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Published: Friday, Sept. 6 2013 3:50 p.m. MDT

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layton, UT

RE:The Caravan Moves On, The majority of evangelicals are not going to accept them within the framework of orthodox, Apostles' Creed. i.e,#3.He was conceived by the power of the “Holy Spirit” and born of the Virgin Mary.

The Virgin Birth. The “pale” of Christianity believes the birth of Jesus was a unique miracle by the Holy Spirit/Ghost, same Greek word(Pneuma).

This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about, His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit. (Mt 1:18 NIV,ASV,ESV).

But (Mormon Doctrine, 1966, p. 547)Christ was begotten by an immortal Father in the same way that mortal men are begotten by mortal fathers.

”They tell us that the BoM states that Jesus was begotten of the Holy Ghost. I challenge that statement. The BoM teaches No Such Thing! Neither does the Bible!”( Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

@ Darrel

How to answer that one?
Does anybody take anyone fro Eagle Mountain seriously?

Boise, ID

You have to give Land and others kudos for removing all the blatant hate literature they once sold from the SBC web site. I doubt they have changed their thinking about us Mormons but at least they are not quite as blatant as they once were - in public anyway.

Phoenix, AZ

Mormons would do better to stand up for what they are rather than trying to down play their differences from other Christians. They are two very different religions and unless one or the other caves they will never coexist in harmony.



if you cannot see what could possibly be wrong with Land saying that ALL gay people "want anyone who disagrees with that for whatever reason to be ostracized to the level of Klansmen" then I can't help you.

Land has demonstrated by this comment and many comments and actions over the years that he is anything but good, meek, benevolent, or long suffering. in short, he does not posses the characteristics of a good religious leader. I don't know why so many people in our church can be so blind to the obvious.

Salt Lake City, UT

The question here is the same question that members of the church could ask about the church's support of proposition 8, or any other stance that the church makes on any pertinent moral issue. The question isn't "Is this really the right thing to do?" The question is "Is Thomas S. Monson a prophet? Are the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve apostles, seers, and revelators?"

This logic contradicts what the prophets have taught regarding infallibility. Joseph Fielding Smith & Harold B. Lee both taught that if they taught things contrary to the scriptures, that we are to hold to scripture and reject the prophet's words. Joseph Smith strongly condemned the idea of following leaders simply because of their position. Supporting 8 violated 1 Cor. 10:29 & D&C 134:4. We were wrong to support it. Devout LDS can condemn 8 while still supporting the Brethren as prophets, seers and revelators.

Salt Lake City, UT

I appreciate Dr. Land's efforts to dissuade others from calling LDS "cultists". We
get that label due to our rejection of the Athanasian Trinity and a closed canon,
amongst other things. I find the gap between those accepting Calvin's TULIP and
those rejecting it, to be much wider theologically. Evangelicals state that they
agree on the essentials and are free to differ on minor things. Fine. We LDS do
the same. But the question of whether one can be saved or whether their fate is
sealed, as Calvinists teach, can no way be considered a minor theological point.

1 Tim. 2:4, 1 Jn. 2:2 specifically reject Calvinism by stating that God wants all
mankind to be saved and that the atonement was meant for the whole world and not
just the "elect".

How can Christians who reject Calvinism consider Calvinists as Christians but deny us the same?

Phoenix, AZ

Very well spoken answers. I was impressed with that interview.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

"The secularists are out to circumscribe our constitutional rights."

This charge is pure unmitigated scare tactic bunk. The truth is that religious evangelicals would like to end once and for all that part of the First Amendment which prohibits congress from passing any law "respecting an establishment of religion". And if they should succeed, what do you think would happen to minority "establishments of religion" who don't subscribe to trinitarian or conservative Christian views? Mormons, Jews, Muslims, ought not to be so quick to jump in bed with those that express such fears. They just might be those who should really be feared.

Deming, NM

I cannot respect a religious leader that tells out and out lies as he has done in this very article.Evangelicals have a very bad record of trying to force their particular beliefs on other, in our public schools and in government. When they are stopped from abusing others religious belief then they cry that they are being denied their religious freedom. So we must constantly protect our religious freedoms from them 24 hours a day every day.. As I have said I cannot respect any religious leader that lies, and Richard Land is one of them that does daily.

Deming, NM


I see that you are suggesting that we push the Bible on al kids regardless of what they believe or don't believe. Sorry but have a little thing called religious freedom and that does not include giving Christians a special right to push their religion on others.

College Station, TX

Dr. Land is a nice man. I met him when Gov. Romney spoke at Texas A&M in 2007. He seems like a genuinely good person. But I cannot help but take his comment about Mormonism being a "fourth Abrahamic religion" as a back-handed compliment in at least the following sense: he says Mormons need to accept that we will never be accepted as part of mainstream Christianity, and then he explains that we are an Abrahamic religion in the same way Islam is. Of course Mormonism is an Abrahamic religion, and we're proud to claim Abraham as part of our heritage. But unlike Islam, Mormonism clearly teaches that Jesus Christ is the literal Son of God, the divine Savior and Redeemer of the world, and the only name under heaven whereby salvation comes. To act as if Mormonism is no closer to creedal Christianity than Islam represents a fundamental misunderstanding of Mormonism and its central teachings and tenets.

layton, UT

RE: lds4gaymarriage, Calvinists as Christians but deny us the same?

1Timothy 2:4,God desires all men to be saved. *Martin Luther,” God may desire the salvation of all men but had chosen to forgo those desires for a higher, hidden purpose. If the salvation of all men was his overriding priority, he could prevent Satan from blinding the eyes of the unconverted so that more would believe. He would work toward softening the heart of all men.”
*Satan is a creature, he is subject to the Lord.

1John2:2, is not explaining the intent of the atonement but is only repeating some basic Christian truths. In the early church, many Jews found it hard to believe that God would save the Gentiles. This verse addresses this problem, reminding us that the one who saves the Jews is the same one who saves the Gentiles. Jesus is the propitiation for both Jew and Gentile. The passage says nothing in favor of Him dying for every individual on earth.

John tells us there is only one way of salvation. If anyone will be redeemed, he will be redeemed through Jesus, the only Savior (John 14:6).

laVerl 09
St Johns, AZ

I applaud the LDS Church for inviting Dr. Land, Dr. Land for accepting and Matthew for his interview questions. Cooperation for improvement is an admirable venture and I think they are doing just that.

Lethbridge, 00

Nothing you wrote refuted what I said. This is the Lord's Church, and He is the one who directs it. Nothing you wrote refuted what I said. So how do we know whether they speak the truth or not? How do we know whether they make inspired decisions or not? Listen to them speak, and read what they have said or written. Read about their lives. Ask God is they are truly authorized to speak for Him, and ask Him if they are truly His servants. They are not perfect, but we can know for ourselves when they are inspired, or when they are speaking for themselves. Gay marriage is doctrinally at odds with God's truth. Gay marriage cannot lead to procreation, or to the creation of a family. This church is all about family, and the next life is all about family. Exaltation(for which temple marriage is required) is all about family.

Chandler, AZ

Great article!

Los Angeles, CA

Terrible article!

Kevin J. Kirkham
Salt Lake City, UT

"Nothing you wrote refuted what I said. So how do we know whether they speak the truth or not?" Sorry, but it does. As was pointed out, if the prophets teach something contrary to sustained scripture, we are to reject that prophet's teaching. PERIOD. If they receive a revelation that contradicts scripture, it must be sustained by Common Consent. That's how the Priesthood ban and OD-1 became official. It's how D&C 137 & 138 became official in 1975. The prophets do not get a blank check to do whatever they want. There is an order to things and it must be followed. In the case of Prop. 8 that you brought up, the prophet's call was contrary to scripture and should have been rejected by the membership. If the prophets present such a doctrine for a sustaining vote, or one that the scriptures don't address, then we as members must pray about it and receive confirmation before accepting it or rejecting it when a Common Consent vote is taken.

Being wrong doesn't make them false prophets, it makes them human and reinforces the need for scripture study so that errors, like Prop. 8, can be avoided.

southern son

I was invited to the 2004 Protag Conf. to preeent one of my paintings (One Nation Under God)to Cheif Justice (Alabama)Roy Moore at a gathering of the leading Evangelicals from around the US. This included Phyllis Schafly,Alan Keyes,etc. I was the only Mormon boy there.When I presented the work to Judge Moore, it was more of a testimony and establishing a common ground. Recieved a standing ovation! A wonderful experience and we all had a very spiritual experience together for 2 days. Lots of questions were asked about our faith and a lot of misconceptions were able to be eliminated.Brother Hatch(not able to attend),made a call in to the conference from DC and that too was also recieved very well.

Highland, UT


"This guy is downright offensive. Way to alienate me as a member by inviting this guy to town."

Why? Is it because you lack faith? Is it because you wish to confirm exactly what he said? You realize that is exactly what you did don't you? You have no tolerance for his opinion and the fact is he is correct about it, you helped confirm it.

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