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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 4 2013 9:45 a.m. MDT

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Blackfoot's Morning News correctly reported the accident - the missionaries were traveling on 100 South and failed to stop at the stop sign at the intersection with Highway 39. Highway 39 has no stop sign at that intersection. They were broadsided by the southbound truck. Condolences to all involved.


The reporter was reporting what the police had reported. Police had also told reporters that the young man was already dead when he had not yet died. So it might not be a new reporter who is needed but more accurate police reports.

Many of the comments here said that there are more accidents because of lowering the age, and therefore they have not had enough driving experience. Thing is most of those who have been injured or killed are in the past few weeks are in the older age group. The missionary driving in this car accident was 20. One of the missionaries killed a few weeks ago was 23. I do agree that with the higher # of missionaries there is the potential for higher percentage of accidents, but right now the accidents are not caused by younger drivers.

Also as has been pointed out, a young man 18 to 26 (top age for male missionaries) is still safer on a mission than in the general population of 18 to 26 year olds.

Round Rock, TX

I'm sensitive to an Elder's life lost in a car accident on his mission because on my mission in the late 60's, I was transferred to replace an Elder killed in an accident in North Dakota, some 46 years ago. I still to this day remember his name and often think about the work he is doing now. May the Lord bless his family with knowledge to somehow mitigate the loss of their son.


I am one of those parents whose missionary was critically injured while serving. She has never been the same since and will require constant care the rest of her life. I can say that the church has a daunting task of taking care of the missionaries and dealing with these awful incidents. They do their best I am sure. In my case I was pretty bitter for a while, and was very reluctant to encourage my other children to serve missions (I served a mission)... It is tough to deal with, and my heart goes out to those parents. No matter how many hearts go out and prayers are offered, it really hurts for a long, long time..

Cache county, USA

Lets take a personal challenge to over train our young ones at home about car safety. Lets be apart of the answer instead of the complaint.

Salt Lake City, UT

Einar has a good point. My wife was killed in a car accident, I spent about twenty minutes with a reporter from DesNews answering background questions. Read the article and the reporter totally mis-reported basic facts given to her. From this experience I have concluded newspapers cannot be relied upon for totally accurate information.

I used to have confidence in what I read in the paper, sort of like Will Rogers, and now I regard what I read as interesting and maybe true or factual but nothing to bet the farm on.

Roy, UT

Too bad there is no story on the number of deaths averted as Missionaries are miraculously spared every day. I can think of a number of times myself, when I was unharmed in dangerous situations. One Elder told me of having been shot at, point blank, from an ally-way, and the gun did not discharge...I asked why it did not discharge, and he replied that he didn't hang around to find out. We lament those who lose their lives in God's service, for missing them, but at the same time admire their commitment, and do not doubt their missionary work will continue in the Spirit World.

Mchenry, IL

I agree with the person reminding all of us we have men and women serving who are 18 in the military.

If they are 18 and home or 18 serving a mission they are just as likely to be in a car accident or bike accident. There was a senior couple a few years and one of them died in a fire. Same numbers of fires per year. Statistically they could have had a fire in their own home as easily as their mission lodgings.

I do have one small issue. The rules missionaries live by are not exactly ones adults live by. In many ways their movements and experiences are micromanaged as if they are children and not the adults they are supposed to be.

Dietrich, ID

Several zone conferences had segments were they discussed driver safety in cars. Many were missionaries were tragically killed by those breaking rules. Most instances though are accidents. Tragic anything like this happens. That is why it is important to pray for Lords protection If it is his will and do all we can in our power to drive safe. Even in those incidents however tragedy will still strike us. Hope all goes well there.


I have no fear of my children serving missions wherever in the world they may be. I know that my children and even their parents can accidentally run a stop sign a block from home just as easily as in Idaho or New York or anywhere else. Accidents happen. I do believe the Lord watches over his missionaries and many accidents are averted. There is no other group of people that have more people praying for them than our missionaries. I preferred my mission 30 years ago when we only had our feet and public transportation. No cars, no bikes. That was in Italy. Prayers and thoughts with the families and friends of those missionaries recently injured and killed.

Ivins, UT

@Coug93 and Strider303

I am sorry to hear of the situations you both have had happen. I can't imagine how hard it would be. I hope there has been, and will continue to be healing from what's happened and many blessings in your lives. I'm also always so sad to hear about both missionaries and service men and women that make the ultimate sacrifice while serving God and country. These men and women are all heroes to me and I hope God will bless the families left behind.

Tucson, AZ

Why all the debate about whether 18-year-olds are old enough or smart enough or wise enough or developed enough to serve a mission? The missionary driving the car was 20 years old!

The Scientist
Provo, UT

The Church should be held morally, legally, and financially responsible for the safety of these missionaries and the effects their deaths or harm has on their families.

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

Since the driver of the missionary car in Idaho was 20 years old, the new younger age of departing missionaries had nothing to do with this accident. The other recent deaths were all widely varied in circumstances and can't be assigned to any single cause, except as numbers increase there will be more events.

I pray that the families of these good young men who have recently been taken from us will be comforted by all who know them, and by their Heavenly Father.

Carson City, NV

We surely didn't think that Satan was going to take the huge increase in missionary work in the church with no reaction. This work is vital, this work will roll on. I have the missionaries in my prayers all the time, as I'm sure all the parents and families do. Our church is truly unique in our young missionary force. They make the stripling warriors proud.

Grandma 20
Allen, TX

The number of missionaries injured or killed pales compared to the number of unborn babies killed, which numbers in the millions every year.

Tucson, AZ

I do not understand all this debate about 18-year-olds. The 18-year-old was the passenger. According to the article, the driver was 20 years old. The other tragic deaths of missionaries except for one, I believe, were those of older missionaries.

CF Mom
Sandy, UT

I agree with the comment about inaccurate new reporting. My daughter was involved in a serious accident just over a year ago. She was at my home, in my care, for two days while both the newspapers and TV were reporting that she was in the hospital in critical condition. We sat and laughed but then had to answer all of the worried phone calls from family and friends checking in on her condition.

Vincent Mrykalo
Provo, UT

My wife grew up in Mesa, Arizona. Sometime in the late 60's or early 70's there was a shooting death of a missionary. The companions were driving by an elementary school across the street from an LDS church. The car in the next lane had gang members who saw the young men in the car next to them and opened fire. One of the missionaries was killed. There has always been danger in any place and at any time. One of many good reasons to pray for the missionaries and our military.

Provo, UT


Not sure why you think that China will soon be seeing missionaries. They said that when I served a Chinese-speaking mission back over 25 years ago that the church would be in China...soon.

On another matter...the article quotes that the mortality rate of LDS missionaries is 1/20 of their age across the globe. A more accurate measure would be the mortality rate of LDS 18-24 year olds who DO NOT go on missions versus those who are serve LDS missions in their age group.

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