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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 4 2013 4:35 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

What happened to go fast go hard?

Same success as your "quest" had huh?


Maybe Virginia didn't get the memo that you guys were fast and hard?

Someone should probably let Texas know.

I'd hate to see the outcome if they weren't advised.

Texas 40
byu 14

Can't wait!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Considering your go fast and hard offense put 2 touchdowns on the board, it has paid off.

Last year I don't think your offense averaged 2 touchdowns against BCS opponents.

We're only weeks away from byu being 0-3 and Utah being 4-0.

How embarrassing will that be byu fans?

I know I'll enjoy it.

It will also be a 4-0 SWEEP for 2013 Ute seniors over our former rivals.

Salt Lake City, UT

Some things can be coached, others are either there or not. By the time a kid is in college, if the meanness isn't there, you are not going to teach it to him. For those of you that will try and equate the military with college football, it's not the same.

Salt Lake City, UT

Dang, there's that echo again.
You would think we could get it fixed.
Kind of like a backed up....gee, what do you call those?
Just over flowing with...their wisdom.

But to get to the topic at hand. I'm glad the coaches know what is going on. From all the Division I unemployed coaches who are commenting that the Offensive line needed improvement it's amazing that the Y's coaches seemed to know it too.

I enjoy college football in watching the development, improvement and growth. I saw it last game and I look forward to a great improvement in the next

Salt Lake City, UT

Wasn't that Notre Dame game one that BYU lost 42-16?

Idaho Falls, ID

You can have all the toughness and attitude in the world, but if you can't match your opponent's strength and quickness, you're gonna get beat. We learned last year that HEART can accomplish a lot, maybe even win some games. But in the end you have to have the physical talent to match it to take it to the next level.

In other words, just telling your offensive line to get tougher and meaner isn't going to cut it. I think we'll see a little improvement in the offense with an increase in intensity this Saturday. But unless we see an improvement in physical talent or a change in the scheme (coaches), we are NOT going to see the type of offense from BYU that they were hyped up to be.

Salt Lake City, UT

No, as he stated in the article it was the game won in South Bend, Oct 15, 1994 BYU 21 ND 14. It was a great game.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Execution is the key!!!

South Jordan, UT

Emotion, motivation, drive. Call it what you will, it makes a big difference in college sports. A lot of coaches can teach the Xs and Os, but it's rare coach that can get maximum performance from players time after time.

In addition, there are players who are great during practice but not so hot in game situations. Others are just the reverse. I imagine Ziggy would fit in the latter category.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Wer...is Anae that rare coach that can pull blood from the turnips?

"They'll get better. I promise they'll get better." Or what? You'll break your promise?

Thanks for the commentary Dick about the French Legion...glad you've found your happy place! Better stay there until you get to the Idaho part of your schedule.

It's funny being a Y-Fan Hater, to watch the hyperbole factory working OT.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

It's disappointing when Chris B's comments are on target.

Dick, nice summary and well written! The Cougars have been so bad at O-Line that they have not even had enough bodies to make spring football practice a worthy exercise. No wonder the offense has been so ineffective -- but what's most frustrating is that the obvious problems at O-Line and Defensive Back have existed for so long!!!!!

I am not sure I will even watch this game. I shudder to think that the Cougs will get rolled badly in front of another national audience.

Change is needed . . . primarily in recruiting and developing the O-Line and Defensive Back horses necessary for any successful football program.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

What year is this? I think I heard this story before and before. Maybe this is just the symptom and not the problem?

LV Edwards!
Pleasant Grove, UT

Hmmph!! ~Frown~ Last time BYU went fast and hard, we had better players. Hmmph ~Frown~ Not coming cout of retirement. Sorry.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I think idablu hit the nail on the head. More needs to be pulled out of these athletes. Just being a D1 football player, doesn't make you good. In some cases and this might be the case with BYU, it just means you were good enough to play for a lesser D1 program. I am not a BYU or Utah fan, but if I have to choose between the two, I choose BYU because of fans like ChrisB. However, with that said. ChrisB makes a valid point. Fast and Hard turned into Fast and Dazed and Confused mixed with a little bit of confusion. I think the boys playing were a little caught of guard because even they thought it would be different. Weather? Maybe, it was pretty soggy out there and all teams have a tough time going at it in deep waters. But I go with poor execution and play. I think things can change, I just hope for BYU's sake it is not until game 7 like usual. Make the fixes, play Texas competative and tough win or lose and make a difference come Utah, Mid. Tenn and Utah State.

Saratoga Springs, UT


As I mentioned in my previous post. You made a valid point in your post above. However, I know OSU (Oregon State) lost to E. Washington last week. But as Utah fans know from past years. OSU is tough team to play against, they can be terrible one week and a National Champ the next. Coming off what could be an extremely exhausting game with OSU, and BYU having two weeks to prepare for Utah could possibly be a bad thing for Utah. I know you are a Ute through and through, but be careful my friend. I thought BYU was terrible last week also, but a rivalry game with an extra week to prepare can be scary. And you are playing in Provo, I know last Provo meeting was 54-10, but don't think that is going to be every time. So be careful with the 0-3 and 4-0 prediction. Utah has to get passed OSU first. I am not to worried about Weber State. If Utah wins again, I say rub it in, you have rights until 2016, but be careful for the same reason. Y fans could have you for the same time period.


While there will certainly be improvement this wk., I don't see our o-line going from really bad and soft to super physical and good. This is somthing that's going to take some time to turn around. I think Anae and 2J were great hires. It's just very disappointing after the amount of energy placed in the o-line during the offseason. This week will be telling.

By the way, Hey Baby, I don't think it's funny to be a hater of anyone. Hate makes someone look small. You could take a page from Ziggy who,"loves the quarterback" so much that he wants to hug him every play.

Idaho Falls, ID

Since utah fans seem to love to squat here - I have a question for them - when are you guys going to play a BCS team? You had to run a gimmick play to beat Utah State. Now go sit at the kid's table while the adults talk.

Virginia Beach, Va

I was at the game on Saturday and Virginia looked much bigger then BYU. I bet Texas looks bigger.
Is it really fair to blame the BYU players ? They are much smaller then the opposing players and 9 times out of 10 the biggr player comes out ahead in the end.

Lindon, UT

This board is more proof that a Cougar loss is more important to ute fans than a ute win. They aren't fans, just haters.

Can't wait to hear Chris B's excuses for BYU beating Texas. Go Cougars!

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Ed Grady...
What do you call a BCS team? we will play #18 in the nation on October 3, and #5 the following week and we also play #25 and finally #2. Are those enough BCS teams for ya?

Those same weeks BYU plays Utah State, GTech, Boise and Idaho St...oh...no #'s to quote so i had to use names.

The coolest thing about the last game is that we will loose at Oregon that week....BYU will win at home against Id St...and probably by about the same margin...then and only then, will the Duck Hunter come out of his swamp and start pounding his chest that Utah lost to Oregon and BYU handled their opponent.

Kaysville Cougar...I really dont mind your athletes or coaches, or programs....I just cannot stand when objectivity is lost. It seems that so many Cougar fans struggle with separation of alma mater and faith. Ive said it a million times on this board...if BYU was Heavenly Fathers team...they would win every game. You can accept losses in football without losses in testimony of the creator.

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