. He is just trying to share some good advice about tooting your horns too early. Perhaps he has learned that lesson and wants to share. Thanks Tommy. I agree that we need to put limits on our smack talk, but we can certainly enjoy this one for a week or so.

Lincoln City, OR

@moderateinmagna... I hate to correct a fellow coug fan, but the uties did beat us 4 times in a row...02' BYU 6 utah 13; 03' BYU 0 utah 3; 04' BYU 21 utah 52; and 05' BYU 34 utah 41... Sorry, sad but true...

BYU however, has a 9 game winning streak from 79' through 87'; a 6 game winning streak from 72' through77' and a 4 game winning streak from 89' through 92'...

We don't want to give utah their 2nd 4 game winning streak... And, I'm feeling fairly confident that we won't... I'd feel alot more confident if Taysom was better on his touch passes and that our corners learn how to stay with their man a litle tighter.

Looking at our schedule for the balance of the season, it looks as though we may have only 2 easy games left (the uties and Idaho State)...

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Tomahawk, you know a lot and have a lot of good advice. Really we only care about 1 thing right now though. Well, maybe 2. 1-BYU handed Texas a convincing defeat last night, and 2-BYU's next game is the only one that matters right now. You haven't seen a single Cougar fan today say anything about winning out, BCS, beating Utah by 50 or Heisman Trophys. (Well, maybe a fan or two but the vast majority are realistic) That's all stuff that nervous Ute fans are conjuring up in your own heads and then think that if you claim BYU fan's said it then it must have really happened.

But since we're passing out free advice here's some for you. Remember that game on the 21st that most Ute trolls on the Des News thought the Utes would only need to show up for? Now would be a good time to consider that you're going to have to do more than show up to win that one.

Orem, UT

It was a great game to enjoy! Loved it! Mr. Harmon...the "Bronco never wins the big ones crowd?" That was just a fact Dick. And fans are tired of not winning the big ones, or the medium ones. Last night was a great breath of fresh "wind" air. Thank-you team! You played your hearts out. One has to wonder what would have happened if Hill had been given the team a year ago...or Lark for that matter. Oh well.

BYU's best day may well lie ahead, but only if the right personnel are on the field in the correct positions. Now, the next task, play the Superbowl...and beat the Utes...in the same fashion...pound it down their throats...and "NO" more talk of "all the games are the same." To everyone that says that...here is my question: Did last night feel like any old game? Did it feel like beating New Mexico State? I'd say not. So, stop shoveling that bull at the fans...that every game is the same...I'd say Utah will not be like any other game, nor should it be. Blow them out of Utah County!!

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Great game. I thought Texas was the team that would be running over BYU - not the other way around. The Cougars proved everyone wrong. Congrats guys!

St George, Utah

Lets get something straight, this was not an upset.
An upset is when an inferior team pulls out a last minute win against all odds over a higher profile and higher ranked opponent.
This game was a beat down.
Texas returned 19 starters to a team that finished last season ranked in the top 20. That consistently pulls in top 5 recruiting classes and regularly competes for national championships. And BYU dominated them in every aspect of the game.

HUGE turnaround for the O-line. 550 yds rushing and ZERO sacks against one of the best defensive fronts in college football. The defense was stout, getting 5 sacks and holding a very good UT offense to countless 3 and outs. With a healthy CB corps, BYU holds Texas to 10pts max. Even with 3rd and 4th string corners being targeted constantly, BYU held Ash and Co. to 21pts. This defense is the real deal.

I'm cautiously optimistic that the offense will continue to perform, but it is clearly on the shoulders of the O-line. And Hill MUST be better passing down field. Luckily we have 2 weeks to make adjustments and get ready for the though road ahead.

Mcallen, TX

Utes, and their fans will be vAn Noyed in a couple weeks.

Jimmer up and admit defeat.

Layton, UT

Very proud of my Cougars. Utah trolls out in force. Can't wait for 2 weeks to watch Utah get all keyed up but BYU to knock them off their tower.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I wonder what the score would have been if BYU were playing, let's say, Weber State?

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

It might be well to remember that BYU did not always play smart in the 4th quarter, amassing bone head penalties, and turnovers. It took a bone head play or two by the Longhorns to certain the victory. Some of the teams up next will not be so accommodating.

Salt Lake City, UT

Cougar fans were quite humble knowing Texas was an 8 point favorite while the amiable and polite Longhorn fans were in stark contrast to BYU's instate rivals. Aside from winning, it was a great game to attend and represents what college athletics should be.

West Jordan, UT

Taysom Hill will never be a Steve Young or Ty Detmer, or even a John Beck. Actually the QB he reminds me of most is Jake Locker. BYU fans ought to remember how as a sophomore Jake Locker couldn't complete a pass to save his life, but was still able to gash opposing defenses with his feet. Under the tutelage of another great BYU QB, Locker did improve as a passer, but he never completed more than 58% of his passes as a college QB. I expect that we will see similar results with Taysom Hill. His athleticism is undeniable, but so is his lack of accuracy. I do think his passing will improve over time, but not dramatically. He will probably end up being somewhere in the neighborhood of a 50% passer at best, which is more than enough when combined with his ability to gash the defense with his feet like we saw last night against Texas, who has some of the fastest players in Division 1. With his speed and strength, he doesn't need to be surgical, he just needs to be accurate enough to force defenses to defend the pass as well as the run.

Surf is Up
Miami, FL


Beating Texas is a big deal regardless of how it gets spun by the detractors. And you are correct, BYU should not let it go to their heads.

I'm not sure why you came onto this article to lecture BYU fans about talking smack when it is almost always ute fans that show up in attempts to turn the topic of a BYU victory into something all about the utes. There must be a pshychiatric term for this behavior but I don't know what it is. The terms "Inferiority complex" and "Obsessed" come to mind.

Also, I know that BYU would never have scored 70 points on Weber State had they played them yesterday. This is where B.M. and K.W. are different. Bronco would call off the dogs and prevent his team from running up the score. Whittingham doesn't. In fact he even called an onside kick against Wyoming while up 50-0 a few years ago.

One thing I will give Utah credit for. The do know how to get up for the rivalry game.

Central Texan
Buda, TX

I can look outside my office window and see the University of Texas campus. I keep up with the Longhorns though I am first and foremost a Cougar fan. The Longhorns have actually been on the skids lately on defense, going back to last year, and in particular against the run. Credit BYU for being able to exploit that relative weakness in record fashion, but I wouldn't expect Utah and the remaining teams to look like the Texas blowout. Hill's going to have to improve his passing game if the Cougars are to march forward through a tough schedule.

[By the way, the Longhorns fired defensive coach Manny Diaz a day after the game, and Mack Brown is getting back on the hot seat for not having a dominating program, which is what they expect down here. Most people think Brown needs to go at least 10-2 with a good bowl showing to keep fans at bay.]



Wowzers, very awesome comment. I have to agree with my fellow Cougs, don't invent anything that isn't there. And I've already heard, with my own ears, how the Utes are Rose Bowl bound, "I'm smelling roses" to be exact, over and over. All because of a big win over a division 2 program. Is this win over Texas big? Of course it is. It's been awhile for the BYU to get a big win like that, so please don't accuse us of being over confident especially when they were major underdogs.

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