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Published: Saturday, Sept. 7 2013 6:35 p.m. MDT

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Danbury, CT

They can't declare themselves "in-state champs" until they play Dixie and SUU. Oh don't forget UVU and the LDS Business College.


Gimme a break, WSU coaches. It's still the first half, more than half of the game remains. Not only does the other team want to practice their two minute offense, but you should want to practice your team's two minute defense. If you didn't, you should have just gone home and let your players finish the game with some heart. Weak.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ StGtoSLC

I agree 100%.


@ STtGtoSLC,you are corrct. They were payed $400,000 to be a practice squad. If Weber State wants to continue playing the FBS games, they need to put a better product out on the field.

Frisco, TX

I'm raising my prediction for Utes to 7-5, not because of how U beat up on the Wildcats, but because of how weak USC and Oregon St have turned out to be. Your strength of schedule is not turning out to be what was predicted in preseason. This will be Kiffin's last year at USC.

Salt Lake City, UT

So now the mighty utes consider little Weber State in state foes? Now that is funny!

Saint George, UT

Weber Coaches...

You were hired to make your team competitive.

You whine about getting drilled?

Coach-up your players.

It is not UTAH's job to make your job easier.

Check out some of the BYU scores against UTEP, back in the day...

1980 BYU 83 UTEP 7

1981 BYU 65 UTEP 8

1977 BYU 68 UTEP 19

West Jordan, UT

Its a lot better to be the Utah state champs, than the Idaho state champs.

West Jordan, UT

Whats Weber whining about. No Utah starter played after halftime. Most teams wont pull there starters til the 4th quarter. Travis Wilson would have had a career day if he played the 3rd quarter. By shutting him down so early he didnt get to pad his stats. At least every body stayed healthy. Good luck at ASU next year Im sure they will care about your feelings.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

I am sooooo impressed. Keep up the chest pounding. It will all end when you play real competition. The PAC will destroy the utsies this year. I don't see anymore wins this year in the PAC. not even USC and Colorado.

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