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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 3 2013 2:50 p.m. MDT

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Albany, NY

Good article. But McMahon, as much as I as a Utah Man loved following his career and rooting for him, is not alumnus of BYU. A small error but I am tired of the news getting their facts wrong in so many areas of all areas of the news.

St George, UT

Re: Christopher

Why take an interesting topic and turn it into a BYU bashing blog? You really have to get a life. I don't believe Collie is done yet, he will resurface somewhere, maybe even back with the 49ers. Stay tuned.

Woods Cross, UT


Alumnus can be a graduate or a past student. Jimmy Mac is only a few credits shy of a degree. He qualifies.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Colied had three diagnosed concussions, and probably suffered more undiadnosed ones. While I am not a fan of his, I sincerely hope that he retires from football immediately.d to say, but ai somewhat expect that he will suffer from ACE.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

I am sad that your self worth seems to be tied to how many former Utes are in the NFL!!! I am more concerned with how many former BYU players used their education opportunities and are good fathers and husbands and leaders then how many made it to and are currently making a living in the NFL!!! Many former BYU players have done very well in the NFL!!! I am now and will always be a true blue BYU and will always root for current and former players to succeed in the game they love to play and the one I love to watch, but it is far more important for them to succeed in life!!!

Go Cougs!!!

A. Collie

Every young man who plays little league football or high school football dreams of playing in the NFL, it is terribly tragic that due to bunny rabbits...cotton candy...wait, what was I saying? #magic

Dave Duncan
Orem, UT

Are helmets the problem? It seems like players use them as a weapon. In similar sports, like rugby, head-on collisions are rare, because players know not to lead with their unprotected heads. Football has become a game where players hurl their bodies, headfirst at each other. I wonder how different it would be without the helmets and massive shoulder pads.

Allen, TX

Albany, NY
Good article. But McMahon, ... is not alumnus of BYU.

If that is true, why does the BYU Alumni Assoc keep bugging me for donations 30 years after my freshman (only) year at BYU?

Pocatello, ID

There's only one solution: take off the helmets and take off the pads. And, while we're at it, shut down the programs at all the universities and have football be something we do in intramural programs. But, if we did that, where would the alumni contributions come from? And, there would be no minor-league players to prepare for the pros. And, if there's no pipeline, what would we do on Sundays? What a dilemma. What would we do to replace our chance to watch young men destroy their physical futures? to have their brains scrambled before our eyes? . . . Seeing no alternatives, bring on the chips and drinks.

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