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Published: Friday, Sept. 6 2013 3:50 p.m. MDT

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Mark from Montana
Aurora, CO


"They want their behavior affirmed as normal and healthy, and they want anyone who disagrees with that for whatever reason to be ostracized to the level of Klansmen"

I thought this was the most insightful thing he said. He clarified perfectly what I have been struggling to put into words. When you are attacked for disagreeing with the actions of another as violently as happens today, it is not normal behavior. It reminds me of how extremist muslims act when they perceive someone speaking badly of Mohammad.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

Personal thought.

I feel the real feelings of the right wing evangelical community came out when Mitt Romney ran for President of the United States.

It is true the majority of them refer to us as "Cultists". We support them "blindly" politically.

Go figure.

Buena Vista, VA

@ Hutterite:
"[non]Religious people should [also] be free to be as hateful and spiteful as they want to be, regardless of how baseless it might be."

Corvallis, OR

I am concerned that the LDS, as a rule, are quite unconcerned about the Constitution and freedom. We need to emphasize 1 Samuel 8, Mosiah 29, and D&C 134 more often in church. I realize that church meetings should not be used to endorse or criticize candidates or those holding political office, because we are a 501(c)3 organization. However, freedom and free agency are also an integral part of our religion.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

Huh? He is a convicted child abuser.

salt lake city, utah

Secular simply means things and activities that aren't religious. You can believe what you choose, you can worship what you choose, however if and when you engage in the secular world (the economy, public schools, the government)you don't have the right, constitutional or other to impose your religious beliefs on those who don't believe as you do. You simply don't have the right to offer a public service then exclude some from that service because of some belief you have.

Said differently, secularism is a separation of church and state, and where this guy blatantly came out and said Mormons will never be accepted, and at least one poster talked about the hatred some in the south have for Mormons, I would think secularism might be a principle you would endorse.

Mission Viejo, CA

My issue is with the right's assertion that God forbids homosexuality. The actual fact is that most homosexuals are born that way. Homosexuality has been observed in animals from dogs, cattle and sheep to dolphins. The LDS position on the subject is about right when they refer to same-gender attraction.

Ask yourself the question: "If my church decided that heterosexuality were a sin, could I become gay?". Didn't think so. The LDS and Catholic position (newly minted my Pope Francis) that so long as gays abstain from sex, they are not sinning. So a gay person is condemned to live in celibacy.

As for contamination, do you really think that you as a fully wired heterosexual could be forced to become gay? Nah.

I feel for gays and understand why they want to be able to marry and be free from persecution. Marriage as a social contract, having the legal rights a spouses, seems ok to me. But I'm opposed to the government forcing a religious institution to marry gays if it is against their dogma. Let them find a church that will marry them. Episcopal for one.

Salt Lake City, UT

Richard Lands distinguished education should have included the meaning of the word cult - "devotion to a person or thing" is from 1829. Cult. An organized group of people, religious or not, with whom you disagree. [Rawson]
Using the dictionary definition of cult, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Marxism, Keynesianism of any other set of beliefs with whom you disagree is a cult. Generally it is used for its pejorative value and represents the users ignorance, bias or inability to articulate.

Tyler Ray
Taylorsville, UT

"The greatest advantage an American child can have today is to be born into a home with a mother and a father who are married to each other and who stay married to each other. It trumps race, it trumps ethnicity, it trumps religion ... it trumps everything.

layton, UT

RE: Owl, Using the dictionary definition occult. secret or esoteric ,i.e.,

The evidence of Joseph Smith's close connection to occultism and Freemasonry. Masonry's influence on Mormonism and Joseph Smith has been noted by a number of historians. Some of the areas impacted by Masonic lore and ritual include the Book of Mormon, Joseph's personal life, and the LDS temple ceremony.


@ BrentBot: Where did you get your information that Fisher Ames was the author of the First Amendment?

Nothing I have read about him indicates such and everything I have read about the First Amendment places it squarely on Madison and Jefferson.

One thing I do know about Fisher Ames is that he was in favor of a much stronger Federal government.


3rd try
Revised--deleted LDS polygamy part

I can agree with Land on one point:
"A lot of young people have been driven away by what they perceive as hypocrisy in the church, and there is a lot of it."

I would like to know WHY and for what purpose LDS Church leaders requested/invited Richard Land to meet with them.

Richard Land is an extremely polarizing and divisive figure--who was disciplined by his own organization for things he recently said and did.

This just underscores troubling tunnel vision about who we should be reaching out to.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@Tom in CA – “Separation of church and state is a conveniently "misunderstood" concept - especially to secularists.”

You got the first part right…

Think of this way – all the arguments the Religious Right uses to inject religion into the public arena could be used with equal effectiveness by, say, Muslims in Dearborn MI to enact Sharia Law.

The best insurance against any degree of theocratic public authority is the “wall of separation” envisioned by Jefferson, and it is also the best guarantee that your own religious practices will never be interfered with.

Trust the genius of this prescient Founder, and recall Kennedy’s quip about him when hosting a White House dinner for a group of Nobel Prize winners.

“I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”

Tucson, AZ

Richard Land is a breath of fresh air.

Tucson, AZ

@Truthseeker, if you truly are one, here's what he was reprimanded for concerning Trayvon Martin:

"Instead of letting the legal process take its independent course, race mongers are anointing themselves judge, jury, and executioners," Land said. "The rule of law is being assaulted by racial demagogues, and it's disgusting, and it should stop."

Land also stated a black man is "statistically more likely to do you harm than a white man."

I haven't researched the validity of his last statement, but his first one certainly doesn't sound "racially charged" to me. What he said was the truth. I don't know why he had to apologize for the statements.

Phoenix, AZ

If only people would learn to keep their religion and hate to themselves then maybe God could find a place on earth.

Brigham City, UT

Blue Husky : heterosexuals sin and have since the beginning of time, so your question is..what is the word, interesting. Prophets already say that heterosexuals sin. We just need to stop sinning. The one question the gay community always asks is, "Who would choose this lifestyle?" Well, that question infers that community is not happy. People can choose happiness. Do what makes you happy. If you are unhappy, you can change or choose not to change. Animals don't take their own life, so there is a big difference between us and animals.

Salt Lake City, UT

It strengthens my faith in the future to know there are good, intelligent and spiritual giants amongst us like Pastor Land. Kudos to our LDS Church leaders for inviting this great Church leader to meet with them. Kudos to DSN for printing his insightful and correct observations about so many important things. His views on religious freedom and homosexual behavior are right on target and very refreshing!. As he says the gay community doesn't want to live and let live, they apparently want to force us to abandon our beliefs in biblical and spiritual teachings. We need to stand up strong for religious freedom and respectfully disagree with the gay community and not allow ourselves to be bullied by them.


Lands comments were akin to "pot calling the kettle black."

"Land said. "This is being done to try to gin up the black vote for an African-American president who is in deep, deep, deep trouble for re-election and who knows that he cannot win re-election without getting the 95 percent of blacks who voted for him in 2008 to come back out and show they are going to vote for him again.

"Land said those using race to polarize the electorate are "playing with fire, and people are going to get hurt."

"This situation is getting out of hand," Land said. "There is going to be violence. When there is violence it's going to be Jesse Jackson's fault. It's going to be Al Sharpton's fault. It's going to be Louis Farrakhan's fault, and to a certain degree it's going to be President Obama's fault."
(Associated Baptist Press)

Statistically, overwhelmingly people are most likely to be killed by someone of their own race. Blacks are most likely to be killed by another black person, whites are most likely to be killed by another white person.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

It's ageist my better judgement to comment on this but since religion is what you do religiously, hear goes. Morals are Intentions and Manners. Manners is to be consider-it and appreciative. So to have good morals you need to have good intentions and good manners.

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