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Published: Saturday, Sept. 7 2013 11:20 p.m. MDT

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Nampa, Id

Awesome win!!!! One question. Does anyone know how badly Williams is hurt? From what I saw the play where he was hurt was because 3 guys had him by the head and shoulders and ripped him backward. If I were Bronco I'd be demanding those players be disciplined.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Totally impressive win tonight over Texas. I didn't think there was a chance you could win. Congrats!


Be careful. Be careful how far you take this.

I know you're tempted to think about winning out.

I know you're tempted to prognosticate a 50-point win over Utah

I know you're tempted to tout Van Noy/Hill for Heisman again

I know you're tempted to think BCS or NC game

I know you're tempted to think 11-1

But take this advice: Celebrate in moderation. Or else there's a good chance your lofty trash talk will come back to haunt you.

There is plenty of positive to take away from this victory. But don't forget. You lost to a seemingly awful Virginia squad, and Utah has had your number for three straight seasons now.

Plus, Utah is 2-0... with a win over a very good Utah State, and an offensive blitz versus Weber State.

My point? Right now, it seems Utah is no slouch either. You might lose to them again.

Save the super smack for when you actually DO beat Utah. Because you don't have any credibility for that right now.

Springville, UT

Does anyone know if Williams is OK?

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Hey, overconfident Y fans...

What happens if you lose to Utah again?

It's possible.

Better watch the smack. That could be embarrassing for you.

Oh, and PS... did BYU really win tonight, or did Texas beat themselves?

How would you like it if Longhorns fans said that?


Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT keep being delusional i have not heard 1 cougar fan say any of the things you just posted ,you are just being the usual utah troll,and for your information Utah has never beaten byu 4 straight times EVER

Newspaper Reader
Highland, UT

@Tomahawk Red,

It is so typical of Ute fans to diminish any kind of win that BYU gets by saying the other team is not as good as they really are.

Quite frankly, who cares how good/bad Texas will be at the end of the season? Of course it may matter in the long run, but overall I think BYU fans in general are just glad our team has the ability to get up when they are/were down (from last week). They showed resiliency and strength tonight.

And, just so you know, it looks like Ute fans are the only ones really trying to paint BYU fans as ones who are overhyped or overconfident about this win. I think the real BYU fan recognizes that this is just one win, and that more dedicated effort and practice will be needed to continue to win throughout the season - including the upcoming BYU/Utah game.

Good luck to you through the rest of the season. Congrats on both the Utes and Cougs win today. Go Cougars!

Crisco B
Salt Lake City, UT

In terms


Spacing on the

Page, Tomahawk has it down.

So quick to jump in and remind everyone that The U of U still lives somewhere on the planet.

This article is not about the U.

It is about BYU

And that



Salt Lake, UT

Bring on the team on the hill. We're ready for them to enter the cougars den. CougarNation

Provo, UT

Tasome Hill' Is A Video Game Gone Wild ! He is in fast forward motion !

Texas is asking what just happened !

And the answer is those Mormon Boys Go Fast and Go Hard !

Arlington, VA

"literally beat the salsa out of the Longhorns."

Really, Dick? You know the meaning of the word "literally" right?

I watched the game pretty closely and did not see that happen.

North Salt Lake, UT

Tomahawk Red: You seem to be trying really, REALLY hard to convince BYU fans that this win isn't really a big deal. Scared of what will happen on September 21st?

Utah completely thrashed of the worst teams in the Big Sky. BYU completely thrashed, THRASHED (producing well over 600 yards of total offense, one of the worst defensive performances in Texas history) one of the best teams in the Big 12 conference. Not even close to be comparable.

Yep. You're terrified.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Re: Tomahawk

Hey, overconfident Y fans...

What happens if you lose to Utah again?

It's possible.

Better watch the smack. That could be embarrassing for you.


I believe sir that you should listen to your own advice. The overconfident U fans could easily be eating crow two weeks from today.

Omaha, NE

Name one person who commented who is overconfident. You are wishing BYU is overconfident after beating a team who has winning seasons in their conference. Some Utah can't do. No one here is smacking. Quit inventing things that aren't out there. You are showing your weakness and fear that BYU is going to win in 2 weeks. Grow up and act mature.

BYU dominated a totally talented team from top to bottom. They can beat and destroy every other team on their schedule if they can do this to Texas. I would be the one being afraid of being embarrassed if I were Utah. When was the last time they demolished a ranked team? BYU just did it. I feel bad for their next opponent. Actually, I don't.

Alexandria, VA

Hey Tomahawk - both posts by Y fans are asking about Williams - no one is buying into your bating. Give it a rest.

Springville, UT


U beat Weber State and you're chiding BYU fans.

Obviously you're feeling a little insecure in your big 2-0 start, especially with what BYU accomplished and how they did it to Texas vs. your great win yesterday.


By the way... Texas will never play in RES.

Ashburn, VA

Tomahawk, I think you're lecturing strawmen on how to react to the game. No one's here making the claims you caution us against. Take it to the U articles and tell your own fanbase that laying 70 on Weber doesn't mean Utah is Rose Bowl-bound.

Rirruto and Fuzz, despite being bent in half like a pretzel, Williams looked fine in the postgame interview. The benefits of youth!

River Falls, WI

RE: Tomahawk Red

Calm down... where are all the overconfident Y fans you speak of? I don't see any cougarfans on here talking smack to our rival. What I do see is a lot of Ute fans that are very interested in Cougar football.

BYU played a great game last night. The passing and secondary was exposed, but the running core and defensive line showed they are among the best in the nation.

BTW, why is it so difficult for news sources to report defensive statistics? This was an article about the defense, but it rattled off several team and individual offensive statistics without saying anything about the defense. I see (from the BYU site) that through two games KVN already has 3.5 TFL and 4 QBH, but I'd love to know his line from last night. Same goes for Fua, Unga, PoVey, Sorenson, and Kaufusi. We have at least 4-5 future pros on the team with maybe one coming from the offense. Let's give the D some love. Go Cougs!

Frisco, TX

BYUtv interviewed Williams after the game, and he did not say anything about the injury, he was standing up, and walked off after the injury. So hopefully, he's okay.

What a great offensive performance against a good Texas defense. Hill was simply amazing. I'm still worried about his passing accuracy, but his legs and ability to read the defense are spectacular.

For those of U who think the number of star recruits determines the success of the team, look no further than Texas or USC. Both are almost always in the Top 10 of recruiting classes. Texas got pummeled and USC fell to a poor WSU team.

Lindon, UT

Made all those 5-star athletes look like 5-star chumps, Go Cougars!

Lindon, UT

Ute trolls are out in full force. I really hope BYU shuts them up.

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